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Honestly, to further feed into that option is probably unhealthy for the game in terms of some people being able to see player or NPC models further than others. Fortunately, there aren't too many circumstances in which this becomes relevant, but I could see it becoming an issue. I'd prefer they just create some optimized rendering algorithm that intelligently selects models for rendering and remove the graphics option altogether, but that's far-fetched. I'm not talking about any culling functionality that doesnt already exist in the game.

I just dont want to have to go into options and set the limit to lowest for the ley line anomaly and then remember to reset it to highest 10 minutes later for fractals its not so bad there or worse raids where the game literally culls out 1-shot mechanics. THAT is unhealthy. ESO has an addon that dynamically changes your display settings on the fly as your fps drops or increases.

It's a pretty cool addon considering there are major fps drops in urban areas just like in gw2. You don't even notice the graphics quality lowering that much after a while, but the extra fps you get is definitely noticeable. Is there a way to use Geforce experience without logging into an account? It's bullcrap some of my settings are locked behind logging into an account. Unfortunately, this is not possible; you can create a dummy Gmail account just to bypass the login requirement.

Contrary to the belief of many, GeForce Experience does not hinder game performance by actively consuming resources. A great way to use the software is to simply disable automatic "game optimization" which actually sets your graphics settings to a configuration meant to prevent dropping below 30 FPS, not 60 or and to disable the in-game overlay.

This will allow you to receive notifications when new drivers are available without worrying about anything else the program offers. Alternatively, you can install drivers manually, but you'll need to check the NVIDIA website with some frequency to know when an update is available. The main nvidia settings are in the Nvidia control panel , and the game settings and in the game. If you update your drivers and dont use shadowplay, there is no need for the "Optimize the games LAL" derp program that comes with nvidia drivers.

As I'd mentioned, the application is good for driver update notifications if you disable everything else, "optimizations" and overlay included. Pretty sure nvidia started pushing driver updates through w10's windows update a long time ago so you don't even need geforce experience for automatic updates. Updating is left to you. My Monitor has only 60Hz. Is there any benefit to not limit the FPS to 60 except heating up my room and having a louder gpu fan. Major benefit would be lower input lag. Doesn't really matter for GW2 though. This isn't a competitive shooter. Lock your fps slightly under And enable Vsync.

This creates frame drops and will end up having almost no input lag while syncing frames. You can cap the framerate at 60 to prevent your GPU from making too much noise, but you'll get screen tearing at framerates below the cap.

“Can my Mac run Guild Wars 2?”

Vertical Synchronization v-sync has a performance impact as it requires specific frame buffer timing to prevent screen tearing. If you are experiencing too much noise from your GPU, you can use the frame limiter to create as small an impact as possible. Experiment with the varying limits to see if it affects your perception of game smoothness; some users have reported benefit in capping slightly above their monitor's refresh rate e.

In this case, the idea is that your game will appear smoother at a framerate cap of , despite having a refresh of 60 Hz, as it may drop slightly below 60 FPS less often than it would otherwise. I have no personal problems, as I am not sensible for problems like this. I recognise a slight difference between 30 and 60 its a bit more fluid. Above 60 I cannot tell any difference. I just think it is waste to create more frames then my monitor can show. So if you create frames on a 60 hz monitor then 60 frames will never be shown.

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However as the game is not synchron with the monitor it is more likely If you have 60frames and 60Hz then 50Frames will be shown 10will not be shown and another 10 will be doubled to fill in the gaps. So having sounds like a reasonable Idea to have best performance on a standard monitor. Unfortunatly there is no ingame option for this. While you're correct that your GPU would be working a bit harder for little perceptible gain, unless you're concerned about noise or power draw, this isn't an issue.

The longevity of your device will not be affected by rendering 60 FPS vs. Global Settings may cause additional wear on your device by causing maximum power consumption while browsing the web. It shouldn't affect framerates with proper configuration, however. Just remember to update your drivers manually to take advantage of the latest optimizations for your specific hardware. Nah GeForce Experience doesn't do anything when you disable the overlay feature.

