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This video shows how to retrieve data in context. This does not show how to create a report with data. This video shows how to create output of individual documents. Three minutes and 42 seconds. This video shows how to create an output of the codebook i.

One minute and 41 seconds. This video explains how to create a report of coded quotations. This video tutorial shows how to create word clouds. These are representations of word frequency counts of documents, sets of documents and quotations.

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This video shows the visualization of the non-semantic linkages between the different elements of a project. These linkages e. Creating and Displaying Semantic Linkages. This video explains the process of linking semantically codes to codes and quotations to quotations. This is part of interpretation. This video shows how to split a code: Six minutes and 36 seconds.

This video explains the Query Tool, including producing written outputs of the results of a query. A detailed explanation of this tool can be found in the Quick Tour manual pages https: Thirteen minutes and 44 seconds. Creating an Output of Quotations Linked to a Code. This video tutorial shows how to create an output of the quotations linked to a given code. In other words, what have study participants said about topic X? Six minutes and 27 seconds.

In this video we show how to search for keywords in context. There are two procedures for that: This video shows how to work with geo documents: Twelve minutes and 3 seconds. In this video we show how to work with Twitter data. It includes a description of the data importation process, visualization of linkages and word frequencies, searching keywords in context, queries and co-occurrences.

Switching Libraries. Un minuto y 27 segundos. Seis minutos y 42 segundos. Un minuto y 54 segundos.

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Dos minutos y 48 segundos. Un minuto y 44 segundos. Dos minutos y 20 segundos. Dos minutos y 30 segundos. Dos minutos y 34 segundos. Un minuto y 53 segundos. Un minuto y 32 segundos. Dos minutos y 24 segundos. Dos minutos y 45 segundos.

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Ver aqui. Dos minutos y 32 segundos. Cinco minutos y 37 segundos. Tres minutos y 43 segundos. Dos minutos y 28 segundos. Cinco minutos y 7 segundos. Tres minutos y 8 segundos. Cuatro minutos y 7 segundos. Cuatro minutos. Cuatro minutos y 58 segundos. Seis minutos y 32 segundos.

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En este video tutorial se explica la herramienta de consulta. Siete minutos y 1 segundo. Tres minutos y 38 segundos. Un minuto y 55 segundos. You can add --no-use to the end of the above script The installer can use git , curl , or wget to download nvm , whatever is available.

On Linux, after running the install script, if you get nvm: Since OS X You need to manually install the Xcode command line tools before running the install script, otherwise, it'll fail. On OS X, if you get nvm: If the above doesn't fix the problem, open your. Please note that which nvm will not work, since nvm is a sourced shell function, not an executable binary.

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If you're running a system without prepackaged binary available, which means you're going to install nodejs or io. Two alternatives exist, which are neither supported nor developed by us:. Alternatives exist, which are neither supported nor developed by us:. We still have some problems with FreeBSD, because there is no official pre-built binary for FreeBSD, and building from source may need patches ; see the issue ticket:. You can check out this blog post on how to just that:.

Homebrew installation is not supported. If you have issues with homebrew-installed nvm , please brew uninstall it, and install it using the instructions below, before filing an issue. If you're using zsh you can easily install nvm as a zsh plugin. Install zsh-nvm and run nvm upgrade to upgrade.

Git versions before v1. In place of a version pointer like "0. In addition, the following commands support LTS arguments:. Any time your local copy of nvm connects to https: If you want to install a new version of Node. This will first use "nvm version node" to identify the current version you're migrating packages from. Then it resolves the new version to install from the remote server and installs it. Lastly, it runs "nvm reinstall-packages" to reinstall the npm packages from your prior version of Node to the new one. You can add anything npm would accept as a package argument on the command line.

If you want to use the system-installed version of node, you can use the special default alias "system":. Note that using nvm in multiple shell tabs with this environment variable enabled can cause race conditions. You can create a. Afterwards, nvm use , nvm install , nvm exec , nvm run , and nvm which will use the version specified in the.

For example, to make nvm default to the latest 5. In other words, running nvm use et. The contents of a. No trailing spaces are allowed, and the trailing newline is required. You can use avn to deeply integrate into your shell and automatically invoke nvm when changing directories. This functionality and the installation procedure are described in the help file on Custom export filters.

Some users have created export filters that can be useful to many others.


They are collected at https: JabRef can help you refactor your reference list by automatically abbreviating or unabbreviating journal names, as explained in the dedicated help. Although JabRef comes with a build-in list of journals, additional lists are available at https: Until version 2. Support for that has been removed. See issue for the current status of integration of the plugins into JabRef. The current way to add a new entry fetcher or additional functionality is to directly contribute the code to JabRef.

Please head over to our contributing FAQ. Oliver Kopp Kontakt: Urheberrecht Die durch die Seitenbetreiber erstellten Inhalte und Werke auf diesen Seiten unterliegen dem deutschen Urheberrecht. Sonstiges Dieses Impressum basiert auf https: Main table All your references listed in a nice looking, sortable table. Entry editor Edit your entries using the entry editor. Groups View Group your references with manual or automated e. Search for entries Advanced and fast search features: Search the Web Entries can be searched in external databases and BibTeX entries can be fetched from there.

Automatic download of full texts JabRef can be instructed to search for the full text of a reference, download it, and directly link it to the BibTeX entry. Search the bibliography Search a pattern in the whole bibliography. Classification of entries You can group entries explicitly, by keywords or any other fields. Integrates to your environment Launch external applications: Documentation Documentation is available at https: FAQ Frequently asked questions are available at https: General Support Use our discourse forum at http: You can also propose new features there.

Changelog See https: Donations keep us going. Java by Comparison.