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Like Liked by 2 people. Like Like. If I was to buy the sims 4 when it comes out tomorrow for mac, do you think it would work, or I should get someone to partition my mac to half pc and buy the sims 4 for pc. Dude, you got owned! Any idea? Cleared internet cache also. Like Liked by 1 person. Hope it helped!!

Maybe EA have updated the uninstaller with the latest patch so it now does a more thorough job? Any ideas about what I should do? I did all this but when I went to reinstall my game it always freezes. I had the same problem!!! I wiped all of the files off like she said, then went into Macintosh Hard Drive or however you get in on a pc , Origin, deleted the installer with the sims 3, deleted origin, went into finder, got into Library by pressing alt , searched in the search bar The Sims , and there was a file unaccounted for called The Sims 3!

I deleted it and re-installed origin and then re-downloaded. Good luck and Happy Simming! Delete Alias 2. Fix Alias… 3. I reistalled all but when i got to Supernatural it said the sims 3 installed was more recent than expected??? Because your base game has a higher patch number than it did when Supernatural was released.

I am playing on a fairly new Mac and I just uploaded Island Paradise. I try to update my game often and when I got the notification to update it before playing today, I did. My game downloaded a new patch and the 1. I tried simply uninstalling and reinstalling Island Paradise and I continued to get the same message after downloading the update. You could try installing the superpatcher manually — http: Try uninstalling and resintalling it. You could also uninstall it and then reinstall the digital version from Origin.

Instructions here — https: Hi BluebellFlora, How can I uninstall a single EP without the uninstaller, which has magically disappeared since I installed it on Mavericks a while back? I have recently installed el capitan and am now experiencing the disc cannot be found failure. Hello, i install the sims complete and then i open the read me where says: Install all games in the order listed. Once completely installed, download and run the appropriate manual patcher from these links: I recently upgraded to Mavericks, uninstalled and freshly installed using your simple guide.

Thank you. I just did this, thanks: First it was island paradise, where origin said it was installed but it wasnt. Then it was showtime. This time it was pets, the icon in my applications folder was there but I couldnt uninstall it through the uninstaller and it didnt appear on my launcher Managed to find the files for it and deleted it. Hopefully this time it dont screw up. Still not working, I cant load with CC anymore. What do I do if the uninstaller fails? Is there any help for that?

Drag everything Sims 3 related to the bin from your Applications folder, the Electronic Arts folder in your Documents folder and then all the files in the Library. Empty the Trash securely then restart your Mac. If you have Origin installed you should do the same because it may still think you have TS3 installed. Thank you! Much MUCH appreciated! It gets stuck on file Any ideas? Your careful and simple instruction is so helpful and I wanted to take the time to let you know that I appreciate your hard work!

Is it safe to uninstall first and then delete the Sims 3 folder? Also, do I need the individual uninstallers for each expansion pack? I used to have TS3, installed originally from a CD. It was un-installed years ago and the CD was misplaced. Yesterday I purchased the starter pack off of the Origin site and had no issues installing it on another computer in the house PC now trying to install it to my computer MAC. At this point I have manually uninstalled every TS3 item on the computer manually as I cannot even find the game in the system anymore, also uninstalled origin app and still not seeing an option to install the base TS3 game.

I tried out of curiosity to install a patch for the base game incase i was missing the file but no luck. Any suggestions? My OS is Maverick. Your site has been very helpful for getting TS3 to work on my Mac. Most of the time. The EA uninstall is a little bit more thorough now, but some of the library files still remain. And now it works. But I wanted to install the sims 3 Pets also, but whenever I do that, I get that same error. But whenever I want to install the ep Pets, it gives this error again. But if I uninstall Pets, I can play again. But ofcourse I want to play with Pets.

Anyone got a clue how that could be? And how I can make it work? Does this work with Orgin? Please help.. Your games will always show up in Origin. Should I keep trying to re-install and un-install? Sorry to take your time with this. I registered all 3 cds with their keys. So I bought a CD driver installed on my Mac, which accepted the authentification keys and tried to play.

Looks like it happens to a lot of people but no reply that allows me to fix it. If anybody here has had this issue… thanks a lot Ps: Hi I have tried to uninstall and reinstall sims3 and every time I do all I get is a message saying verifying installer! Can any1 help? Thank You so much! This worked!!

I know some people may loose patience but you just have to keep trying but It worked for me! Ok so I uninstalled everything and it now advances past verifying installer but it now freezes at installing 3 of file Any ideas on how to get it to move past this? Has anyone else had this problem? Restart your Mac then try deleting it.