The data collecting stuff which did upset so many people is part of the driver itself, so not installing GeForce Experience doesn't prevent that. And even when you disable the option to "Allow Experience Improvement Program" in the driver control panel hint: Deactivating the service or following some of the guides to delete it will just break more stuff and lower performance even more. With regard to game performance, however, these hold no weight and shouldn't be a factor considered in framerate issues. Yeah, I have the drivers page bookmarked just for that.

I'm going to have to sit down later and look through the post better and see if I haven't done that step already. You say use Geforce Experience to get up to date drivers but every single up to date driver since Nov causes insane random frame drops for certain Nvidia cards. This is a similar but separate issue to the windows defender problem. Unfortunately, not all users have a positive experience with the latest drivers running on their specific hardware configuration.

If you know of a driver version that works for you but have issues with the latest drivers, you may consider remaining on the older version. Alternatively, you can test the latest drivers by doing a clean installation. If new issues arise, you can revert by doing a clean installation of the old drivers. I am unaware of any issues regarding Windows Defender, but I would not recommend disabling it or creating any folder exceptions. Windows Defender resource consumption should remain relatively low at all times, barring an active scan running in the background.

Trial and error sadly. If you update to the newest driver and it seems to be running worse then roll the driver back. Very well put together.

Guild Wars 2 on Mac

This is a nice guide but I'd argue against using high performance mode in windows power management settings, especially if you are over-volting your cpu. The balanced plan should match high performance when needed and throttle down when idle. Running at maximum stock clock speed shouldn't pose an issue for most individuals, but ideally Balanced and High Performance would create the same experience. In the case that the processor is throttling during gameplay for some users, this change would improve their experience. Just ask me! Comment by GMMagister - Beep boop. This message was created by a bot.

Source Code. To find this post you can also search for the following keywords: The main problem with rendering 3D games in 4K at the present time is that most single GPUs with the exception of higher end cards like the Titan Xp or Ti are unable to push 60 FPS at medium-high settings. If you're experiencing low framerates at 4K, it's simply the fact that your GPU must render content to such a huge number of pixels.

Remember, Guild Wars 2 is a game running on a DX9 engine. Despite optimizations allowing multi-threaded performance, the engine is going to be limited in many aspects in terms of fully utilizing modern hardware. So I am not sure I would hold my breathe on that taking hold. At the moment, multi-GPU setups are not worthwhile due to DX11 providing better device compatibility than DX12 running on more versions of Windows, thus more sales.

Until this changes, the general consensus will remain the same. Even if that were to change or get better over time I don't see it turning around. The companies involved are less and less interested in supporting SLI and Crossfire. Seperate topic: It would be nice if GW2 could or would upgrade to DX While that wouldn't certainly not solve all problems and most people might not see large gains from it, I don't think it could hurt.

Sadly they've said in the past that this is unlikely as the time and cost commitment wasn't really worth it. Well, this option won't help you much if you do not have DPI scaled in your Windows. It depends on monitor size - for example you can often find native 4k resolution in 23" monitors or even smaller ones. As for me - for example GW2 mouse cursor size is too small for me and I often lose it during the intense fights. I do not want to use 3rd party apps so this DPI scaling option dependency on OS settings is a really bad solution.

Super-sampling renders the game at a very high resolution and scales it down to your monitor's resolution. This reduces aliasing and improves image quality, but should reduce performance significantly. Rendering at your native resolution should perform better. Again, YMMV. A little question but great to have an input Is there a difference between Windowed and Borderless Window? Does it affect the game too much? I'm only asking since I use borderless for seamless mouse movement between my 2 monitors. Borderless full screen is just a window the size of your screen.

