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Learn which Mac OS X versions builds originally shipped with or are available for your computer via retail discs, downloads, or Software Update.

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Mac OS 8. It includes:. See also: QuickTime 2.

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I have tested it by installing the promo version of QuarkXpress 5 available on this site. All the other versions of the OS9 install disk available here seem to be the international English version.

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It contains a complete install as well as an update from 8. The toast image contains System 6.

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Please note that I have not found all languages in all System 6 versions. If anyone finds a System 6 version that is not included in the toast image, please let me know and I will update the toast image. Macintosh Garden - Operating Systems http: Are you the publisher? Claim or contact us about this channel. Embed this content in your HTML. Report adult content: More Channels. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Articles on this Page showing articles 41 to 60 of Mac OS 9.

MacOS SheepShaver Installation Tutorial [1]

Contact us about this article. Application file:. Confirmed working for Mac PPC models: Year released:. Machines that can run LinuxPPC include: Mac OS 7. Language Key. A few points are worth mentioning. You can hold down the Option key while launching the application in order to access an options menu. See below for some details. However, this system has other methods. After a few seconds, the file should be copied to the Mac OS 9 desktop. To toggle between windowed and full-screen mode, press Ctrl-Option-Enter.

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The custom build of SheepShaver used in this application uses this key-combination instead of the standard SheepShaver toggle key Ctrl-Enter. To use full-screen mode by default, hold down the Option key when launching Mac OS 9, and set the screen size option to full-screen.

Multi-user systems: This application works in a multi-user system if installed in the Applications folder of the Mac's hard disk. If you want to enable the multiple-user features in OS 9, use the Extensions Manager control panel, and switch the extensions set to the one with "multiple users" in its name and restart.

You may then set up the OS 9 system for multiple users in the same way you did with a real Mac. Hold down the Option key when launching the application to access this and other options. This system uses a special build of SheepShaver that does not use the Preferences pane. Instead, hold down the Option key when starting the app, and use the menus. Most of the menu items are self-explanatory.

To change the window size, hold down the Option key when starting the app, and choose the option to change the screen size. When SheepShaver opens, you will probably need to use the Monitors control panel to select the size that you want especially if you select the full-screen option.

To add or replace a disk image with the Mac OS 9 system , shut down the Mac OS 9 app and drop a disk image file on its icon.

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After dropping a disk image file you will be prompted to perform the next steps. This method should work smoothly with disk image files that have the file extension. If your file has the extension. If your disk image has some other extension, change it to. For disk images used for games or software installation: Then follow the prompts to add the image as an additional disk, and choose the option to leave the image in its present location and link it to the application.

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Then, launch the Mac OS 9 app and install your game or software. Then shut down the Mac OS 9 app and either delete, move, or rename the disk image that you added and no longer want to use in Mac OS 9. The next time you start up the Mac OS 9 app, the disk image will no longer be on the desktop.