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I uninstalled Adium using "AppCleaner", which seems to have caused my "Internet Accounts" logins to malfunction I'm guessing the uninstaller deleted necessary files that were modified by Adium. So, I don't want to use another uninstaller app to get rid of it. I thought Adium was gone, but I now have an "Adium.

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Getting info on it tells me the location is "AdIM: Most of Adium is contained within a single application bundle—that's the green duck you dragged to your Applications folder in InstallingAdium. Make sure Adium is not running. Adium stores all of your important preferences including accounts—specifically, the service each account is on and each account's username , all of your transcripts of previous chats if you didn't turn logging off in Adium's Preferences , and all Xtras you've installed in this folder:.

Adium also places preferences and supporting files in the following locations in your 'Home' folder:.

Adium also installs Apple Address Book contextual menu actions via AppleScripts in the following location:. Adium stores your passwords in your Keychain. Keychain Access will require your keychain password to go through with this; usually, this is the same as your Mac OS X login password.

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It is not the password you're deleting. That said, it is safer to leave them in the Keychain, so you don't delete a password saved by another application by mistake. There is no harm in having keychain items that you aren't using. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Szabolcs Szabolcs 4 17 Do you want to save them from an iDevice or a Mac? MatthieuRiegler A Mac. I don't use iMessage on iOS, so I didn't think of that possibility. I'll update the question.

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Does apple. I realize that it was a mistake to reply on iMessage to keep important information, so I want to move away from it completely, and hopefully salvage the chatlog for the future. Parameter is a iMessage account email or phone number i. Matthieu Riegler Matthieu Riegler Thanks, this is useful.

This won't give me the images though I just found a solution which is good enough for now, so please don't spend your time on this any more. I found a workable solution: Scroll up until all messages are loaded Print to PDF If you have Acrobat, crop off the margins from the pages to improve readability of split-across-pages messages.

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What if you have 25, messages in the conversation and scrolling up is not viable? It takes a little time, but I think this solution is good for many use cases. Peter Kaminski Peter Kaminski 3 5. What if the contact has no phone number?

I retrieve all contact info from the chat table in. This is not specific on user phone numbers. Just their id that is associated with their messages.

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In most instances this is in fact a phone number. I used it.

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It worked. It was the only solution I found that didn't cost money.

Thank you! Very nicely I should add. Archiving This person appears to have a more polished solution no disrespect intended to the extremely useful SQLite scraper above: Attachments Note that iMessage attachments tend to live in: I don't know the rules for what goes in there and what doesn't, so it might not be complete - but there's a fair amount in there But actually you can see some information about the contact and conversation in the file's extended attributes: Yes, Szabolcs, I did see the "please don't spend your time on this any more" comment, but had to do a bit of digging of my own so thought I ought to share in case it's useful to someone else.

Your mac should automatically save them. Here are instructions on how to extract them: Aiden Aiden 1.