Mac os 8.6 file system

Do not access the contents of these files directly - use the public APIs for accessing the information they contain.

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The Menu Manager is the part of the operating system responsible for both drawing the menu bar and drawing menus and pop-up menus on the screen. The Memory Manager is the part of the operating system responsible for managing memory allocation requests. NewPtr requests made to the Modern Memory Manger can occasionally fail even if the size parameter is substantially smaller than the size returned by MaxBlock.

Hardware Requirements

This failure can only occur under a very specific set of circumstances when the memory manager must shuffle relocatable blocks to make space for NewPtr requests. Code that checks the result of NewPtr requests for failure should be unaffected by this problem. Code that assumes that all NewPtr requests will be successful when requesting blocks smaller than the size returned by MaxBlock and does not check for allocation errors may crash.

QuickDraw Text is the part of the MacOS used for drawing and displaying textual information on the screen and other raster devices. Along with several performance improvements, the following changes have been implemented:. Unless this is done, the Code Fragment Manager will refuse to launch applications using the new symbols when an older version of InterfaceLib is being used.

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Developers weak-linking against any of the new symbols in InterfaceLib should check to ensure that the routines they weak link against are defined before calling them. FetchFontInfo returns the same information as GetFontInfo, except, rather than gathering information about the font settings from the current GrafPort, this information is provided as parameters to the routine. The error code returned is the value returned by FMSwapFont. On return, bounds will contain the bounding coordinates for the entire image including parts of the image that may extend beyond the first and last pen positions after the text has been drawn that will be drawn for the text given the font settings in the current GrafPort.

Note that the coordinates returned are relative to the current pen position as if the pen were located at the origin. Notice how in this example the bounds returned by QDTextBounds are offset using the current pen position, so that the text drawing and the rectangle drawing occur using the same coordinate system.

Listing 3. Using QDTextBounds to discover where text will be drawn. The Sound Manager provides facilities for playback and recording of digitized sounds. The Text Encoding Converter enables the conversion of text data from one encoding to another e. The Text Services Manager provides facilities for applications to communicate with various text processing utilities that provide services such as special text input methods, spell checking, hyphenation, and so on. This means that a Unicode application will always receive its input via TSM AppleEvents for both inline input and bottom line.

These APIs provide services for sorting and collating Unicode text. All packets used in bulk transfers must be full sized. The following changes have been made in the Virtual Memory Manager:. The Window Manager provides facilities for drawing and maintaining windows on the screen. AppleScript will open the first copy of the application it finds which may not always be the right one. To ensure a script opens a particular application, script writers should find the application manually and then enclose the commands in a double tell block as follows: Network Setup Scripting" -- this is for terminology scope: Parts of the Sound Manager's and Speech Manager's loader code assume the.

Sony driver is installed in the Device Manager's unit table. This is an incorrect assumption on newer machines that have no floppy disk drive and, hence, no need for the. Sony driver. As a result of this assumption, during the startup sequence, when this code attempts to access the. In addition to the traditional capabilities of the Find application, Sherlock supports searching by content and Internet searches.

HD Toolkit 3. Developer Documentation: Technical Notes. Back to top. New and improved features include: The Installer SDK 1. The following changes and corrections are present in the new Finder: The Finder Interface chapter of Inside Macintosh: Macintosh Toolbox Essentials. Text Encoding Conversion Manger Reference. Dvorak Keyboard Layouts, 1.

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Edition Manager. The Edition Manager chapter of Inside Macintosh: Interapplication Communication. Event Manager. Changes in the Event Manager include: The Event Manager chapter of Inside Macintosh: Toolbox Essentials. File Manager. New features for the File Manager include: The File Manager chapter of Inside Macintosh: Folder Manager. Font Manager. The Font Manager chapter of Inside Macintosh: TIL article The Unicode Text Utilities section.

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  8. Menu Manager. The Menu Manager chapter of Inside Macintosh: Memory Manager. The Virtual Memory Manager Section. The Memory Manager chapter of Inside Macintosh: QuickDraw Text. Along with several performance improvements, the following changes have been implemented: SCSI Manager. The SCSI 4. Sound Manager. The Sound Manager chapter of Inside Macintosh: Text Encoding Converter 1. Text Services Manager. Thread Manager. The Thread Manager 2.

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    Unicode Text Utilities 1. Unicode Utilities Documentation. Virtual Memory Manager. The following changes have been made in the Virtual Memory Manager: I think you're both correct. I used Drive Setup from the 8. I'll have a look and see if that's what happened and then report back. That was precisely the problem. I'm now reinstalling 8.

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