[Full Guide] Maximizing your FPS and game performance. : Guildwars2

Afaik mechanically there's no difference between windowed and borderless full screen, unlike "conventional" full screen. Yes there is. Either mode can enable greater performance on case-by-case basis, more often it is the exclusive fullscreen mode but because tabbing your of the exclusive focus program will divert resources of your system again, it's not much benefit unless you plan on staying in focus or use another monitor for browsing and other tasks. Any ideas how to get rid of that? I have random drops to fps on my old as well as my new PC since the launch of PoF or perhaps it was the launch of LS4.

They occur maybe times a day or sometimes not at all and stop when I restart the game or sometimes even when I switch area. Any idea what's causing this? Since I've been experiencing it on both systems I thought at least it can't be the hardware. The only thing consistent between the systems is that I use an NVidia card on both different cards though. Even the Windows versions are different. Should I disable HT and try to clock it a little? What would give me best fps? You shouldn't have to disable hyperthreading in order to overclock a K-series processor.

The k is a great overclocker; I would research it first to ensure that you're educated on how to do it before you cause any irreversible damage. Overall, you should experience a minor increase in FPS with higher clock speeds. It shouldn't make much of a difference, if any, and you'll probably lose some performance from disabling it. Not a bad deal.

I find that disabling the in-game vsync option makes the game far less smooth than with it enabled. I've no idea why and it's a quirk that I've only noticed with Guild Wars 2. That's strange. If it were only one particular hardware configuration, I would suggest that your computer may simply render approximately 60 FPS regardless of v-sync and turning it on reduces fluctuation.

In other words, it will sit permanently at 60 FPS if it is able. You may have just been sitting comfortably at 60 FPS. Without v-sync, you'd experience odd framerates like , which accentuate screen-tearing. Nah, it's when it's solid at It happens on a gsync monitor as well as a non g sync monitor. Could you please explain the difference in "Additional power settings" between "Balanced" at load ie.

Drop-down options include "Unlimited", "60", and "30". Fast - will deal with tearing and won't introduce the "jumps" or input lag, Maxwell and above required. Your processor will run at its maximum stock clock speed rather than throttling to lower clock speeds under lighter loads.

Balanced should have the same impact as High Performance while gaming, but in the case that your processor is incorrectly throttling, you may benefit from ensuring that your processor is running at its maximum. There is no risk of doing this, but you will draw more power. Modern cpus put cores into sleep to preserve energy and cost the active cores higher.

That holds true especially on Ryzen chips for example where the balanced profile gives significant single thread performance over high performance. GW2 being heavily reliant on ipc and clocks, means that it's probably not a good idea to blindly set the power plan to high performance. NVIDIA's Pascal architecture line is great, but new cards should be revealed very soon using a more modern architecture.

Do plenty of research before making a purchase. A while ago, Windows 10 had an update that made it so alt-tabbing didn't really minus GW2 out. It just lost focus, meaning it didn't revert to another program and the game still technically ran, using resources as if I were actively playing. I have limited experience with AMD GPUs and the accompanying software, but you can certainly explore your AMD control panel equivalent and research the features that it offers. Gaining a greater understanding of how the settings affect performance will allow you to fine-tune settings on your own and without a guide!

The Fullsreen Optimizations are great but they are only half-working with GW2 as they are supposed to allow you to have notifications displayed on top of your game and faster alt tabbing by using the new Presentation Fullscreen mode which is supposed to replace your traditional Exclusive Fullscreen, they did that solely for the purpose of Game Bar, and, to no surprise, it only works when "Show Game Bar in games that are supported. Luckily we got a great feature out of that. Sadly the game needs to be supported for it to be functional and luckily GW2 is. Kind of. The reason it is half-working is because Windowed Fullscreen, too, should have no vsync applied to it so there is no input lag, and that's how it is, when it is working properly with the other supported games.

Seems like GW2 doesn't let that happen in one way or another as a simple tearing test can show you that. Luckily at least we get faster alt tabbing while using the feature and I guess Game Bar does show up in the game which means that drawing notifications over the game works too. This feature does no harm and even one of the engineers working behind it tested the latency in milliseconds and found out that there is no input lag and in his case, there was even less while using it. The video is on YouTube, if there is interest I can link it. But just think about it, playing a game in Windowed Fullscreen without any input lag.

