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Perhaps the most significant downside to Splashtop Remote Desktop is that connections are required to be made solely over Wi-Fi networks; this limits, to a point, the locations from which the tool can be used. However, most Wi-Fi connections are faster than 3G, so performance should be good. Splashtop Remote Desktop is available for the iPhone and for Android devices. LogMeIn provides a robust, comprehensive remote desktop tool.


Splashtop Launches Remote Desktop App for Mac - Splashtop Inc.

LogMeIn Ignition requires you to install a client component on the desktop computer you wish to control. The Mac version is missing features such as drag and drop file transfer, remote sound, and integration with LogMeIn's centralized reporting tool; although, for occasional remote access from a handheld device, these features are probably not that critical.

Ars tests the Splashtop Remote Desktop Client for Mac to see how it handles PC …

LogMeIn Ignition definitely isn't a "drive by download. WinAdmin is another tool I have used for remote access. The app relies on Microsoft's standard RDP implementation and does not require the installation of additional client software on managed computers, which makes it a good solution for remote desktop access as well as remote server desktop access.

Mac to Mac Multi Monitor Remote Access

If you're using WinAdmin to remotely access servers, you'll probably need some kind of VPN tunnel in place, or you'll need to be sitting behind your organization's firewall in order to allow the tool to work its magic. Remote access. Attended quick support. Free Trial. Free trial.

Splashtop Remote Desktop now available for Mac OS X, costs but $10

Terms of Use Privacy Policy. Press contact: Control your computer from your iPad.

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Expo Notes: Splashtop Remote puts Mac's video and audio on iPad. The 28th Annual Editors' Choice Awards. Change Apple Watch app grid to list view.

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At a Glance. CPU Spike: Splashtop's gestures make the Mac useable on the iPad. Splashtop 2 And Diablo 3: Accessing the game on my Mac via an iPad.

Three remote desktop apps worth a look

Not quite what I was hoping for. Bottom line Even in its second iteration, Splashtop has a number of issues, including mediocre performance and questionable support. Utility Software Business Remote Access.