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Quant a l'installation de Linux, elle se resume generalement a: Donc se pose vraiment la question de l'interet du hackintosh aujourd'hui. Maintenant on atteint peniblement les 15 millions. Concernant la frange marginale qui se fait abandonner, parlons du Mac Pro donc. Les producteurs des applications tournant sur le materiel Apple sont certainement tout sauf une frange marginale.

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Dans ce cadre, est ce que le hackintosh avec Mac OS X peut optimiser le gpu des cartes cartes graphiques par exemple pour fcpx ou davinci ou autres Par contre, on a des drivers pour FreeBSD. Mais aucun souci. Il est donc tres improbable de voir un jour des drivers pour les donc Pascal pour le Mac, a moins qu'Apple face volte face et accepte de les integrer de nouveau dans les Mac.

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Mac commentaires. Configuration en cours du BIOS: Cliquer pour agrandir Configuration: Installation des pilotes pour la carte graphique: Cochez cette case vert pour activer les pilotes de la carte graphique Nvidia, si vous en installez une. Le son est enfin reconnu sur le hackintosh!

USB 2 droite: HS01 USB 2 gauche: HS02 USB 3 droite: SS01 USB 3 gauche: Port 1 USB 2: USB 2: HS07 Port 8: HS06 USB 3: SS06 Port 9: HS05 USB 3: Check if your device is a plug-n-play device or not. If yes, there is no need to install a driver. Some devices have additional buttons and you need to install the driver, but for those models, you do not need to install the driver if you do not want to use the additional buttons. Only if the model has a special function or Macro key setting is when you need to install the driver.

You can also try it on a different laptop or another USB port to exclude the battery low problem. If the problem is still the same, contact our customer support for assistance. I bought a Genius product seven days ago.

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However, it cannot be turned on anymore. It is brand new, I bought it from Amazon, how do I get a replacement? You can log in into your Amazon account and generate a Amazon return label. The mouse cursor sometimes lags or stops for a few seconds, if I move it away from my WiFi it becomes normal.

How do I solve this problem? Try to change the battery first. The mouse is 2.

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But if your mouse is a wire mouse, the mouse is broken. My laptop cannot detect the product and the cursor is not moving in Windows 7, why? We have some problems with your product. I need a service manual to check for potential problems, so can repair it ourselves. Unfortunately, we do not provide technical manuals to end users, you can contact customer support for assistance.

I cannot find the driver that supports my device, I am hoping you can develop a driver which can work with the latest versions of Windows and other systems.

Customize program specific mouse settings on your Mac

If you cannot find the driver on our website that is higher than your OS, that means there is no driver compatible with your O. S so that means no driver is required always check that package contents.

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The supported OS is always shown on the package. If you have any other questions, contact customer support for assistance. The mouse is not detected. Check if your laptop recognizes the mouse or not in the Device Manager. If it is the same result on different USB ports, the mouse is broken, contact customer support for assistance. We appreciate your feedback for your Genius product user experience.

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