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Worked great for me. My problem was with reply.

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Thanks a lot! The updates often break more than they help. Thank you very much for this post. Luckily, I found it, and it solved my problem in 5 minutes, while I read somewhere people spent hours trying to fix their mailboxes. So you saved me my time. However, the webmail interface to GoDaddy email continued to work. I have not reset to flag. I have a problem since upgrading to El Capitain which only relates to my i Cloud account, my own POP accounts work fine. If I delete or move an email from my iCloud account I get a default box to tell me an error has occurred, so nothing gets deleted.

Un-checking and restarting allowed it to work immediately. Thank you for the correct solution after an hour of frustration. The unchecking and rechecking the box worked for me. All fixed now. Any ideas? I have El Capitan v. Hi…, If the title box is not active, what should I do first. So that I can do what you suggest, thanks b4. I experienced a lot of Mail problems after upgrading to El Capitan. I found a fix…. Quit mail 2. Go to web mail access your inbox via a browser with same login as in Mail 3. Delete one message preferably spam 4. Open Mail. It should be functoning normally.

So far this has worked for me, but as they say, the mileage varies. Good luck. I set up mail on an older Mac leaving messages on the server so as not to lose them and I could see the real messages in the inbox and delete one. After doing this I restarted El Capitan Mail and it worked. I was able to fix the issue after changing to port with SSL enabled. On top of all the issues listed here, my Mail disappears after I receive a notification.

I see the Notification long enough to read the Subject then poof, gone! However when I log into the Godaddy webmail the missing email is right there. I cannot even meet the first step: When I open mail, it goes immediately to trying to connect to my google account via asking for my email and password etc.

It seems to get stuck here. It shows the little loading symbol then…. It just stops there. I even reduced the amount of mail it downloads from gmail so as not to slow down the process. I would be curious to understand what happened but thanks a lot! Joo, you should take some classes for that.. El capitan is working fine without any issues. Fully agree… with Apple losing its way.

Same problem here … mail cannot be fixed.. I can go into my fatcow account and get all my mail and it functions fine. This may well be my last Apple…. Still having the same problems on El Capitan, and none of these things fix it. I cannot send mail, and it says the outgoing server is offline.

I hope they put an update out soon. I cannot use this advice because my Automatically detect and maintain account settings is grey and not checkable. With my problem when I click to send a composed email the Mac Mail App starts flashing between the composed mail and the main view. I have a solution maybe some of you have done the same. My time is too important to troubleshooting weekends and evenings on-end like many of you. Problem fixed!!! All my IMAP messages previously read and unread are there.

I checked the box to integrate Apple Mail and all the mailboxes show with exception to Smart Boxes.

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I have yet to figure out how to transfer and setup those in T-Bird. But, after three weeks of not being able to check mail and ripping out hair, screaming explitives, I now have peace. I agree with you James. I have also given up on Apple Mail after good five years of using it with fun and excitement. I am going back to boring Microsoft Outlook! And as you said, if Steve Jobs was still alive! A good case study showing how vital is the role of a great leader. I cannot create a new POP mailbox anymore! I had been having problems with Mail in OS X It kept asking for my password and then telling me it was incorrect.

Worked fine for the last 8 years but now… I tried everything I could think of including erasing the keychain password entries related to Yahoo mail.

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I logged off Yahoo Mail in my web browser and logged back in using the same password and it worked fine in the browser, just not via the Mac Mail program. Finally I thought, fine, I will delete this mailbox in OS X and build a new one and see what happens. I put in my Yahoo. It seems to be in the Mail program. Any solutions?

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They are unreadable and they us to come in as an Excel spread sheet. What can I change or do the receive a readable Excel spread sheet? Also when I click on a new email, I have to double click it for it to open. I did not have to do this before. All I did was click on the new email and it opened.

I did notice the double-clicking for a new email, but what troubles me more is that the email I click in the list is not the email text on the right. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Enter your email address below: Posted by: Mark C. Topher says: July 5, at July 5, at 8: INDC says: July 7, at 7: Keith Miller says: October 3, at Lara says: Lee says: October 6, at 3: Tony Glaser says: October 3, at 3: October 26, at 8: Nelson says: November 24, at Tim M.

