Windows vs mac vs linux security

This actually means that, when there is an outbreak of malware, the impact is often higher than a malware campaign for Windows as the infection spreads more quickly and is often detected later than a Windows malware campaign.

DEFCON, Windows 10, & Linux vs Mac - Paul's Security Weekly #594

In conclusion, while it is still very likely that a Mac user is at less risk than a Microsoft Windows user, they are being targeted in the current threat environment. Attackers are investing time and resources in finding vulnerabilities and developing malware to exploit those vulnerabilities. Analysis from the CVE Details online database. Share this: Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Reddit. The Linux user base is small and, to make matters worse for malware, the user base does not cling to a particular variant of Linux.

  • Windows vs Mac OS X vs Linux: Which is the most secured operating system??
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  • Windows vs Mac OS X vs Linux: Which is the most secured operating system??

Although the underlying code is often the same, there are subtle changes to different variants of Linux. Many advanced users code their own custom features on Linux. This makes attacking Linux users in-mass a difficult and also pointless proposition. The desktop versions of Linux expose minor security vulnerabilities. But these vulnerabilities are not patched as quick as on Windows.

However, Linux machines are attacked less frequently and these frequent attacks are minute and are negligible. According to the statistical information of security threats and exposed vulnerabilities, Windows operating system exhibits more weakness compared to Mac OS X and Linux. The reason why windows is vulnerable is because it is the most used operating system in the world and so hackers targeting it.


Windows computers have powerful anti-malware and antivirus tools inbuilt to protect in from potent attacks. So a windows user would be aware of security issues of the computer. Microsoft is working hard to push windows in those most secured operating system category. So Windows is not totally out of race by this point. Whatever it may be, coming to the end of the jar, windows is yet a vulnerable OS that most hackers choose to target.

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    Windows vs. Linux vs. Mac vs. Whatever: Does It Matter? | IT Pro

    This comprehensive tutorial is going to help you set up your blog feed to feedly reader in a simple and easy way. It is obvious that you may You run the system with A brief history. Modern Times post-Cartesian. Linux benefits from its extreme range of customization options and is at its best when the used by someone who actively uses the best security practices. Mac is more secure than PC. Apple has long since waved goodbye to its comparison campaign. As the rate of adoption for Apple laptops and desktops surged, malware makers looked to OS X as a viable platform for pulling in profits through their clandestine hacking networks.

    Despite these slight slips, though, OS X remains one of the safest operating systems available today. Increased popularity means more programs and applications are coming to OS X, which could mean more vulnerabilities. Apple has responded with a stringent approval process that catches most issues before they go live. The company has been able to keep most of the wolves at bay. For now.

    Time and time again the search giant has been able to stand tall at the mother of all cryptography competitions, its very own bi-annual Pwnium hacking consortium held at the CanSecWest Security Conference. Of all the entries at the competition, Google let slip a comparatively minor three holes in its operating system and web browser combined, each of which were patched up before the contest participants could check their badges on the way off the main show floor.

    Windows vs. Mac vs. Linux - Which is more secure?

    Google maintains its security superiority by restricting users to the confines of the web browser and restricting the installation of third-party software. However, the limited functionality and restricted flexibility of the operating system make it a hard sell for anyone who wants something more out of their laptop than a web browser with a couple of add-ons installed can provide. From a practical perspective, then, OS X is the obvious choice.

    Not as much as Windows, to be sure, but enough for most users to get their feet wet. OS X is a prime example of what modern operating system security should look like. Image credit: Share on Facebook Tweet this Share.

    Windows vs. Linux vs. Mac vs. Whatever: Does It Matter?

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