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According to Microsoft, this feature has gotten a mixed reaction from users, but we think once people get used to grouping e-mail threads together in Conversation View, it will save them a lot of time. Outlook for Mac also makes it easy to get messages from all your e-mail accounts in one place. New Unified Folders consolidate your various exchange and online accounts into one in-box folder for easy reading. If you find it overwhelming, you can always browse each account separately by expanding a unified folder for individual account access.

Those who are switching from Windows to Mac in a work environment will appreciate the new ability to seamlessly transfer your Outlook data from a Windows machine. You'll now be able to import your data files. But be aware that you'll only be able to import. PST files from Outlook or later. Some of the strengths of using Outlook in the workplace are the scheduling tools that let you map out your workday. In Outlook for Mac, some helpful new features include the ability to preview your calendar directly from a meeting invitation to see if you're available to attend.

A small preview window shows up in the lower right of an invite showing what you have scheduled around that time. You'll also be able to stay on top of your busy schedule with the My Day window that lets you view upcoming appointments. Both of these features are great time-savers because you won't need to open your full calendar each time you need to check your schedule.

PowerPoint Microsoft's PowerPoint is a mainstay for business meetings and now has added features to make it easy to create engaging visual presentations rather than the usual boring bullet points. An improved Presenter view in PowerPoint gives you all the tools you need to pull off a flawless performance. As your audience watches, you'll be able to view the current slide, see what slide is coming up next, view personal notes for each slide, see the elapsed time for your presentation, and stay on target with a progress bar to show where you are in your presentation.

To make your visual projects more portable, you'll now be able to embed movies. In previous versions, you would have needed to include the extra video files when sharing a presentation, but with this new feature, it's easy to deliver your presentation as one complete package. You'll also be able to apply movie styles and effects by clicking on the video and using the appropriate dynamic tools in the Ribbon, all of which will be retained in your embedded movie when you share your presentation.

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Better slide transitions and animations in Office for Mac make it easy to create a pro-level presentation with new 3D effects, and a new tab in the Ribbon dedicated to Transitions keep them close at hand for on-the-spot changes. Possibly the best-looking feature of all in PowerPoint is exclusive to the Mac version of Office and very useful for managing complex slides. Now when you create a slide that includes several graphical elements, you'll be able to use Dynamic Reordering to move objects between layers.

By choosing Dynamic Reordering in the Arrange menu, you're able to look at graphical elements of your slide in a 3D layered view, allowing you to move elements toward the front or back by clicking and dragging them to your preferred location. These features are available in Word as well, and will be very useful for managing graphically complex newsletters or brochures with several graphical elements. Finally, to share your presentation with co-workers or clients remotely, PowerPoint includes a new feature called Broadcast Slideshow, which is also exclusive to Office for Mac.

Now, as long as you and your target audience have an account with Windows Live, you'll be able to quickly send a URL to up to 50 attendees and run through your presentation all without leaving your desk. Like many of the new features in Office , Broadcast Slideshow makes it easy to get your work in front of clients and colleagues without a lot of extra steps. Excel The venerable software for spreadsheet creation and management received a few major improvements in Office Just like its Windows counterpart, you'll now be able to add Sparklines to your spreadsheet to make your data more visual.

Sparklines are tiny charts that sit in a single spreadsheet cell, making it possible to give a visual representation of your data without needing to refer to a separate chart. With only a few clicks, you'll be able to add a Sparkline, and then browse through several different visual styles to give your spreadsheet the exact look you want.

It's important to note that Sparklines will only be available to those who have the latest versions of Office for both Windows and Mac, so you'll need to know in advance what version of Office your clients have available. In keeping with making your projects more visual in Office for Mac, Excel now offers conditional formatting tools to make your spreadsheets easier to understand, and not just a wall of data.

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Now, you'll be able to browse through icon sets to show trends over time and display data bars that make percentage increases or decreases more visual and easy to understand right in the spreadsheet. There are more than 40 built-in formats to choose from, but even if you can't find what you need, you can create your own. You also will spend less time creating rules for cells with new built-in quick-select rules.

A new Manage Rules dialog box makes it easy to quickly modify or change rules so you'll spend less time dealing with complex formulas. Word When you need to do some writing, whether it's for a newsletter, a brochure, or a slick-looking resume, Word now has a number of features to help you get your project done quickly. By using the aforementioned Template Gallery as a starting point, you'll be able to browse through thousands of premade forms, letters, and layouts to get the right template to fit your needs.