What a dream for multi-monitor, multi-tasking users. Can you elaborate? As you mention, I have a dual monitor setup, and I enjoy having something like the Wiki or an achievement guide open on my second monitor when I play. I have always played this way, so I'm conditioned it - whether it's good or bad.

For GW2 and any game that doesn't require aiming, absolutely no problems running WF. For FPS games, use the regular fullscreen. I tried your suggestions and it seems that the game runs more smoothly, but when I lowered the volume system's volume, not ingame one the blue bar that always appeared now doesn't and I can't toggle to other programs by using the windows key. I tried to retake all the steps to let it in the first state that is, before making any changes but the volume bar nor the windows key toggle appear now.

They continue to work, since I can change the volume or try to blindly open something else to change the screen, but I don't know how to make it appear again. I didn't do that part. I only changed the w10 configurations. I also tried the ingame configurations but it worked properly after touching it. I just realized that W10 forceupdated itself last night, so my problems could be totally because of that.

There is a difference, but setting reflections to All has an unusually detrimental performance impact.

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I have this CPU stock speed i7 k 3. So I just wanted to see if its my issue or the gtx card issue or the Processor issue or what's wrong exactly because the should be less powerful than the 3gb and the i7 k should be more powerful than his processor.. Your spec comparison is a common trap that many people fall into. Your CPU is better but it does not confer enough benefit to make a significant difference—both yours and his are very powerful and overclocking would make this comparison more difficult.

Similarly, your GPU is one gen newer but not necessarily better. One thing most guides do not mention is that when playing in zergs in WvW, turning off ally or enemy name tags can reduce some lag. In open world you can turn off player name tags for some improvement when things get zergy. It both cases it helps no so much with frame rates, but with general lag movement, skill execution and so on. If your monitor has a refresh rate greater than 60 Hz, capping to 60 will only give you the perception of smooth gameplay in transitioning from an isolated area to a more busy one like a populated city.

Erratic framerate jumps are likely a symptom of another underlying issue. If you don't mind having lower framerates in busy areas, allowing higher framerates will create a smoother experience in most aspects of gameplay. I've edited the post to reflect this. The game only uses 1 core at a time. On the desktop, never above fps. I understand your frustration, and yes--the game engine limits performance and there's not too much you can do aside from upgrading your hardware.

This guide is geared toward individuals who don't know where to start in terms of giving their FPS even the most minor boost. In combination with one another, the suggestions may result in improvements for some people. That is why you are locked at 40FPS. Same with ESO, rainbow six seige, and other games released in the last 3 years.

Gw2 is the one exception. If I reduce all the graphics settings to low, it still maxes out at 45 fps. The problem is the game, not the CPU. It's the CPU. The faster the core the more FPS you get.

Guild Wars 2 Gets an Offical Mac Version! Beta Cider Client Now Available

It's simple math. So yes, its the CPU and its time to upgrade. Just so you know, an application isn't designed around using X cores. Usually they are multithreaded and the OS decides which core executes which thread. You can see how many threads GW2 is using for you by showing the 'Threads' column on the detail tab in Task Manager. For me, it was 54 threads. Good post, although I feel you glossed over shadow settings. In my experience they make a huge difference in some areas, especially HoT zones — on my system i5 , RX the difference between Ultra and High is around 20fps. The difference between Off and Low, though, is negligible, but Low makes judging jumps in JPs a whole lot easier.

This pertains to your internet connection. Use a wired ethernet connection for gaming not WiFi if you have the choice. Identify your router model; occasionally an upgrade may help Asus and Linksys make some great ones. Hey there, lovely post! However, the biggest issue I have is the God damned Vertical Sync. If I disable it, I see too many screen tears. If I enable it, my FPS drop significantly. How should I deal with this? Vsync artificially lowers your frames so it can render the whole screen at the same time. The general rule is if you can run the game over 60 FPS and get screen tearing, then use Vsync.

