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I got the data on my extern drive. Now I am not sure where to place the folder 'thunderbird'. I read the description of 'moving thunderbird data to a new computer' and am not sure if I place the folder in the already existing folder 'thunderbird' on the new computer or under the folder which lays before that and is called 'library'. Thank you very much. In new computer So in 'Library' you will see the 'Thunderbird' folder - this contains the new default profile etc.

Paste the backup 'Thunderbird' into the 'Libary' and you should get a pop up asking if you want to 'replace' the Thunderbird folder. You need to click on 'yes'. Delete that default 'Thunderbird' folder, then paste the backup 'Thunderbird' folder into 'library'.

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This means thunderbird will then use the old 'Thunderbird' folder containing all your old emails etc. Contacts, calendars etc. But copying the Thunderbird folder will transfer everything in one step.

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Vielen Dank! Thank you very much! It's done - now everything seems very easy. I wish you a very very nice, happy and wonderfull You must log in to your account to reply to posts. Please start a new question , if you do not have an account yet. Home Support Forum Thunderbird migrate thunderbird from old Mac to new Support Forum. Chosen solution Everything in that link is specifically tailored to a MAC. Hold down the control key while you click on the 'Thunderbird' folder, and select Copy "Thunderbird" Then paste that 'Thunderbird' folder onto a storage device eg: Are you ok so far?

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  4. Topic Download, install and migration. System Details More system details. Application User Agent: Copy the Thunderbird folder from the old computer to the new one: Was this helpful to you? Question owner Thank you! Toad-Hall Top 10 Contributor solutions answers. When you started Thunderbird it created a profile, created a profiles.

    The profile doesn't have any account information so its not very useful yet, but its a valid profile, which is all that you care about. The reason you aborted the new account wizard is that we're going to replace the contents of that profile, so there is no sense adding accounts using the new account wizard.

    How to Move Your Mozilla Thunderbird Profile

    Exit Thunderbird. Only the directories should be read-only. If they're on a hard disk, a file share or a USB drive you don't need to do anything. Copy the contents of your old profile over the contents of the new profile whose location you just wrote down. If your old profile was at Delete the contents of the new profile and try again. Thunderbird creates a temporary file called "parent.

    Its possible that file was not deleted.

    Thunderbird checks for the existence of that file when starting up, and if it already exists, exits, complaining that another copy of the application is already running. If that file exists, delete it. It doesn't have any data in it. Start Thunderbird.

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    It should use the copy of your old profile, that is now stored in the new profile location, which is pointed to by profiles. Hopefully things should work now. That will update each users profiles. If moving the profile doesn't seem to work double check that the profile is valid.

    Thunderbird normally looks in the profiles. You can use this as a temporary workaround while troubleshooting, and to verify that the profile that you are trying to use isn't "bad". The key is to launch Thunderbird using the -profile "path" command line argument , where "path" is the location of the profile you want to use. The path should be in quote marks if it includes any spaces.

    For example, on Windows if the Thunderbird program is installed on drive F in a folder called "Mozilla Thunderbird" and your profile is a directory called "My TB profile", you would use this syntax:. One way to launch Thunderbird with command line arguments would be to type "cmd" without the quotes in the Windows search field, and press the Enter key to create a windows console. Then type the command line and press the Enter key.

    Why is it difficult to transfer Thunderbird data to a new computer

    Another way would be to edit the existing command line in the Thunderbird shortcut. Right click on the shortcut, right click on the Mozilla Thunderbird icon, , and select Properties. That will display a window with several tabs. It should default to the Shortcut tab. Find the Target field. It will typically be. Add -profile , a space, and then the complete path to the profile in double quotes. Press the OK button. It should look something like:.

    Profiles - Where Thunderbird stores your messages and other user data

    Afterwards you will need to edit the shortcut again to remove the changes you made. If you couldn't use the profile using command line arguments to specify its location that might be due to a leftover lock file parent. That is a temporary file automatically created when Thunderbird is run to help it prevent a second instance of Thunderbird from running. It is supposed to be automatically deleted when Thunderbird exits.

    See Profile in use. For example, "C: The double quotes are necessary due to the embedded space in Program Files.

    What is the easiest way to transfer Thunderbird to a new computer

    If you omit it Windows will think you want to run C: The exact path depends upon what operating system you are using and whether you customized the location the program was installed.