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Oct 14, 5. Well done mate Nice TUT i see you spent a long time on it keep up the good work: Oct 17, 6. Your recovery steps I found are exactly what I needed. Thanks again! Oct 17, 7. VinnyHaw , Oct 17, Oct 22, 8.

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Great tutorial, will be getting one of these for x-mas: Mr Crush , Oct 22, Oct 22, 9. VinnyHaw , Oct 22, Oct 22, I think imma have to get me one lol. Batman , Oct 22, Oct 23, What all is necessary to actually get the dump from my drive? Nate , Oct 23, Ares , Oct 23, VinnyHaw , Oct 23, I know what I'm getting for Christmas. Bon ok c une beta mais y a encore du gros boulot a faire pour que se soit acceptable. Franchement,ceux qui n'arrive pas a le faire fonctionner Bref que du bonheur. Fonctionne bien chez moi.

Aucun soucis pour installer. Pensez a mettre a jour net framework. Beaucoup plus pratique que le menu iso. Et plus pratique que le dongle wifi. Je comprend pas ceux qui dise que c'est moin bien que le menu iso?? Je viens de faire un mix avec celui de jojo8x et un affichage de 15jeux. Oxi-Game En tout, c'est ce que je constate chez moi. Yes ryuuzkiiiii!

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Test et tu verras bien. Enfin Simple petite question tu entend quoi par fermer de force? Pour info je suis sous Seven 64bits. Salut, autre soucis dans l'etape 1, installation de NET 4. Perso j'ai fait le test, a 99, et plus. Pour faire simple voila ma config: Chez moi sa fonctionne, je test toujours sur d'autre PC pour voir d'autre erreurs comme les votre, mais en vain. Mais fait chier de devoir retirer des jeux des HDD, chez moi sa fonctionne avec plus de jeux donc temps mieux DvdStyler plante quand il charge la commande suivante si ca peut aider: Executing command: Oxi-Game 24 je te remercie pour tes infos.

Pas mal du tout. Rien ne marche. Merci a tous. However, you need your DVD drive information. To install the xk3y, you will need this key so that the xk3y can talk to your in the same manor that your DVD drive does. The Maximus team also helped out the xk3y team with the dumping of firmware on the new DVD drive to make the xk3y compatible with more DVD drives. Opening xbox While using opening tools are not necessary, they are cheap and can save you a lot of time and effort to open your console.

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This mb is split into 3 different partitions. BootINIT sector 2. Ext3 sector this contains rootfs and uImage, the xk3y firmware files. You will not be able to see this in a non linux machine. If you want to update these files there is no need to see this partition, you can update your xk3y via a USB, and the xk3y will copy these files onto this partition for you.

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This is where you put your firmware. To transfer files to your microSd card you can use either a USB microSd card reader, an SD card adapter and then an SD card reader or you can use a device such as a mobile phone. Slim firmware configuration. To configure your xk3y on a slim , all you need to do is drop your dummy.

The file that is created is already called dummy. However, there are some small differences between some DVD drives that have the same firmware. For example there are up to 7 or so variations of the slim DVD drive. Unfortunately the xk3y is unable to automatically configure itself based on small bits of missing information from Jungle Flasher dumps. The missing information is not enough to cause e64 errors no DVD or wrong DVD drive detected but it can cause games to not load This can be done after installation is complete via USB.

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xK3y xKey x360Key xKey 360 Installation and user Manual for Fat / Phat Slim / RGH Xbox 360 Consoles

More details are below in the xkey. The Firmware changes from to It is important that you dump the firmware after this update. If you have an old dump of your firmware i. Configuring the xk3y on your Phat console is a little bit more technical. Instead of a partial dump of the drive needed like slim s a full OFW original firmware dump is needed. If you only have, or are only able to make a partial dump of your firmware, OR if you have CFW custom firmware on your drive you can just convert the dump into the format that the xk3y accepts. The file needs to be called firmware.

Xkey : le Menu DVD disponible

You cannot simply rename the file you have to firmware. If not you will get an e64 error. To convert your dump into the correct format you will need to download the file below, which is a program called Jungle Flasher. Included in the program in the firmware folder are the appropriate firmware files needed for all phat s.