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July 5, at 1: September 17, at 4: Steve S. August 25, at 2: Marco says: July 5, at 2: Day Jimenez says: July 5, at 3: Mishendr says: July 6, at 2: Andrew says: July 7, at 2: August 31, at July 5, at 4: Tim says: July 5, at 9: Eric says: July 6, at 7: J Ive's FB friend's friend says: July 8, at 9: Aaron says: June 16, at Mike Barrett says: July 5, at 7: John says: Steve says: July 6, at 1: July 6, at 4: KC says: GJ says: July 6, at 8: BoB says: July 23, at Doctor X says: Howie Isaacks says: July 6, at 6: Charlie says: Robert Lassers says: Stephen DeGiulio says: July 6, at 9: Bart says: July 6, at Donald Ziemski says: Gilbert Litzistorf says: Larry Little says: September 7, at 5: Phil98 says: September 29, at 6: July 7, at 9: LCSharkey says: July 11, at Arthur says: I've had this same issue.

I'm sure it has to do with whether or not I'm interacting with the messages list, but I'm not sure. It did not work for me I have always been taken to tht first element of the window it doesn't make a difference where I am. This is frustrating because sometimes I need to go to the top of a html page in Safari and can not do it something I can easily do on other platforms.

7 Best Email Clients for Mac to Replace Apple Mail

Using standard Apple mail, is there a workflow for moving quickly between the search field in the tool bar and the message list? For example, the focus is on the sent mailbox. I want to go to the search edit field in the tool bar and type in Fred.

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Then I want to return to the message table and navigate through the messages. I am wondering if I can create a workflow that will automate all the interacting and stop interacting. When I choose the option to add an attachment to the email, and I select a file, that is in pages format, when ever I attach it, it will still be in pages format when the other person gets the email. Is there a way to export the file before attaching it? For those of you who use a braille note apex, you'll notice that when you attach a file to an email, it will ask you what format do you want the file to be attached as.

Is there a way to do this on the Mac? If you want to modify the format of your document from Pages to Word, open up your document in Pages then go to the file menu and select the export to link. There you will find different options you can choose from to export your document, including Word. You will be given the opportunity to rename you document.

Just know that you will have 2 of the same documents; one in Pages and one in Word. There are a few more steps to take after selecting what type of format you would like but it is simple enough after that. Hope this helps. I started writing an email to finish later, so I saved it to my drafts folder with, command S. When I went back to my drafts folder my email was there, but I couldn't figure out how to get into the fields so I could put in a subject, and the email address of the person I wanted to send my email too. I tried tabbing, but this did not work.

So how can I fill these fields in before sending my message from my drafts folder? Thank you. I'm using whatever the latest version of High Sierra is and struggling with this - could someone provide step-by-step instructions onsomething currently working for them? I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get one of my two mail accounts to use a signature. I tried drag and drop like you do to move mailboxes to the favorites area, but that doesn't work. Does anyone have a way to set up a signature? Hi there! Good guide indeed, but is the content here beginning to get a bit outdated in some areas?

I was so happy when now reading that I can change the order of columns in classic view, but I can't for the life of me find a working way of doing this. I'm on the latest releas of High Sierra, so things may have changed since this guide was originally posted.

Does anyone know of a valid way of doing this in High Sierra? Thanks in advance: Skip to main content. Search this site. Intro The default Mail app on the Mac is easy enough to use once you set up your mail accounts. The Layout Assuming your account s are properly configured and you are receiving mail, the setup of the Mail app will be something like this: Here are a few other shortcuts that may come in handy: Quick Look attachments command-shift-d: The Favorites Bar As mentioned above, the Favorites Bar holds all the mailboxes you consider important, and lets you jump between them with convenient hotkeys.

To add a folder: Interact with the Mailboxes Table and find the mailbox you want to add. Once VoiceOver has spoken it, put your mouse there by pressing vo-command-f5 remember to add the function key if this doesn't work, depending on your settings. You are now going to drag the mailbox. To do this, lock the mouse down with vo-command-shift-space. Disable cursor tracking with vo-shift-f3, or this may not work.

Interact with that, and find the mailbox to whose right you want your newly added mailbox to appear. Again, place the mouse there with vo-command-f5. Unlock the mouse with vo-command-shift-space, and the mailbox should drop into place. Use steps 1 through 4 on mailboxes within the Favorites Bar to re-order your mailboxes. Again, the order decides the number to which each box is assigned. Once you are done moving things around, don't forget to press vo-shift-f3 again to re-enable cursor tracking. Reading Messages So, how do you actually read the content of a message?

There are three ways, kind of. Threaded Conversations By default, messages are threaded. To do this: Open Mail's preferences and go to the Viewing tab. Check the "Use Classic Layout" checkbox, then press command-w to close the preferences window. Don't worry, we'll put this back to normal in a moment. Find and interact with the horizontal splitter, which is in between the messages table and preview pane, and press vo-down until it is at one-hundred percent. The preview pane should be gone and Voiceover should report that the horizontal splitter is, "Collapsed on bottom.

