Mac outlook 2011 shared calendar colors

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Verify your account to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional. Here's a step by step I found on that web thingy: Make sure only one calendar is selected checked within your calendar list. Click on the first calendar item row to select it Select Edit Select All menu. Click Organise tab and switch List to Grid.

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Repeat these steps for each calendar. You can now view all your calendars together differentiated by colour. Popular Topics in Microsoft Office. Which of the following retains the information it's storing when the system power is turned off? This is caused by setting All Day Events to Show time as Busy and setting a color category on the item.

All Day events marked as Busy highlight the day with the category color. If the event is not assigned a color category, the day shading uses the calendar color. Items marked with hash lines are Tentative. The hash lines are the category color, or if no color category is assigned, the lines are the calendar color. Items marked Out-of-Office are always purple, with the block around the appointment text using the category color. The new Outlook Working Elsewhere status uses a dotted background. The Show time as command is in the ribbon and the All Day event checkbox is to the right of the time and date fields in an appointment form.

Busy appointments use a darker shade of the category color.

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Tentative appointments have hash marks on the left. Working Elsewhere appointments have a dotted pattern. Free is white. Out-of-Office is purple. Busy appointments use the category color. Tentative appointments are displayed with hash marks on the left.

How to Open a Shared Calendar Using Outlook for Mac 2011

Free is white if you have all updates installed, otherwise, it's a lighter shade of the color category. Free is white Outlook or a lighter shade of the color category Outlook Day and Week calendars are also shown in the category colors when All Day events are marked busy or purple when the event is marked Out-of-Office.

As you can see in this screenshot, when no category is assigned to an all day event, Tentative and Busy and Working Elsewhere shading is picked up from the calendar color. Unlike previous versions, Outlook does not shade non-working hours or non-work days as in Calendar Options.

Is there a way to have the blue line indicating the current time in my calendar advance automatically?

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I use several screens and it would helpful if I could just glance at the calendar for reference without having to click anywhere in the calendar to advance the line to the current time. Hello, this has been bothering me for a while and I can't find an answer anywhere.

In the image above there is a blue line running across the calendar to indicate the current time. In my version of Outlook there is only a yellow line on the far left over the time.

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It does not extend across the calendar. Is there a way to make it do so? Many thanks. No, sorry, you cant change how it displays in the calendar - many people complained about how hard it was to see, so they changed in the newer versions. Somehow the background color of my outlook calendar is blue, I want it to be white, how can I make that happen?

The entire background is blue? That would be the calendar color - right click on the Calendar name in the navigation pane and choose color. For the tentative marking or something else? Tentative can't be changed and most other lines within the calendar can't be changed either. Hello Diane I'm a L3 sys admin. Our company has a visually impaired staff member using Outlook Professional v Until recently all incoming calendar entries appeared in his calendar as high-contrast white on black, the same as any entries he creates, but last week something in the enterprise changed and now appointments from other people are showing up with coloured backgrounds I've explored his local settings and nothing appears to have changed.

Where should I be looking and what am I looking for that may have changed to influence this? Is it likely to be a Outlook? Any suggestions greatly appreciated. All appointments or just some?

Understanding Outlook's Calendar patchwork colors

I'd look at a sender's Outlook and Office settings. Do you use a theme? I know that using a theme for email can affect the body of appointments. It's possible that something in the theme is not working with the high contract setting this users uses. If you don't use a specific theme for email, check the default word theme - some parts carry over to outlook. Log In. Sign Up. Outlook Outlook. How do I modify the color of a shared calendar in Outlook for the Mac? Having upgraded to Outlook that comes with Office for the Mac, I can't find easily the place I can mark an entire shared calendar into a different color so that I can differentiate my calendar with that of my peer…right now both entries are blue.

I wish to make the other shared calendar s different colors.

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