I decided to buy the games through Origin and download them, so I followed your clean uninstall. I deleted every file with com. Hi there Im no expert but I had sims on my mac and when I downloaded an update funny things started happening to my game i. I tried to uninstall it and reinstall it off the disk I had. I also found some sims 3 files in my sims castaway folder after deleting these and buying a new disk i was able to drop and drag it into the finder icon and then open and install it from there.

But I had to delete the electronic arts folder and all my sims games I deleted the castaway game as well.

Re: sims 3 mac no cd

The files in the library and the installer in the applications folder. The then restarted my mac and then I was able to install the new disk. Hope that helps. I did read on another blog that someone contacted an online expert through origin to sort their problem. Maybe you could do that. I saw that on the origin hq site.

I had to force quit mine as well. You may need to check to see if the disc is damaged or try dropping and dragging the installer into the finder folder and installing from there. Thank you so much for this VERY helpful information. Thank you!! Restart your Mac, then empty the Trash — it should work then. Thank you for your help! I am probably a bit silly for not realising that sooner but I have always purchased games on disc up until now. Your directions were easy to follow and worked like a charm. Thank-you, again, for sharing your expertise. Thanks you so so so much!

Recently upgraded my hard drive, and was updated to Yosemite.

How to make Sims 3 work in macOS Sierra | The Robservatory

April 5, at 8: My issue is that the Sims 3 or Generations which is what I prefer to play icon shows up in my dash, but the Welcome Screen does not show up completely, so I cannot click on the Play, Upload, Downloads, etc icons at all. Restart your Mac and try again. Does it matter that I deleted those things first? Or should I just wait it out and see if it works? You should use the uninstaller first. But thank you! I got it figured out!!

Sims3 Mac OS Unknown Error Fix for Multiple Expansions Packs

Your site is very helpful! Earlier today i was deleting stuff from my desktop and accidentally deleted the sims 3 icon -thinking the one in my dock would do just the same. I did this reset as a last resort. And it worked. I deleted all of the file folders like you suggested. My uninstaller still will not work. Im sure you have probably answered this a bunch of times. I must be missing something though…. I read through the instructions 3 times already….

What is still installed that you want to uninstall? You should just trash the uninstaller too. I just wanted to thank you for this post! After following your instructions to the letter, I have just reinstalled the base game and am patching it as I type. I force quit everything and it still said it. Yes I did and I installed everything and so far so good! Thanks so much for your help!!!!! I unfortunately cannot find that Preferences folder on my mac in the library folder.

Or is it hidden? Its a brand new computer. Macbook Pro Retina I can download it and put it in the launcher to be installed, and then I install it but none of the content shows up in game, and in the launcher it says that everything is installed. Do you have any idea of what this could be? Hello there! I followed all the steps to uninstall the sims 3 on my old mac OSX Yosemite , as I have transferred everything to a better computer and want to free up all the space my game takes up on the old mac.

I have all but 3 expansion packs installed so I know that it should be much more than that. I looked in the launchpad and the sims 3 as well as the other expansion packs were still there. Help please? Empty the bin and restart your Mac too. Then, just click on it to download! As long as your Macbook isn't one of the new models with the new type of USB ports, you can get a DVD drive for cheap as they don't have to be the Apple ones specifically.

To download Origin, go to the Origin website. Should have the details there. Once you have your game codes, and have registered them, you should be able to download the game. December January I had the same problem! You simply need to install Origin. Here's the link: Click Games at the top menu bar, then redeem product code. Type in the code it will have come with the CD and voila!

Hope it helped! March Do you need to have an origin access account for that? I can't find that option This widget could not be displayed. Help us improve Answers HQ! Take Survey No, Thanks. Sign In or Register. See details Show less. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Do you mean. Answer HQ English: The Sims: The Sims Mac: Zombies Games Plants vs. Tapped Out The Simpsons: I do want to play the sims 3.

I made an. Now I'm unable to start the game because it needs the cd, how can I solve this? Me too. Message 1 of 13 67, Views.

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Reply 0. Accepted Solution. February You need to register the game code from inside the DVD box for your TS3 game, the same code that you will have used previously to install the disc version and then you will be able to access the free download through Origin. Message 4 of 13 75, Views.

Reply All Replies. February You can not run the game with an iso file. Message 2 of 13 67, Views. Reply 3. February could you show me where to find the download version for free?