This will put Mail back to normal, minus the Preview Pane. If you find you like Classic Layout, though, by all means, keep using it. Classic Layout I've mentioned Classic Layout a few times now, but I haven't yet explained exactly what it is. Changing Columns To change which columns appear in Classic Layout, go to the View menu, then the Columns submenu, and check the ones you want.

To alter the order in which these columns appear: Interact with the Messages Table, then enter the headers with vo-shift-backslash. Go to the column you want to move, and press vo-comma. VoiceOver will say that the column header has been marked for drag and drop. Now find the header to whose right you want the selected header to be placed, and press vo-period. After a bit of a swishing sound, VoiceOver will announce the move and you will be placed at the beginning of the row of headers. Repeat this process as often as you like. The only limitation seems to be that you cannot move the Conversation header the first one by default anywhere else, or put anything to its left.

To exit the list of headers, press vo-shift-backslash again. You will be returned to the Messages Table. Addressing an Email When you write a new email, you get suggestions as you type names. Move to the recipient's name - the "attached text" that VoiceOver reads. Interact with that text. VoiceOver will say "In edit text", as misleading as that may be. Press vo-space, and a menu will appear. If it does not, you may have interacted one too many times; stop interacting once and try vo-space again.

Resolving Mail Problems After OS X Update

Once the menu does show up, you can choose a different address for the person, if you have more than one stored, or select any of the other options available. Saved Addresses Mail automatically saves the names and email addresses of people to whom you send emails, even if you don't save those people in your contacts.

Viewing Headers Sometimes, you need to look at the headers of a message. Handling Attachments Attachments in emails you receive can be dealt with in one of three ways: Quick Look This is a perfect way to, well, quickly look at attached files. Saving You can save attachments instead of opening them if you want to. Locating Manually Finally, you can find an attachment in the email and act on it that way. Attaching Files If you need to attach a file to an email, the process could not be easier.

The most useful navigation commands are probably: Disclaimer The guide on this page has generously been submitted by a member of the AppleVis community. As AppleVis is a community-powered website, we make no guarantee, either express or implied, of the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in this guide. Twitter Facebook. Hi Mehgcap, As usual, your guides are great. For anyone who is interested, I've found two ways around this problem: It's a small thing, but saves many, many keystrokes over time.

Interact with the mailbox list and navigate to the desired mailbox. VO should announce, "Mouse Down. Stop interacting with the mailbox list. Navigate to the Favorites bar, but do not interact with it. HTH, Bryan. If there is another command and folks can tell us it'd be really cool. Mac OS X Mail questions, a plenty Forum Topic - January 1, - Siobhan - 6 comments.

Mac Mail, and any new user advice? Forum Topic - January 16, - Chelsea - 5 comments. VO J command in Mac Mail app not working as it used to. Worse, i just learned from a friend that two emails she sent me in the same time were returned to her undelivered. My gmail accounts seem to be unaffected. What exactly should i do? Can i save this account or do i have to shut it down and lose the. I should maybe mention that for the last 24 hours my computer has beenshut down and offline, but i am still recieving the delay and failure messages.

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Nothing you can do. They are simply using your e-mail address in the From: As long as there is nothing you did not send in your Sent folder, they are not using your account or your computer to send them. Not sure why your friend was unable to send mail to you. Are you otherwise receiving e-mail to this account OK as near as you can tell?

Oct 19, 5: I have recieved nothing but failure notices over the last three days. I dont know of any contacts receiving spam, but i am not sure if i would know, since apparently i am not receiving mail through the account. My friend said the bounced emails to me said something about over limit. Is there something i can request apple do to shut these people down so i can use my own account again?

I agree with MadMacs - someone got your email address by hacking into someone's online account most likely to steal email addresses - they are sold to mass marketers. I also get the "can't deliver" messages - they are simply using your stolen email address as a "from" address and sending SPAM to some invalid address. Just as a completely ridiculous example: I have a Yahoo account and that has been hacked into several times. I am now receiving SPAM emails from me to me!! There isn't much you can do - they will continue to steal email addresses.

Change your password often. I've actually reduced my address book entries to a minimum in Yahoo and make sure I do not have any personal info stored there besides the email address. Oct 19, 9: Okay, if theres nothing i can do, and no real damage to my computer or files, i guess thats it then.