The story behind landslide fleetwood mac

Tears were pouring freely as Landslide played thinking of the new life my daughter is beginning and the painful loss of my buddy long ago. Gone now, but never forgotten.

I just came across this tonight. About 2 weeks before your daughters wedding, was the last time I heard my grandmother sing Happy Birthday to me. I was very close to her, took the loss hard. Landslide has been a favorite of mine since the first time I heard it in high school. Thank you Stevie for such a beautiful song!!!!

Your commit was so sweet. Songs, music in general to me always can take us to what ever part of our lives was during that time, good or bad… But even the bad is always good with music of any kind. And so many, great memories!! Now they do a recording for sure.

Landslide (Fleetwood Mac song)

I just know it. It was on the news today. I am disappointed as I heard somewhere that Stevie Nicks wrote this song for her dad and I have been loving it ever since. Without a doubt, Fleetwood Mac was one of the most influential groups for me in my music over the years. I never could figure that one out?? No matter, the genius of their music, in both arrangement, singing and playing still holds dear to me to this day.

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Thanks for all the wonderful sounds and memories Skip………. Heard this song in the movie Jack Frost which was shot in or near Aspen,Co.. Love the song she has a great voice. I thought it was written in California on a beach from an earlier article. Who was the guy who actually wrote the song part of it?

She is credited with writing the music too, but Lindsay Buckingham brought it to life with his amazing playing, in my opinion. I love Stevie Nicks and if you ever need a back up singer that can harmonize to you…call me! I have loved your music since I was in my teens…now much older.

Ros Johnson, LICSW, Therapist

I have almost given up on my music more than once play guitar and sing but when I get depressed, I listen to landslide and it brings me back up! So if you ever, ever, need a good back up singer…call me!

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I loved them then and still do. Loved the story about Landslide. I love all bands that are versatile. And Fleetwood Mac is the ultimate! Stevie Nicks is awesome with her Mystical writing. I love listening to Landslide.

I also enjoyed reading how the song got written. I similarely have many stories about what how most of my songs were written. Fleetwood Mac Was an important influence in the process of writing my music. It is on my Ipod Nano, which I plug into my Kenwood car stereo. I very rarely listen to the radio.

I started writing and composing in Thanks for all the great music.

The Penguin: Lyric Interpretations: Landslide

Your email address will not be published. Orrin Keepnews. Orrin Keepnews, one of the most respected producers in jazz history, played an integral role in the birth of modern jazz. Don Was. Bob Ezrin. Subscribe If you enjoyed this article, subscribe to receive more just like it. Brenda Wilson says: October 9, at 7: Zita Cambra says: June 3, at 8: Patricia Pigeon says: January 24, at 2: Cmarie says: October 28, at ML says: May 20, at 9: Suzan says: February 11, at 5: August 10, at 3: Zachary Uram says: May 23, at Terry Firehorse Silva says: December 21, at Mo Hoyal says: November 10, at 7: Scott says: August 18, at 2: Laguna says: February 11, at 1: Discography Listings: As the story goes, Stevie and Lindsey were in Colorado and had a disagreement in which Lindsey left her in Aspen and drove the old "beat-up" car down the "snow-covered hill.


However, Greyhound went on strike and Stevie was stranded and all alone, realizing she had no one to rely on but herself. The song is touching, displaying how Stevie 's simple poetry, while accompanied by the familiar, comfortable acoustics from Buckingham 's guitar, can exhibit an overwhelming feeling of emotion that comes from within the heart.

She sees the woman she was before and does not completely recognize that person now. The snow represents purity and innocence, which will always be a part of her inner self, and was something she brought to her relationship with Lindsey. However, she is changing and growing and is not the same woman she once was. She is looking for answers.