Download file here - Jungle Flasher Pack Jungle Flasher is a powerful little program that has a page manual. However for the purpose of the xk3y we only need to know how to use 1 feature. Open up JungleFlasher. You may receive an error when opening on a 64bit PC.

Xkey : le Menu DVD disponible

Just ignore it. On the FirmwareTool32 tab, click on Open Source firmware button. Navigate to your firmware file. It should be KB in size.

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For demonstration purposes we will be using a file for a liteon drive. After it has been opened your information will appear in in the top panel. The next step is to open up a full original dump, the target firmware. This is the file you want to convert your DVD dump into. The files are located in a folder called firmware which is located in the Jungle Flasher folder.

Inside this folder there is a folder called Stock Firmware. These are the 4 different companies that made DVD drive types of the Phat You can see what DVD drive you have by looking at the text under Vendor on the tab you are currently on, or by simply looking at the large sticker that is on your DVD drive. If your drive is BenQ, then you must choose BenQ, if your drive is Samsung you must choose Samsung, if your drive is Liteon you must choose Liteon and if your drive is Hitachi, you must use one of the Hitachi files there are 15 different types!

Once you have opened the file, your screen should look similar to this. With your DVD drive information up the top, and an original dump down the bottom. All you need to do now is press Spoof to Target. This will copy all of your DVD drive information into full firmware dump which is what the xk3y needs to work.

Once you click the button you will see the DVD Key change from 8. The last step is to click Save to File. Save the file under the name firmware.

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  5. Save it onto your PC for safe keeping, and then you will need to transfer thi file onto your xk3y MicroSD card on the 0. Ensure you safely eject the microSD card from your computer. Failure to do so will most likely corrupt your micro sd card is some way and cause the xk3y not to work. Many guides to performing the RGH are available on the internet. Download J-runner - http: Your DVD key is here at the bottom.

    Open Explorer and browse to your xk3y micro sd card. Put the following files onto the root of your micro sd card 1. Insulating the xk3y Once the firmware has been installed on your micro sd card, insert the card into the xk3y main board. The microSD card slot is located at the back of the device. The xk3y comes with a small cardboard cut out to help to insulate the device. If your xk3y did not come with one, or you lost it you can use this file here. If you are printing your own shield please use thick paper.

    Otherwise you can use electrical tape to cover the device. Once the device is properly insulated please make sure there are no exposed metal components. If an exposed component touches up against the metal shielding on the case you can easily render the xk3y broken, and even cause harm to your If the cardboard shield is not covering everything then you can cover the exposed parts with a small bit of tape.

    Please make sure you follow the picture below: Pass the ribbon through the USB slot blue side visible then accommodate the xk3y in the corner of the metal cage. Ensure that the xk3y is well positioned and the ribbon is not pinched during reassembly of the upper shell. As per the warning that comes with the xk3y.

    The blue part of the cable need to be facing AWAY from the xbox. Plugging the cable in the wrong way and plugging in the power will destroy your xk3y. Switch on the console by power button to check the proper functioning of xk3y. Closing the xbox console Please note that the videos below are for the 1st version of the xk3y which is no longer made, however the process is similar.

    Part 2 - Changing settings with xkey. A demo of the xkey. You can easily edit this file, or you can make your own using any text editor like notepad. Once the changes have been made you need to update your xk3y. The update will only take 1 second due to the size of the file, and details on how to perform updates are here Please note that the xkey. Due to the way linux reads files files, if you are making your own file i.

    This means you need to press the ENTER key on your keyboard 3 times right at the end of the file and then save the file. If you do not have these 3 lines the xk3y will not read the last 3 lines of your file. There are certain values that can be changed in the xkey. Please note that Chinese xk3y cannot have their language changed. The default language is English. The feature will default to being off, to turn the feature on please set If you are playing a Multi Disc game there are 2 options.

    When the xbox prompts you to to insert another disc, you need to press the eject button twice quickly within 1 second and choose the 2nd game from the xk3y screen. If you do not have the screen then follow the following steps: Click home button on controller 3. Go right to media 4. Click "select music" 5. Click "current disc" 6. Press right and select your hdd 7. Select desired disc 8. Press eject when it states "eject try to load.