Power mac g5 complete disassembly

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Disassembling Power Mac G5 Motherboard

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Step 5 is about removing the cover which protects the processor from any outside damage.

Power Mac Disassembly

The cover is attached to four pins. In order to remove the cover, it has to be pulled towards the left. There may be a plastic rubber pin see Image 2 , which was put in place for guarantee purposes, therefore before sliding the panel, you should locate and remove this pin.

It can also be pushed from the inside by lifting the bottom of the cover first see image 3. Remove the bottom screws which held the processor in place four in total. This will help to take the cover out without damaging the motherboard. The cover should now come out. It will require some bending and pay attention to the motherboard while performing this task. In order to remove the motherboard, pull it as shown on the third image It should now slide on the pins which are marked as green.

I did not complete this guide. Air-cooled G5s are completly different kettle of fish, and they come in two flavours as far as CPUs brackets those studs on which CPUs are attached to the aluminum case are concerned. Which means, in turn, that you can easily tear them completelly off their sockets weak and shallow ones while attempting to lift the CPU. Bunch of smart-! I am currently struggling with the CPU brackets and the bolts fixing it. It seems to be some kind of "wonder"-screws that no of my screwdrivers nor bits are able to handle.

How To Remove The G5 Upper Shelf | tonymacxcom

Im actually considering just ripping the whole thing, even though I might damage the case and other components which I might want to keep to my build. I think you mean the hexagonally-screws to get off the CPU with the cooling fins. For those you will need an allen wrench with 2.

Trick to Apple Mac Pro G5 Teardown, Disassembly and Diagnostics

To get at the two screws in the round hole of the middle from the cooling fins you will need an extra long allen wrench minimum 16cm or longer. The other screws at the CPU brackets are called torx screws looks like nearly a star or something like that. Select a Language: Help Translate iFixit. Michal and 2 other contributors. Difficulty Moderate.

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Steps Time Required 30 - 40 minutes. Sections 1. Motherboard 12 steps. Flags 1. Member-Contributed Guide An awesome member of our community made this guide.