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I was able to get this app to work, but it took all day. Frequent crashes, errors and issues had me close to going back to tortoise svn on my pc. I was hoping snail was as good as that program,but I was wrong.

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One of the main issues that seems to be so obvious, there does not appear to be a way to committ a single file or folder or group of files. For whatever reason, large commits cause crashes, so I attempted to reduce the number of files per commit, but there is no obvious way to do that. You can only select all or none or check the box for each individual file or folder to transfer.

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In some cases we are talking hundreds or thousands of files. Just highlight the files you want and then have a check box that will allow you to selected just those files in the commit? uses cookies.

The real fault here is the Mac OS. I suppose everyone is using git these days so that laugh is on those of us who are still using svn on a Mac. First off I apologize to CleverIdea for originally clicking on the not helpful link on his review. Awesome for a free version, let alone a 1.

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I was able to look at the history logs and do comparisons - it was very nice! So after clicking the not helpful I went back to finder and all of a sudden it was like it did not remember what the working set was. Even though the icons were there and correct the only options I have was checkout, export, create repo, add to working set.

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Trying to re-add the working set gave me the error that one working set was allowed. So now I cannot use the free version even on the working set I first setup. Being a free version I can understand limiting the number of working sets. Though I would argue instead of 1 to show that the product CAN handle multiple working sets. Seeing that it cannot handle a single working set well means it has a ways to go to be worth money.

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It works well for me … except that with the update to Version 1. However, volunteers have created binary packages for different distributions and platforms, and as a convenience, we maintain a list of links to them here. If there are any problems with or questions about the different binary packages please send email to the Subversion users mailing list. Note that binary packages usually come out about a week after the corresponding source release. Please don't post to the mailing lists asking when a binary package for a given platform will be ready. The packagers already know when new source releases come out, and work as fast as they can to make binaries available.

Note also that this list does not include distributions of larger collections of software of which Subversion is but one piece. Several vendors offer such things, but we concern ourselves primarily with Subversion itself. As such, the listing here is limited to those packages which may be reasonably considered binary distributions of Apache Subversion alone.

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