Hard drive compatible with mac

Often resorting to emailing that massive Powerpoint file 30 minutes later. Today, this is going to end as we have created a fantastic step by step guide on how to make your drive compatible for both Mac and Windows.

How to Choose the Right Hard Disk for Your Mac

Any Mac running Format a drive using Disk Utility on a Mac 1. Select your external hard drive or USB flash drive from the list on the left. Click on the Erase tab.

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Click the Erase button and the drive will start formatting. Be aware that formatting a drive deletes all of the files on it, so back up anything important before completing this step. To help, we put together a list of the best shows on Hulu, whether you're into frenetic cartoons, intelligent dramas, or anything in between.

Best external hard drives for Macs | TechRadar

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How to make your USB or Hard Disk compatible to both Mac and Windows (Step by Step guide)

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Partition the drive on a Mac

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Storage considerations

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