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Posted November 25, by Beejay Adoghe in Google. Here is one of those short but yet exciting articles aimed at giving you top-notch information. On this article, you will learn how to translate a page in Google Chrome.

The process is not a difficult one. You might have your own reasons. But Google Chrome is a must have browser. This is one of the reasons why Google Chrome is a must have browser.

How to Translate Web Pages in Safari on iPhone and iPad

So, if you really want to be a pro when it comes to browsing the web, you should be able to translate any site to your local language using various techniques. The first thing you need to have is Google Chrome browser. So head over to the Google play store or Google. Now it becomes a different question since you now have Google Chrome installed. Mate will allow you to translate also in other apps.

Just select any text in any app and see the instant translation.

Translate - Safari Extension - Just released with Automatic and Snippet Translation : apple

With a shortcut, double-click or the context menu. Select and translate.

How to install Google or Bing Translate to your browser?

On Mac, Mate lives in your menu bar, so you can always open it no matter what other apps you are using now. In browsers, it's always available right next to your browser address bar. Mate saves your translations so that you can access them anytime and anywhere. It allows you to create custom word lists with your favorite words. All set? You may want to choose your preferred language. Then, tap on Safari Language Translation and select the desired language.

Check out now, the webpage has been translated into your preferred language. You can repeat the same steps to translate other webpages. From now onwards, use this highly user-friendly app to prevent the foreign language from becoming a barrier.

How to Instantly Translate Words anywhere on your iPhone and iPad

And yes, if you come to know any other translators that work perfectly with Safari, do let us know about them as well. How-to iPad iPhone.

How to translate webpages on iPhone or iPad

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