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Midway through, on a visit to Key West, she writes that dreams of submersion—"these little fantasies of cleanliness, purification, dissolution, and death"—snake through the the works of almost all the alcoholic writers she's chosen. The piece that sticks out is John Berryman's poem 'Henry's Understanding,' where the author fantasizes about letting go: Kendrick Lamar got at the same thing on " Swimming Pools Drank ," an unsparing look at drinking culture that inevitably turned into a drinking anthem. Which is where Miller lands himself.

Everything we learned about Mac Miller's breakup with Ariana Grande on new album 'Swimming'

At the end of "Self-Care," when the beat changes up and the ground is on fire in his video , he sings, "I was thinking too much, got stuck in oblivion" and "I got all the time in the world, so for now I'm just chilling. He keeps stretching the metaphor out as the record floats forward. On the muted disco-funk track "Ladders," realizing that the party's going to end, he knows he "might slip into the sea"; on "Jet Fuel," he's "underwater" again. He ends up inside a spaceship at one point.

Like the "Self-Care" video, almost every verse on Swimming has something to do with the position and whereabouts of Miller's body. It doesn't feel too forced—drowning sorrows implies movement just as much as getting high and tripping, and sometimes he has to get through all three in a track. Stick with Swimming long enough, and Miller's lyrics seem disorienting.

"Come Back to Earth"

In the end, the metaphor twists back on itself, and it's not totally satisfying. And the idea that this can all be boiled down to "sin" feels facile.

Mac Miller - Hurt Feelings (Audio)

The album's opening track expands on the album title's "Swimming" metaphor, setting up a collection of songs about how Miller navigated turbulent waters and came out afloat. Choice lyrics: The first lyric seems like a passing reference to Celine Dion, except that Ariana Grande frequently impersonates the Canadian pop icon's vocals, as seen on her "SNL" and "Tonight Show" appearances. As for the second line, Miller seems to be referencing his struggles with alcohol, mentioning his heightened emotions when he's not drinking.

Whether Miller is talking about a past or present relationship isn't completely clear here. Released as an early single from "Swimming," "Self Care" was seen as Miller's chronicle of his mental recovery from his difficult stretch of time.

While he only vaguely alludes to his breakup in the song, he's more direct in his acknowledgment of his car crash, considering the vehicle involved was reportedly a Mercedes. Miller is straightforward here about his relationship struggles, blaming the old adage of "loving too much" for his challenges.

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Hurt Feelings : MacMiller

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