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How to display hidden notes

Color-coding also makes it easy to find and correct text to which styles were applied inconsistently. For example, text in the 12 point Cambria font and text formatted using the Normal style, which by default also uses the 12 point Cambria font, look identical. One important difference, however, is that text that is formatted by using a style can be quickly and globally changed to a different font. If you later decide to change the font, for example, each instance of text that you've formatted manually must be updated individually.

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Styles guides, which map styles to text. Direct formatting guides, which show manually formatted text. The colors and numbers attributed to each style are automatically determined by Word and may differ between documents and may change whenever you reopen a document. Word doesn't color-code styles that are applied to text boxes, frames, floating objects, or floating images.

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Word only shows styles guides for the first column of a table or document. Direct formatting guides, however, are shown for all table and document columns. Log in. Remember Me Forgot your password? Forgot your username?

How to Show / Hide Text in Documents - Microsoft Word 2016 Tutorial - The Teacher

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Hidden text that prints in Word for mac, help please!

How to show or hide all hidden text quickly in Word? How to quickly show the hidden text just in case you forget they are actually in document?

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