The balance between framerate stability and screen-tearing is a real problem and you're certainly not alone in this regard. Manufacturers have developed monitors with features like GSync and FreeSync to solve the issue in a way that offers the best performance, but for those without either, v-sync with optional triple buffering is your best bet.

Monitors with higher refresh rates have far less noticeable screen-tearing so you may benefit from upgrading your monitor I would recommend Hz. To much comments for nothing, your most simple solution is to run the game in windowed fullscreen, it runs it through the windows scheduler and applies vsync but it's half working vsync in a sense that it doesn't eliminate stuttering but eliminates tearing.

It's your best bet for now, unless you invest money in technologies like OP commented here. Do you know why discord overlay does not work with gw2 for me? It has worked in the past and for other games but I think it might be a problem with arcdps? I have heard other people have this problem as well. Any suggestions are appreciated. I don't necessarily recommend GeForce Experience, but many people use it for driver updates.

Updating drivers manually is perfectly acceptable. This guide is very general. I do, however, recommend Windows Some poor soul will regardless see GF Experience as something worthwhile to use when it is not except in the case they want to make use of the buffered recording. It seems that my intention is commonly misunderstood. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using the software for driver updates. I simply recommend disabling the remaining components, particularly the in-game overlay. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Join our Discord Welcome! Can you play Guild Wars 2 on Mac? We went ahead and performed our standard tests on these three machines: The results: A good MacOS port. In spite of the rumors and complains, Guild Wars 2 runs just fine on Mac. Granted, the game is somewhat demanding, as can be seen from our MacBook Pro results, but that can be expected from an MMO. Expand to better understand performance levels For your reference, this is how we interpret the different levels of performance in frames per second:.

But what about a MacBook Pro? After all, most of us have inch MacBook Pros, which by the way, have a reputation of running games poorly. Taking into account that both of our machines have integrated graphics, Guild Wars 2 runs surprisingly well. Our MacBook Pro runs the game at a silky smooth More on that below. This is the more frequent question we receive for every game we test so we might as well get it out of the way. If you have a high-end Mac inch iMac or inch MacBook , you can expect great performance and can go ahead and bump the settings to p and use the High preset. If you have a modern entry-level Mac MacBook Pros and iMacs from onwards , you can expect good performance similar to the Now if you have an older Mac from or below , you expect worse performance than the Which leads us to the next question.

Download Guild Wars 2 for Mac Want to give it a try? That alone is reason enough to give it a try and see how much you like the world of Tyria. Free Official Site Share:. So, I just tried again yesterday on the hardware and software below: But I admit that is divided! Sure i work in a support center and users just whine and blame. But anyway the forums was filled with rants, all my friends had problems we were about 6 players all quitted for bugs. Great news, I have downloaded it already and hope this weekend immerse myself several hours on it!

Good to know! I know someone is working on the gamplay video but always nice to hear that even slightly older Macs can handle it. Tried it yesterday, the game is more polished, they did a good job lately but the performance are not optimal. With high settings my Mac Pro drops frames… which is a joke considering i can run all other games to max setting like Bioshock Infinite.

This is welcome news but as others have mentioned the means by which is was ported remains an issue for at least some related to performance. Many keep telling me that the game runs great on their Mac so I can only conclude that it depends on the graphics card. Regarding the future of cider, only time will tell. Settings are all on LOW but nothing other expected on this aged beauty!

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  • Ric, First off, let me say thank you for all you have done to help Mac gaming. I just signed up for LUG, does that make me 18 again??? They must have redone the port, before it was a cider port, buggy and slow, and no it was not only my case since I was playing with friends and we all quit for this reason. Support was non existence and their Mac forums was full of complains. Not sure about other folks with slightly newer Macs but mine is handling it great.

    I let it default settings in for me. Free Official Site. In this post: About the game The Mac version Where to find it. The Mac version of the game has been around since day one but feedback from gamers has always been extremely conflicting: Guild Wars 2 Mac requirements.