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The equivalent to pressing a Print Screen key in Windows running under Boot Camp on a Mac is pressing a keyboard combination instead of a single key. Here are the two methods key combos available to get the exact same capture effect:. These keystrokes are mapped to the Windows Print Screen function, and the screenshot will be copied into the clipboard which can then be pasted for use elsewhere.

Let us know in the comments if you know of another solution, or have any similar tips! Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. This has to be done from the MacOS side:. We are talking of a key used by a specific OS on a computer normally used to run another OS for which this key is not necessary.

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Following your logic, the Command key should not exist, because it is not supported in Windows. This was working great for me but suddenly stopped. What went wrong. Same here. The clipboard stays empty. Me, too.

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Stopped working about a year ago. What Mac and keyboard are you using Windows in Boot Camp with? Be sure to press the Print Screen buttons at all once: Name required.

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Enter your email address below: I would ask that you please contact your local support center via telephone or support ticket and they will be able to provide further assistance. I am having the same issues, but from a single Mac-to-Mac connection. Each machine has the "send key combinations" turned on, so I have no clue what to try next. I woud really like to know if anyone made it or if it is possible, because it is a huge trouble for me.

When I try comandCopy, ComandPaste Tehe system don't recognize it What can I do? I would like to buy a license but if I don't resolve this matter i will have to go out I'm using a PC for a 3d program called Cinema 4D. This software works with a lot of shortcuts. I am unable to do this using Team Viewer. I've turned 'Send key combinations' on and off, I've restarted on both ends, I've even logged into the app from a browser.

Nothing works so far. Please help. Is send key commands a feature in the andriod version of teamviewer on Google Play?

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I am using a ChromeOS computer and don't see that option. I am also detecting some strange behavior, I have used Modifier keys on my Mac and I connect frequently to Windows computers primarily. What should happen is what Parallels does, Teamviewer should use the same key combination the local Teamviewer is using and that has to be translated into the application to the equivalent combination of keys.

Unfortunatelly you cannot set this as a default, because for example if you used Modifier keys like myself because I switch often between Windows and Mac you need to make it per user or per computer config. Thanks for submitting this feedback to the DEV team so they can apply a fix on a patch for all vesions still under mainteinance. Thank you for the workaround, but this is a glitch in Teamviewer itself, because it is not recognizing that the keys have been remaped.

Parallels for example allows you to align the modified keys to it so you can use this keys combinations on the virtual machine without having to change them again. This website uses cookies.

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