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PAGE 7. You have the option of receiving MFA security codes via text or or both. PAGE 8. You are now ready to use mycgs. For instructions on using mycgs to find beneficiary eligibility, claim status, and all the other great features mycgs offers, refer to the mycgs User Manual cgsmedicare. The authorization is based on the supplier s Trading Partner Agreement. As a result of that process, your company will receive a Trading Partner ID, which you will need in order to complete mycgs registration. For information about the authorization form, visit the CEDI website.

PAGE 9. Once you have selected your role, you will be asked to enter the Trading Partner IDs up to 10 of the DMEPOS suppliers your company represents and your personal information, including your name, , phone, date of birth, and the last four digits of your Social Security Number. If the supplier did not grant CHBAs to have access to a specific jurisdiction B or C or function eligibility, claims, finance, etc. If your company represents more than 10 Trading Partner IDs, you can add the rest of the IDs after completing your initial mycgs registration.

The following image shows an unapproved Trading Partner ID: After entering the Trading Partner IDs, scroll down and enter your personal information. PAGE After successful submission, you will receive two s one with your mycgs Username and one with your temporary password.

Once you have received these s, complete your mycgs registration by following these steps: To do so, follow the steps below. This functionality only exists for mycgs users who are registered in the CHBA role. Log in to mycgs at 2. Repeat this step for every additional ID you need to add. Within User Management, you can perform the following tasks: Home The Home button will take you to the End User portion of mycgs, where you can find Eligibility, Claim Status, and all the other great features mycgs offers.

For instructions, refer to the mycgs User Manual. In order to return to the User Management section of mycgs, select the My Account menu, and then choose User Management. If you are on the Search Users Modify Users screen, you will see the following menu choices: Admin Home This screen is a placeholder screen, reserved for future use. Currently there are no functions, features, or information found on this screen. If you are a Designated Approver DA , you will receive an informing you that a new request has been submitted that needs your approval.

You or another DA at your company must log in to mycgs and approve the request before the user is granted access to mycgs. To approve a user request, follow the steps below: Any user who matches your name search will be displayed. Only approve valid employees of your company who have a business need to use mycgs. To approve an End User: Review the user s information and ensure that they are valid employees of your company.

Select the checkbox in the Approve field of the user s row. Press the Submit Selected Actions button. To deny an End User: Select the checkbox in the Deny field of the user s row. Enter a reason for denial.

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The text you enter here will be sent to the End User via. Currently only End User roles are displayed. If approved, the End User can log in and use mycgs immediately. Recertify Users All mycgs users must be recertified on an annual basis. The recertification process ensures that mycgs access is limited to only those individuals who currently have a business need to use mycgs.

You will receive a notification from mycgs when an annual recertification for a user who is registered under your company s Tax ID is due in 60 days. You will receive a second notification when a recertification is due in 30 days.

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If you do not recertify the user before their certification due date, then the user will be suspend and their access to mycgs will be revoked. To recertify a user, follow these steps: Click on the Recertify Users tab in order to view your pending annual recertifications. Users will be shown in order of those nearest to their recertification due date, along with the following information: You can use as many or as few of the search filters as you wish.

Verify whether or not the user is still an active member of your organization and requires mycgs access. To approve the user for continued mycgs access, press the Recertify button. Once recertified, the user s recertification due date will reset to days. If the user is no longer a member of your organization, press the Deny button. The user s access to mycgs will immediately be terminated. This action will permanently disable the individual s mycgs User ID. This action cannot be overturned. If you deny a user in error, they will need to re-register for mycgs and receive a new User ID.

If you do not recertify a user before their recertification due date, the user s account will be suspended and their access to mycgs will be disabled until you approve their recertification. Modify Users The Modify Users screen allows you to make changes to the user accounts of the individuals who are registered in mycgs under your company s Tax ID. You can also use this screen to de-activate user who are no longer employed by your company. To access the Modify Users screen from the functionality section of mycgs, select the My Account menu, and then choose User Management.