A new publishing layout view in Word makes arranging elements of your document much easier, with drag-and-drop functionality that automatically causes your text to wrap around objects you import. Dynamic guides appear automatically when you need them, or you can keep specific guides on the desktop while you work for easy access. You'll also now be able to manage formatting using a new Visual Styles pane. Helpful for keeping formatting consistent, the Visual Styles pane shows where in your document specific styles are applied using a handy numbered and color-coded system.

This is a major improvement over previous versions that often had users struggling to figure out which parts of the document included specific styles. Now style changes in documents are laid out in front of you. One of our favorite features for keeping focused on your work is the new Full Screen View. With this new Mac-exclusive feature, you'll be able to write or read without distractions, blocking out everything but the specific tools you need. You also can customize your workspace with a large selection of backgrounds and page-turning effects when in reading view.

There have been third-party full-screen reading solutions before now, but having the option for a distraction-free workspace within Word is a welcome addition. Office Web apps and co-authoring One of the biggest additions to Office for Windows was the addition of Web apps that let you work on the go. With Office for Mac, you'll now be able to easily take your work with you as long as you have an Internet connection. You can save your Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files online, then access them from anywhere--even with proper formatting--and you'll be able to use a slimmed-down, but familiar Office-like feature set.

Best of all, it's easy to switch back and forth between your desktop and Web versions of your work. You can create your document on your desktop, for example, then save it to the cloud via Windows Live SkyDrive or SharePoint , then make small edits on the road via the Web apps, and then open them again on your desktop to continue editing. What sets these apps apart from Google Docs and other services is that your documents and spreadsheets retain their formatting, giving Office 's Web apps a leg up against online counterparts.

When you need to work on a project with one or more co-workers, new co-authoring in Word and PowerPoint lets you edit the same document or presentation with someone in another location. Once connected, you'll be able to see who is working on the document and you can quickly communicate with them as long as you have Microsoft Messenger 8 installed on your Mac. Also, with Office 's new co-authoring technology, you won't get locked out of a document when your co-worker goes offline; all of your content is still available so you can continue working.

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In our testing, OCR quality depended heavily on both original document quality and photo quality; when the document was clean and crisp, the lighting was good, and we were able to avoid camera shake, Scanbot reliably captured accurate text at typical font sizes of 10 to 12 points and up. Given the increasing prevalence of data breaches and identity theft, smartphone owners should be concerned about the security credentials of any app that accesses personal information.

FaxZero is the fastest way to send good-quality personal faxes for free, without signing up for anything. We spent more than 20 hours researching and testing online fax services to find that FaxZero is the best for most people who only need to fax documents occasionally. You can send up to three pages and a cover sheet for free through a simple, single-screen design without having to create an account.

And if you want to cancel, you can at anytime, no phone call required. The best call quality for frequent video meetings. It has great image quality, helpful software, and is universally loved by reviewers. We researched 19 different webcams and tested six head-to-head in Skype calls, Google Hangouts, and Zoom meetings. If you need more control, you can manually adjust exposure, gain, brightness, contrast, color intensity, white balance, and focus in the Logitech Webcam Controller software for Windows and Mac.

The C has a huge field of view, and the software allows you to zoom and pan—keeping your lovely face in frame, for example, without showing your messy office to coworkers. Our pick sits on top of your laptop screen or monitor and braces itself against the back of the screen, or can be mounted on a tripod, depending on your needs.

PC Gamer tested at least 11 webcams and crowned the Logitech C best. The Voyager is comfortable enough to wear all day, has excellent incoming and outgoing sound quality, and offers decent battery life. Not everyone needs a Bluetooth headset. The Jabra Evolve 40 has an excellent mic and decent headphones, and it is comfortable to wear during long calls throughout a workday. After more than 50 hours of research and testing 17 different headsets, the Jabra Evolve 40 is our pick for the best USB office headset.

The Evolve 40 was the clear standout in our sound-quality evaluations, and once we figured out how to correctly position the microphone which rotates degrees so that you can position it for left-side or right-side use , it picked up crystal-clear audio without broadcasting regular breathing sounds or ambient noise. The Evolve 40 also has one of the better inline controllers of the headsets we considered, with buttons arranged simply and located at four equidistant points around the edges.

Other controllers have buttons placed closer together, making it harder to find the exact button you want without taking your eyes off your screen. Excellent microphone quality, all-day battery life, comfortable padding, and easy setup make the Evolve 75 worth saving up for. We spent more than 60 hours researching and testing wireless headsets and found that the Jabra Evolve 75 is the best choice for people who make frequent calls and want the flexibility to get up from their computer while wearing their headset.

It offers surprisingly good audio quality, has a balanced sound signature, and is comfortable enough to wear for an entire workday. Most notably, its microphone recorded audio that four out of five Wirecutter panelists agreed was easier to understand than the audio from any of the other headsets we tested. You can also pair with a smartphone at the same time.

