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Market share in the enterprise is largely dominated by Microsoft — specifically, the reliance on the Windows Server family line to manage network resources, align desktops with corporate security policies, and maintain the flow of production amongst all the employees at a given organization. The process of administering all these systems — desktops and servers alike — are relatively straight-forward in a homogeneous environment, but what happens when OS X is introduced to the enterprise in the form of a sleek, shiny new MacBook Air or iMac?

So, I ask you again, what do you do when your organization decides to upgrade to iMacs? How do you manage those nodes in addition to the existing Windows domain that's already established? Integrating Macs will initially be easier than you think! Binding is the term associated with joining OS X to a domain. By default, Windows will automatically create the computer object account in ADDS if one does not already exist.

However, domain or enterprise admins may and often do restrict this as a security feature to curb random nodes from being joined to the domain.

Please help:adding a mac PC to the windows domain at work

Many enterprises will utilize OUs as a means to organize objects and accounts separately from the items created by default when a domain controller is promoted and ADDS is created. If so, how much Pepto Bismol am I going to need to get through it?

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Sorry for the drama, but I wanted to get your attention. As it turns out, the Mac natively supports OS X Active Directory Integration for their loyal followers that apparently are being coerced into joining a Windows domain. Most shops decide at conception if they are going to be Mac or PC based companies. Are they really going to want to replace possibly hundreds or thousands of Macs from Company B with new PCs.

Of course not. Being able to join all those Macs to the AD domain is invaluable from that point of view.

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On the other hand, perhaps new hires are Mac experts and know nothing about PCs. In that situation, A computer needs to be purchased either way, so why not be able to get them a computer they are already proficient at and let them hit the ground running? Now for the good news.

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Once your Mac clients have been joined to your AD domain, other software services that rely on AD will be able to perform necessary functions for both security and convenience. That should get you logged into the computer with your domain credentials. So now what? How do you access the files on the server?

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We will need to map drives to the shared folders on the server so you can access the files. From Finder click Go then click Connect to Server. Since Mac uses SMB we need to use this syntax: Note that you will not be prompted for credentials to connect because we are logged in with our domain account. You can also connect to Windows shared folders with the same syntax and a username and password if your Mac is not joined to the domain.

This process is not for the faint of heart and can get tricky depending on your environment. There can be issues with joining Macs to a. With these things in mind, there are definitely some things to consider before joining your Mac to a Windows domain.

Please help:adding a mac PC to the windows domain at work | MacRumors Forums

Some may wonder what the benefits of joining s Mac to a Windows domain would bring. It mostly helps with accessing files on your Windows server without authenticating every time. It also helps with user account management and alleviates the need to have separate user accounts on the local Mac computer and on the Windows domain. In my opinion, if you have a mobile Mac user with a laptop you probably wouldn't join it to your domain, but would instead authenticate when needed.

If you have Mac desktop computers and multiple users logging into them and using them daily, joining them to the domain is probably a better solution. Overall it's up to you how you want to configure it but hopefully this gives you a good baseline to start with. What other benefits can you think of for joining a Mac to a Windows domain? What other solutions are there for Windows organizations that use Macs?

Integrate Macs into a Windows Active Directory domain

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