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Those answers and links are for Ethernet MAC addresses, not Bluetooth -- so they do not answer the question appropriately. You can also find out which Bluetooth devices are around you by using the BTScanner actively or bluelog passively, over time tools. I also recommend under Linux that you check out the hcitool scan --all --flush and bluetoothctl commands since they offer active and passive Bluetooth device identification capabilities as well.

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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Is it possible to find the manufacturer of a BLE device from it's mac address? Ask Question.

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Lester T. Tabish Imran Tabish Imran 11 1 3. When you say hardware address you meant mac address I presume? Feb 20 '17 at Yes, Mac address!

How to gt the vendor information by mac oui lookup

Overmind Overmind 3, 4 Wikipedia What is an OUI then? Wireshark OUI lookup 5.


Comparing the list you've supplied with the one in the other posts by checking a few random vendors, I can't find any differences. Can't find any difference other than that the list I gave has WAY more information? Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. We only need the first three bytes. This can take a long time over a slow network, though; the file is about 60, lines.

Also, the IEEE website has been flaky lately, so loading the cache is better. This distribution comes with several versions of the complete OUI data file. It may still be ugly. Returns false if it could not extract the information. This could mean unexpected input or a change in format.

It discards the first line, strips the leading information from the second line, and strips the leading whitespace from all of the lines.

MAC Address – All you Need to Know About it

Returns the URLs of the oui. The IEEE likes to move this around. If the url indicates that the data is compressed, the response content is decompressed before being stored. This previously used DBM:: Deep if it was installed, but that was much too slow.

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Cached yourself. If you want to store the data fetched for later use, add a destination filename to the request. To fetch from the default location and store, specify undef as source.

What does MAC address stand for?

Eventually I want people to write their own caching classes so I've created some class methods for this. Add to the cache. This is mostly in place for a future expansion to full objects so you can override this in a subclass. Get from the cache.

MAC Vendor Lookup

Get the hash the built-in cache uses. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it under the Artistic License 2. A license file should have come with this distribution. For more information on module installation please visit the detailed CPAN module installation guide. Home grep:: BDFOY brian d foy.

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Here are some of the old URLs, which also flip-flop schemes: These files are large about 4MB , so you might want to cache a copy. Functions run macs If I call this module as a script, this class method automatically runs. UserAgent object used to fetch resources. We only need the first three bytes