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HTH Just want to make a slight clarification: Some others and I have some good notes on exactly how to do this within this thread. Very simple, quick, and easy. For Mac Pro 3,1 , all that's needed is to modify Platform. Again, even simpler. I have a Quad 2. Now, for the original poster, which flight sim s are you interested in? Are you intending to run under OS X or Windows?

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I haven't tested it out yet on my Mac Pro 1,1, but I can let you know how it performs under Windows 8. Right now I have 8GB of memory, but will upgrade soon. Adding an extra 6pin connector is easy, together with the 6 pin connector already present you can add pretty much any GPU. If you add an SSD stuff will fly. RAM is expensive though. But you may run into cpu limits with some games. Most games are not multithreaded very well, and single thread performance on these 6 year old computers may be to low.

Typically, games run better in Windows than OS X on the same hardware. That said, you might consider a hackintosh or just a purpose build gaming pc. Not real flight simulators; more like pew-pew-pew space flight games: Elite in , Star Citizen in Some others I'm taking a look at as well.

But I may not be patient enough. Wing Commander was a favorite game of youth and the nostalgia to do it all again on a modern computer is quite strong. I'm not getting a PC because I switched to the shiny side a while ago and like it over here. I never really wanted another desktop, but watching a lot of alpha gameplay videos as hit me right in the feels. If you really are set against a dedicated box which I can understand then an iMac is pretty much your only bet. It's not too bad. Though it was slightly higher for the 3,1 Mac Pro. Never considered a Hackintosh.

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Since Elite: Dangerous won't be released in full for many more months, maybe I should look at this concept. I've never built a PC before - might be fun. Alright that's not too bad, the joys of 8 RAM slots!

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Last time I checked prices were higher. I've build one myself, it was fun. Not straightforward enough to recommend it to everyone, but if you enjoy a little tinkering, reading some guides and roaming tonymacx Channeling Leeroy Jenkins. So, I'm considering building a Hackintosh.

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These all are intended to work with the Mac Pro either with default OS X support or with provided drivers:. The other video cards above are compatible with the "Early " and "Early " as well as the "Mid" and "Mid" Mac Pro models. The excellent BareFeats has various " shootouts " that compares several of the above video cards with one another as well as stock Mac Pro video cards that are well worth reviewing. Site sponsor Other World Computing sells a selection of Mac Pro compatible video cards including default options, video cards that originally were offered as custom configurations, and some aftermarket options listed above.

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Contact - EveryMac. I also have the Mac pro 1,1 bought in Seems the second video card that I install in this machine has just failed. I had a power collapse a few hours ago and happens the same behavior the other poster mentioned: Gray apple with some thin purple lists and system locks.

Probably from PC World. Not sure if it will function What models can go fine with this machine under OS I am really desperate because the thing failed in the midlle of a pile of work. Can you guys confirm this model? I saw the newer ones have some different specifications and I am afraid of buying and not functioning.

Oct 10, 8: Oct 11, 9: This thread was started quite a long time ago. Since then I have assembled many of the recommendations suggested above, plus additional user-suggested information into this User Tip. The card you are looking at is listed there as well:. User Tip: Mac Pro silver tower Replacement Graphics cards.

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