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Part no.: A Model Identifier: AirDrop is supported. Power Nap is not supported.

DIY SSD install in Mac Mini

Core System CPU: Thunderbolt with resolution to x , HDMI with resolution to and x Drives drive bus: Although the iMac is faster all around, the Mac mini provides plenty of power at half the price. Thunderstrike Malware: Malware secretly infects EFI. Which versions of macOS are safest? Quad-core iMacs shipping, OS X OS X Apple tops in satisfaction again, slim profits on Mac mini, ultimate photo setup, and more , Mac News Review, More processing power per processor cycle , Dan Knight, Mac Musings, Apple promised improved CPU efficiencies when it announced the move to Intel in Three years of MacBooks show the progress.

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Also Mac sales steady in May, Apple vs. Also Mac mini a sleeper hit, Apple increases desktop production, software to improve Safari, and more. Mac mini edition , Dan Frakes, Macworld, DisplayPort supports multiple displays, combines audio and video on one cable, and costs nothing to use. Most users encounter no problems using Software Update, but some preflight work and using the Combo updater means far less chance of trouble.

VMWare Fusion 2 vs. Both programs do the same thing, but one runs Windows XP smoothly alongside Mac apps, while the other bogs down everything but Windows. Anticipating Macworld: What the next Mac mini needs, FireWire alive and well, Parallels 4. Also Apple will weather rough economy better than competitors, Logitech diNovo Keyboard for Mac, gift tracking software, Logos Bible Software pre-release offer, and more.

Also is Mac right for you? Now Mac fans can try it as well. Mac nano? How small could Apple make a Mac? The iPhone and iPod touch show how small Apple can make a computer. What if Apple wanted to build a very, very small Macintosh? The non-server "Mid" and "Late " models, which only ship with one hard drive by default, a second hard drive or SSD is supported, but one has to purchase the cable needed to attach the drive to the board before installation is possible.


A user from the MacRumors forums first determined that the needed part is referred to as the "Bottom Hard Drive Flex Cable" Apple Part Number and successfully installed a second drive. More recently, site sponsor Other World Computing began offering a " Data Doubler " upgrade kit for the Aluminum Mac mini models that includes everything needed to perform this upgrade -- the cable, drive bracket, precisely sized screwdrivers and screws -- in one convenient package.

However, it is possible to buy this cable later.

Mac mini Server (2009) SSD Upgrade Install Video [HD]

The current "Late " models have onboard storage and it cannot be upgraded at all after the initial system purchase. To upgrade the memory in the Aluminum "Unibody" Mac mini models released before and after the Late models, Apple has made it straightforward. Replacing the hard drive or hard drives is a more complicated procedure and Apple does not support users performing this upgrade themselves.

In the User Guide , Apple formally states the following:. As Apple does not consider the hard drive to be a "customer installable part," EveryMac.

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Most likely should instead add a quick and easy external hard drive or alternately hire a professional. Given the small and densely packed nature of the Aluminum Mac mini models this certainly is not a good system to upgrade yourself without substantial experience upgrading the hard drive in similar systems.

However, for highly experienced users, upgrading the hard drive or hard drives -- or swapping in one or more SSDs -- is difficult , but feasible nevertheless. These videos from OWC cover the procedure for the optical-drive equipped "Mid" models and the optical drive-less "Mid" Server, "Mid," and "Late " models, in a step-by-step fashion:.

It is hoped that by watching the videos you should be able to determine whether or not you feel comfortable performing the upgrade yourself or if you would rather hire a professional. In theory, just about any hard drive or SSD that meets the minimum requirements should work in the Mac mini. When the top module pops up, slide it out and then slide out the bottom module. The Mac Mini has room for two hard drives, although it doesn't include mounting materials or connections for an additional drive. Third-party manufacturers offer hardware kits for mounting a second drive.

Warnings Damaged caused by disassembling your Mac Mini may not be covered by its warranty. If you're unsure about your ability to perform this procedure, a local Apple Store or Apple authorized repair facility can replace your hard drive for you. Always make sure to discharge any static electricity before you perform maintenance on your computer.

Under most conditions, simply touching the Mini's case will discharge any static. For the least amount of static risk, use a grounding strap attached to both your wrist and the Mini's case.

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It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products. References 4 EveryMac.

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