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However, Illustrator documents can incorporate both vector and raster elements.

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The program also features raster-based effects, such as Gaussian blur and grain. While there is some overlap in their features, Illustrator and Photoshop are generally used for different purposes. Illustrator is vector-based, making it the ideal choice for projects that need to be printed or require a high degree of scalability. On the other hand, Photoshop is appropriate when working with primarily raster-based graphics. Those users who are new to image-editing software may find the program complicated due to the number of icons, panels and actions they are presented with.

In comparison, users who are familiar with another vector-editing program are likely to find Illustrator easier to learn.

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Illustrator can open and export many vector file formats, including Scalable Vector Graphics files with the. Linked versions of PSD files can also be incorporated into documents by dragging and dropping or copying and pasting the file into an open document.

A compound path is a group object created out of two or more other objects. Depending on the attributes defined for the object in the Attributes panel, a user can produce different types of compound paths.

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A more versatile alternative to the compound path is the compound shape. An artboard is a defined space within an Illustrator document. Artboards offer various benefits, including the ability to export only selected artboards and the option of having individual settings for each artboard. The number of artboards can be set when creating a new document; additional artboards can also be added by copying existing artboards or creating new ones using the artboard tool. The expand function — which is accessible through the Object menu — allows a user to convert objects with strokes, fills, gradients and gradient meshes to the more primitive shapes that make up their appearance.

Note that despite their similar names, Expand and Expand Appearance perform different functions.

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Also included with your Adobe Creative Cloud membership: Get 2GB of cloud storage, free mobile apps, fonts from Adobe Fonts, and file sharing features. Manage app updates, files, fonts, and more with the Creative Cloud desktop app. Browse hundreds of video tutorials for every skill level.

Free trial FAQ. Yes, this Illustrator trial works on both macOS and Windows. How long does the free trial last?

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Your free trial starts the day you install Illustrator and lasts for seven days. You can convert your trial to a paid Creative Cloud membership during the trial period or after the trial has expired. Do students get a discount if they decide to purchase after the free trial?

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