You can use as many of the search criterion fields as you wish. For instance, if you enter smith in the User Name field leaving the other fields blank , mycgs will return any user who has smith in their name, be it Jill Smith, Stan Smith, Karen Smithson, or Smith Jones. Modifying Users After performing your search, mycgs will display the profile information for any users who match your search criteria.

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To add or remove permissions to the Beneficiary Information, Claim Preparation, Claims, Finance, and Reprocessing menus within mycgs, check or uncheck the appropriate checkbox a check means the user has permission to use the function menu; unchecked means they are not permitted to use the menu. To de-activate a user entirely from mycgs, check the Deny checkbox and enter a rejection reason in the text field. Security and Account Maintenance Passwords Passwords are an important part of securing both beneficiary data and your company s data.

Your mycgs password should be kept up to date changed every 30 days and should be known only to you. Passwords in mycgs must be at least eight characters long, must start with a letter, and must contain at least one of each of the following: After pressing the Change Password link, you will be taken to the Change Password screen.

Enter your mycgs User ID and previous current password, and then enter your new password twice. Forgot Password If you don t remember your mycgs password and need to have it reset, follow these steps: On the login screen, press the Forgot Password? You will be prompted to enter your User ID. Enter your ID, and press Next. Next you will need to answer your security challenge questions. After answering the questions correctly, a temporary password will be sent to your address. Go to your and copy the temporary password. Go back to the mycgs login page, and log in with your User ID and the temporary password you received via.

You will then be prompted to update your password. On the Change Password screen, enter your User ID, temporary password which you received via , and a new password of your choosing. It is important to keep your address up to date so that we can contact you with important messages about mycgs, including password resets. To access the User Account screen: If you are a Designated Approver, press the User Account tab.

Changing the address your User Account does not affect the address in your MFA settings and vice versa.

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If your address has changed, you must update it on both screens. To access the MFA Settings screen: If you change cell phone carriers, you must update your Service Provider to reflect your current carrier in order to continue to receive mycgs MFA text messages, even if your cell phone number remains unchanged.

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To access the Security Questions screen: Contents mycgs Overview 2 What Is mycgs? Getting started 3 Step Login 5 Step It should be reviewed and signed. Application Status 28 Tips 2 Screen. Tuesday, September 20, 2: So far, who has registered. Submitter ID: Introduction This guide is for users who. What do I do? This document is set up according to the steps needed to be performed. ESS is an online. Before You Begin System Requirements All rights reserved. Colorado Access Provider Portal Guide coaccess. It is a guide provided to help answer any questions you may have about the AHIP site and its coursework.

It is provided as. DEQ s Knowledge Center KC is an online Learning Management System that can be used by local and federal government officials, private developers, contractors and consultants to enroll in classroom courses,. October Rev. October 1 Contents Table of Figures When you first log in, your. Total Date: Online Banking User Guide If you need assistance, please call TRN Report If you are applying.

Logging into Employee Connect Benefit Enrollment Enrolling and Selecting. Internet Society: January Feedback? Email amshelp isoc.

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Apple Business Beta Help v1. To see whether an Apple program is available in your country or region, go to the Apple Support article Availability of Apple programs for education and business. Tender Process Management -- The short Manual will familiarize you with all. Company name: Online enrollment opens: Online enrollment closes: If Enrolling in Online Banking for the first time, the following steps will need to be completed: Go to http: November Contents Table of Figures Welcome to the Patient Portal!

You re about to find out just how easy it can be to communicate with your healthcare provider, schedule and request appointments, take control of your medical information,. All motor carriers who transport waste tires tires that are no longer suitable for their intended purpose because of wear, damage, or defect must obtain a Waste Tire Transporter Permit. A Waste Tire. Creating an Educator Account and Onboarding Because the Bureau of Educator Certification has launched a new online application system those who have applied online in the past or those who wish to submit.

You receive an email invitation OR you register. You re about to find out just how easy it can be to communicate with your healthcare provider and take control of your medical information. Using this quick reference guide,. October 27, Table of Contents Chapter 1: Welcome to Apple Supplier Connect Chapter 2: Users planning to perform the following must. We frequently update our articles to reflect the latest changes and updates to Medicare, and strongly recommend you visit this article at link below to confirm you have the latest version.

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