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MIDI was fine and allowed me to write my music and get a rough idea of how it sounds before I record real instruments. But if you mainly use Guitar Pro to jam along or learn songs, the RSE and built-in effects are worth taking a look at. The RSE has a really nice range of instruments available along with heaps of presets.

These are available on every track so you can easily switch between the different modes on individual tracks as you like. A new feature in GP7 is that you can connect your guitar to your computer and run your guitar through the effects. GP6 was horribly sluggish on my laptop when it first came out, but performance gradually improved as GP6 was updated. I was really surprised when I saw GP7 was suddenly available. There was no press release or big announcement on the day — it just became available on the website.

Unfortunately, my worry was confirmed with crash after crash and reading countless comments on their Facebook page with similar experiences.

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As of the 7. As of version 7. Initially, I was disappointed with how Arobas released it. They released GP7 full of bugs. There are a lot of guitarists who still use GP5 today as they felt GP6 was a big step backward in many ways I agree. I feel that GP7 is finally a big step forward and should be enough to convince people still using GP5 to upgrade. Guitar Pro is the type of program that every guitarist could find useful.

Even something as simple as being able to loop sections and practice them with the speed trainer makes this a must-buy in my opinion.


Aaron Matthies is a guitar teacher living in Australia. This website is his way of providing gear reviews, guides and lessons to guitarists around the world. June 3, April 28, Ultimate Guide to Guitar Compressor Pedals. How to Change Guitar Pickups: Step by Step with Tips. Best Wah Pedals: Best Guitar Pedals in Write music for guitar as well as any other instrument Jam along with transcriptions Learn songs and parts with tools such as the speed trainer and looper You can use Guitar Pro 7 to download transcriptions in TAB and Standard Notation from sites like ultimate-guitar. In Guitar Pro 7, there are three main panels to edit and control your score: For example, the screenshot below shows the tuning options as it was when GP7 launched: Other 7.

Here are some of the more interesting ones: File browser: Now you can easily search and find files in the browser Access mySongBook library: Click it and you can change the time signature Merging and splitting staves: If all you need is viewing and reading tablature files, then perhaps you should consider getting this software instead and save few bucks. Download it here: The latest version of Guitar Pro is version 6, so this review will talk exclusively about this version and its features.

The Guitar Pro 6 software, counter to what the name implies, includes instruments other than the guitar. And playing a tab in Guitar Pro is an experience similar to listening to the whole song with all instruments on, while following a pointer on every tab played right off your screen. Remove the guitar part and it will pretty much act like a backing track. Guitar Pro is a very powerful tool that you can utilize to effectively enhance your guitar learning process, improve your playing techniques, reproduce songs that you like or compose your own, or creating backing tracks for you to play along or jam.

The things this software can do from a simple tab file is simply astonishing. I used Guitar Pro for over 10 years now, I used it to play and learn all kinds of songs and compositions, from classical masterpieces by J. The ability to play all these tabs with high quality original instrumental sound, pause or slow down the tempo on the difficult parts and hear how it's really played, and hear how certain techniques actually sounds like like extreme 5 notes bending up , have helped me learn them faster and more efficiently.

Guitar Pro Review – Is it truly the best guitar software out there?

There are PLENTY of known artists and famous musicians that use Guitar Pro and they are all mentioned in the Guitar Pro website, you can check the whole list there, even I got surprised and astonished by some of the names I saw there! If you are a singer as well, or have talent for music production and composition, Guitar Pro software have enough features to intrigue and inspire even the more experienced composers in the field.

Features like adding and reading lyrics along the song, compose and read music notes using the musical notation of your favorite instrument, different tools for music compositions such as:. From my experience working with this software for many years now, it only gets better year after year, and with every new version release they add new features, enhance upon current ones, and the technical support is always there to help.

Guitar Pro 7 Review (Updated 2018)

Nothing to hate about this program. If you are serious about finding a good guitar software, this is a highly recommended one no doubt. Buy Guitar Pro 6 Now!! Click here or the banner below.

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Really nice website. You seem like you know a lot about guitars and music. Do you play guitar? I used to but I cant hardly remember anything about it.

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Do you play any other instruments? You have a lot of really great information. Your site is really easy to navigate through. Thank you fot sharing your knowledge. You are welcome and thanks for stopping by. The fretlight wireless version is complete rubbish. Does not connect to guitar pro 6 fretlight for ios system apple. Guitar is low quality.

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Never stays in tune Finish on guitar is 6 out of 10 Split wood under polyurethane finish quite noticeable. Glue or some sort of imperfections in finish which stand out and cant remove. Sound is average. The only good thing is the neck. Apart from that total rubbish. Do not supported or buy this product. U have been advised. However, I have a few issues with your review: In all cases, I will contact them personally and try to understand from them more about your issue and will get back to you or if you subscribe to our mailing list. Great review! I might actually go back to using the software again, and I totally agree with your rating!