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The family name is positioned first and is passed on by the father to his children. It is estimated that there are around family names in common use, but some are far more common than others. The top three names are so popular because people tended to take family names of emperors to show their loyalty. Over many generations, family names became permanent. In Vietnamese cultural practice, women always keep their family names once they marry, just as in other East Asian cultures, including Chinese culture to the north and the northeast.

In formal contexts, people are referred to by their full name. In more casual contexts, people are always on a "first name basis", which involves their given names, accompanying with proper kinship terms. There is no such thing as a "last name basis", or family name basis, in Vietnam. Most Vietnamese have one middle name, but it is quite possible to have either two or more of them or even to have no middle name at all. In the past, the middle name was selected by parents from a fairly narrow range of options. That word expresses possession.

However, most middle names now do not have those uses. They can have a meaning or only make the full name sound better. In most cases, the middle name is formally part of the given name. In a normal name list, those two parts of the full name are put in two different columns. However, in daily conversation, the last word in a given name with a title before it is used to address a person: The given name is the primary form of address for Vietnamese.

It is chosen by parents and usually has a literal meaning in the Vietnamese language. Typically, Vietnamese will be addressed with their given name, even in formal situations, although an honorific equivalent to "Mr.

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That contrasts with the situation in many other cultures in which the family name is used in formal situations, but it is a practice similar to usage in Icelandic usage and, to some degree, Polish. Addressing someone by the family name is rare. In recent years, doctors are more likely than any other social group to be addressed by their family name, but that form of reference is more common in the north than in the south.

Traditionally, people in Vietnam, particularly North Vietnam, addressed parents using the first child's name: Mr and Mrs Anh or Master Minh. When being addressed within the family, children are sometimes referred to by their birth number, starting with one in the north but two in the south.

That practice is less common recently, especially in the north.

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Double names are common among females, especially in combination with the name Kim. Some names may appear the same if simplified into a basic ASCII script, as for example on websites, but are different names:. Typically, as in the above examples, it is middle or the last personal given name which varies, as almost any Sino-Vietnamese character may be used.

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The number of family names is limited. Further, some historical names may be written using different Chinese characters Sino-Vietnamese , but are still written the same in the modern Vietnamese alphabet. According to the Chicago Manual of Style , Vietnamese names are indexed according to the final given name and not according to the family name, with a cross-reference placed in regards to the family name. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Naming customs of Vietnamese culture.

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For toponyms, see Place names of Vietnam. This article may be expanded with text translated from the corresponding article in Vietnamese. January Click [show] for important translation instructions. View a machine-translated version of the Vietnamese article. After the bruise was betrayed, Midu resolutely broke hands with Phan Thanh Thuy Vi gradually stepped into. Phan Thanh and Midu coming to the marriage door, "the way forward" for the third person. Thuy Vi recognized himself as the old Phan Thanh and told his story of love with the Sai.

Currently, Phan Thanh publicity new love is Primmy Truong. Two people often share many pictures "love tank". Many sources claim that Midu is dating with Khoi, the son of a Western business entrepreneur. I also play with Phan Thanh and Midu in a group of old days. Thuy Vi gradually encroaches on the showbiz while Midu is focused on his business career.

However, the two beauties occasionally emerged "battle" on social networking.

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Midu thought that Thuy Vi scene accidentally met her to be reported. Lam Vinh Hai and Ly Phuong Chau separated after 11 years of "co-committed to suffering suffering" many people regret. At the beginning, the two still give each other good words that make the audience admire civilized behavior. However, when Li Fang Chau revealed that the two break up by the third — Lingzhi netizens resentment.

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Everyone attacked the love story of Lingzhi and Lin Wai Hai. The new Lingzhi also "does not fit" when the livestream speaks of his wife's ex-husband. Li Fang Chau chose to go back to care for his family and at the same time to manage the care and scheduling work.. But after 5 years famous , Lam Vinh Hai quickly have new love and care of Lingzhi every single glass. Tim — Truong Quynh This is the scandal that caused the audience the most headache because two people are the second Truong Quynh Anh and Binh Minh are two Vietnamese stars have been quiet but unexpectedly reveals the intimate photos too much information that two people have an affair together when filming the same movie Oath did not fall, but to the present, the affair is a story of the past.

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Dawn revealed that this is only a backstage film picture Swears do not fall. But the film's director has stated that there are no such scenes in the film. In addition, many netizens figured out that the white T-shirt of Dawn would be a program and that the film would not fall apart in This is not the first time that Dawn is caught in the news. However, Anh Tho's wife always choose calm, not react negatively.