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Bookstore Stata Journal Stata News. Stata Conference Upcoming meetings Proceedings. Contact us Hours of operation. Advanced search. It was made available for free to Stata 10 for Mac users. Verify that you are running Stata It does not matter whether you are running Stata If you are running a version earlier than Stata 10, you will need to purchase an upgrade.

There is no bit version of Small Stata. If you are using Safari, the.

Stata: Data Analysis and Statistical Software

If you are using Firefox, you may need to manually double-click on the. In any case, you will drag the Stata icon from the newly opened window to your Stata folder. You can move the. Empty the Trash. Find the icon on the Dock, right-click on it, and select Remove from Dock. Are you sure you want to open it? Stata 8 users who wish to run Stata at peak performance on an Intel-based Mac must upgrade to Stata 9. If you have a single-user license and wish to have more than one login ID use Stata at a time, please contact our sales department to purchase an upgrade to a multiuser license.

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You should have some experience in working from a shell in Unix before attempting to install Stata console. You must also have administrator access to your computer to complete the installation. With administrator access, there is always the potential for doing serious harm to your computer.

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If you are not comfortable with Unix or are wary of doing any damage to your computer, do not attempt the installation. If you do not know when to use. You have completed the installation process. We now wish to verify that everything is installed properly as a regular user. For a quick test, we are going to be quite crude. If you use csh 1 or tcsh 1 , there is a line in your. Stata console is updated separately from Stata GUI. You must have write permissions to the Stata directory and stata-se or stata-mp.

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To update, start Stata console and type. If you have already updated your ado-files in Stata GUI , it is not necessary to do so in Stata console and vice versa, but if you do, it won't matter. The installation instructions are exactly the same regardless of whether you're installing Stata on an Intel-based Mac or a PowerPC-based Mac.

However, if you've already installed the PowerPC version of Stata console on an Intel-based Mac, there are a couple of additional steps you must take. If you wish to install Stata in a different location, you must create a symbolic link not an alias. Each user counts as one access. If russell is using Stata and spgbob is using Stata, that counts as two accesses. That is, if user russell is running four Statas at once from computer mymac , Stata counts this as only one access. However if user russell is running Stata from computer mymac and another Stata from computer pollo , Stata counts this as two accesses.

When a user invokes Stata, Stata checks how many simultaneous users there currently are. If you have an n -user license and there are currently n simultaneous users, Stata will not start. You can run short on license positions for two reasons: If the user did not exit due to a computer crash or some other unfortunate event, the license-tracking system will catch it after a few hours, so that is not a long-run problem.

Stata will always let the administrator run Stata, even if all the license positions are in use, so you can see who is using it. If you have a user license, Stata will let the administrator start Stata, even if there are already 10 other users. If you receive a complaint that a user is not able to start Stata because of too many users, start Stata and see who is using it. You can then contact these users and tell them to exit Stata if they can.

The number of instances is shown only for your information. Note that the above list corresponds to using 3 license positions. Stata reports there are three users. Getting russell to exit one session will do no good in terms of freeing up a position. Increasing the size of your license is easy.

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You can do it immediately by contacting StataCorp. If you request a larger license, we will supply temporary codes before receiving any paperwork or formal authorizations. We can supply instructions and codes for upgrading your license over the telephone, via email, or fax. Of course, you will ultimately have to pay for the larger license.

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We will wait for the paperwork to follow your request. If, after thirty days, no paperwork appears, Stata itself will automatically revoke the increased license size. When the paperwork does appear, we will mail or fax your new License and Authorization Key so that you can make the change permanent. This provides a convenient way for you to communicate with Stata users at large sites.