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Try configuring it that way.

Enabling Host-only Adapter for VirtualBox X and X on Mac OS X – Technical Scratchpad

Say A is router, B is host, C is guest. C configured with bridged adapter.

Then try pinging: What you see? Thanks for replying. I once had such problem, when the router was set to allow only predefined MAC addresses.

How to set host-only adapter on VM (Virtual box)

Could it be the case with you? I don't think that's the case with my setup as I've never had to specify any MAC addresses.

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For the benefit of anyone else that's having this problem, the solution that worked for me in the end was simply to switch to VMware Fusion - no issues whatsoever and it all worked first time with no configuration needed. In fairness to VirtualBox, some aspects of the software work very well, the performance is generally very good and for some people it works out-of-the-box just fine, but not being able to get the internet connection working was for me a real non-starter.

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This is the one that worked for me, My mac is connected via ethernet and configured a wi-fi connection, in this case the name is en0: So x is 2 when there is only one NAT instance active. In that case the guest is assigned to the address Samveen Samveen 3, 28 This works just great with VirtualBox 5.

John John 21 2. That's always worth checking - after spending too long trying to fix things you miss the obvious ones. The odd thing is thought when I recently re-installed XP in VMware Fusion I didn't change any configuration settings, which means that XP automatically detected the connection.

Maybe this is something specific to VMware Fusion, but it worked with Vista also - I haven't even opened the networking settings since I've installed it and the Internet connection works just fine. Elletlar 1, 4 15 OS X El Capitan Login to like Log in or register to post comments Reply. Below are the steps I followed to set this up: Click Create and observe that vboxnet0 is created. Double-click on vboxnet0.

Verify the IP addresses as in the guide 4.

Click Apply and then Close when done When you start the machine, if you get a message saying that the adapter can't be found: Select the machine and then click the orange machine settings icon. Kit Sunde Kit Sunde 1, 3 18 So I'm trying to go down this route: This is not helpful input. I've encountered situation where "preferences" menu item is not displayed. Restart virtual box if encountered and it should show up. Actually, no restart needed.

Creating a VirtualBox Host-Only Network

As of VBox 4. In order to have bidirectional access please follow next steps Allow routing ip. I'm confused by this answer. I checked ifconfig on the guest to see the new adapter present, but did not have an IP4 address.