The fastest, most painless web meeting software that works with most operating systems. The best web meeting software for people who work from home and can make their own choice is Zoom. The Zoom software has your video off until you turn it on, and the options and settings make it relatively easy to adjust audio, video, and interface settings.

Wirecutter staffers have taken part in hundreds of Zoom meetings, and the video and audio quality have been as good as most of us expect from web conferencing. While one-to-one meetings are free and unlimited, meetings with three or more up to 25 participants are limited to 40 minutes.

For the ease of use, free features, and good online support you get with Zoom, that seems more than fair.

Microsoft releases Office 2011 SP2 for OS X

But for most home offices and remote workers, Zoom is the best option. The Sony UX is an easy-to-use recorder that provides crisp, clear audio in the most-common recording situations. It recharges via USB and lets you easily transfer files to a computer. Their tiny microphones are fine for phone calls, but lousy at capturing farther-away voices. That sucks. It was chosen after doing over 52 hours of research and testing 12 voice recorders.

Its all-around collection of features are better than most and it recorded the clearest, most intelligible audio out of our tested bunch. The UX received the highest ratings among our testers, who sat on a blind listening panel.

Office 2016 for Mac gets first public preview

It also picked up sound well and performed exceptionally when testing lecture recordings. The easiest and most painless way to file your taxes online. While there is no single site for everyone, we found TurboTax to be the easiest program for entering and double-checking your income, expenses, and household and business particulars.

First Look: Office for Mac 2011 preview

It tells you about uncommon entries that most people should ignore, and alerts you to common mistakes. Other suites generally present long lists of checkboxes that can induce uncertainty. The advice, flexibility, and design of YNAB work together to make it the only app worth spending money on for starting and sticking to a budget. Most financial experts and books steer people away from budgeting apps entirely, because manually making a budget exposes you to the reality of your money in a way that having it done for you cannot.

But You Need A Budget YNAB is different because it walks you through the process, offering just enough coaching to make it easier without doing it for you. Setup is easy, it syncs with your banks and credit cards with a manual option if you prefer , does helpful math, shows month-to-month trends, and offers a better onboarding system than other apps. Harvest conveniently tracks time and assignments and provides clean, simple PDF invoices. Freshbooks has robust, multi-platform tools for billing, payment tracking, and expenses.

Reviewed: Office for Mac - CNET

If you generate trickier invoices, have many expenses, and need to closely track payments from different clients, FreshBooks will help you get paid. Both are easier to set up for most people than the 40 other invoicing and tracking services our experienced freelancers considered. Both Harvest and FreshBooks have straightforward monthly pricing, based on number of users Harvest or clients FreshBooks. The invoices are clean and readable, and reports you generate for your own knowledge are rich and interactive, showing you just where your time and efforts are going.

FreshBooks offers more than a dozen integrations with PayPal and other payment services. FreshBooks provides far more in the way of invoicing, allowing you to more easily duplicate, search, and modify past and recurring invoices. Because FreshBooks sends a link to an online payment page, FreshBooks can show you exactly when a client saw and opened your invoice, and offers plenty of options on payment, reminders, late fees, and adjustments.

Expenses are also easier to add, search, and bill from FreshBooks than Harvest. FreshBooks is a better tool for more complicated relationships with clients, but not everybody needs that. After much installing, deliberating, and dueling with our personal recommendations, our team came to agree: Android and iOS make up the vast majority of smartphones out there, so most people have their calendars synced through either Google or iCloud, or imported from an Exchange account. Google Calendar is the safer bet, as it offers the best range of support across browsers, desktops, and mobile apps and devices.

We found that the main selling point of third-party apps is distinct design.

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Some people may strongly prefer a certain layout or text scheme, enough so to pay for a change. But both Google and Apple offer multiple layouts to meet different needs, too. The flagship feature is natural language parsing. Type or dictate a full sentence, and Fantastical 2 will turn the relevant information into a calendar event. In our testing there was no significant difference in the quality of the parsing between Fantastical and those native tools. The best to-do app for the majority of people is Wunderlist. We find the app incredibly simple to use without sacrificing deeper options and conveniences.

At least one of our editors switched away from his well-established reminders setup after reviewing this pick. The app has free and paid tiers, but for most people the free version will be more than enough for their daily tasks. Wunderlist now owned by Microsoft presents an intuitive interface: Type in your task or reminder, add a deadline if necessary, and hit enter. From there you can choose to add subtasks, notes, reminders, and comments to each task, as well as share them with other people, whether or not they use Wunderlist.

None of the other apps we tested offered significantly more features or superior interfaces.