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Most modern electronic devices are WiFi-enabled, constantly sending and receiving packets of information to offer users interesting and useful features, to stay up to date, and to help manufacturers learn more about the likes and dislikes of their customers.

Likewise, we have gotten used to accessing the web and conversing with our friends and family from anywhere and at any time. Even though our lives now depend on wireless Internet access and its quality, we seldom bother to do anything to improve it.


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We defeatedly accept having a strong WiFi signal on one side of the bedroom but not on the other side. Wireless scanners are an antidote to this passive attitude. They show what exactly must be improved to achieve shorter loading times and better coverage. Some do this for free, while others cost money. Some target home users, while others are designed for network professionals and IT experts. But despite their differences, all wireless scanners make it easier to understand why it sometimes takes just a few steps in the wrong direction to go from five bars to only one or none.

More specifically, you need a WiFi scanner app that fits your needs and your expertise level. In the next section, we cover some of the most important features that every good wireless scanner app should have. A good wireless scanner app is easy to use.

8 free Wi-Fi stumbling and surveying tools for Windows and Mac

A good wireless scanner app supports all modern WiFi standards. While your home router may have a yellowish tint due to its age, Wi-Fi Alliance has been actively improving the WiFi technology to achieve wider ranges, fewer problems with interference, and faster speeds.

With a good wireless scanner app, you will be able to detect them all and see how they could affect the performance of your wireless network. Finally, a good wireless scanner app is developed by a team of experienced developers who stand behind their product and frequently release updates and bugfixes to make it even better. It supports both the 2.

Easy WiFi Radar for Mac: download free alternatives

When you perform a WiFi scan using iStumbler, you can instantly see the network type and encryption status of each WiFi network and display signal and noise graphed over time for all networks. AirRadar AirRadar uses GPS technology to create a constantly updated map of wireless networks that you can use to always find the strongest signal no matter where you are. Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector Wi-Fi Inspector from Xirrus is designed to provide real-time monitoring of wireless network status, and help ensure you are getting the highest performance available from your wireless network.

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