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Sign in to your account. To make this work everywhere we will need to be able to build binary wheels for most of the wanted architectures, then upload these to pip. I've brought claiming the pycairo package up multiple times on pypa, but didn't get a response. Either I was too annoying or they are busy with other things. We could also use the "cairo" name, but I fear that will lead to confusion and I'd like to avoid it. Will have a look, thanks.

This should work now: I've filed a request: New bugfix release is out: I'm using Mac Sierra. And I've tried already installed Cairo via both fink which has only Cairo 1.

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Hi Lazka, Thanks for the response. I did see the similarity in the error message, but it sounded from your response that the problem was that it was Windows issue. I'm not clear what the issue and solution would be for Mac users. Any clarification would be appreciated. Ah, sorry, missed that. If you use macports I think installing the package pkgconfig should help. You can check that everything works by using pkg-config --modversion cairo , which should print out the cairo version. The next pycairo release should have a better error message than what you got.

See In case there's any interest, I found that it is relatively easy to build a manylinux wheel for pycairo. The build script is at https: Thanks stuaxo.

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Running Arch linux. Yeah - that's what I thought! On mac, ensure the cairo package is installed brew install cairo before attempting to install via pip. While installing pycairo as a dependency, I needed to run sudo apt-get install libcairo2-dev libjpeg-dev libgif-dev before I could get pip install pycairo to run.

It threw a Package cairo was not found in the pkg-config search path. This will be the case - on Linux and OSX pycairo gives you bindings to the installed version of the cairo library. On Windows things are different, so we bring our our own version. The docs could probably be improved, by including an install section for different operating systems. I've added some code in pygobject to produce a more helpful error message: On mac it gets tricky as there can be homebrew or macports I've got a really ancient script in shoebot that you can probably grab the names of the cairo packages from - https: Hi, I do have another error here: I guess what I'm saying is it appears the pycairo install issue on Mac is not necessarily dependent on environmental issues.

Hello all, I wanted to install pycairo but I couldn't manage to, is there anyone who knows what this error message is about? Notice that 'pkg-config' not found. If your have the same problem with me, do brew install pkg-config and, problem solved. Thanks a lot. Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 31 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Sign up. New issue. Makes it easy to clean everything up later too. WARNING If you have to go backwards in these steps, it is important that you unset these variables before trying to compile pkg-config again.

Install py2cairo on Mac OSX

Or use a different shell. If you open a new shell, you'll need to set these variables again. Why are we setting CC? For You can skip it for But for What if you want 64 bit builds too? Then you have a choice to make. If you want 64 bit, you have to set And you end up with the following variant of the above.

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You should do only one of the 2 sets, the above 3 commands, or the 3 below. What's the --disable-dependency-tracking? Why are we doing this? We could try and use the one from macports, or some other source, but you'll need to track down and deal with those dependencies in that case. Build the pixman library, and install it locally. Pixman is used by the Cairo library for among other things all of its fallback operations and Image surface type operations.

This builds the final library. It's not ready for widespread distribution yet, keep going after this step. Why the --disable-xlib thing?

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The configure script will print a list of features that are enabled and disabled when it is done. It mostly guesses them right.

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It is actually possible to build a Cairo library with both X windows and Quartz backends enabled, but actually using the library then has some nuances. So for the goal of this particular build, to produce a Cairo framework to use with native Apple apps, we disable the X windows backend.

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