How to edit a video clip on mac

You also still have the original clip.

How to quickly trim video on Mac and iOS | Cult of Mac

Depending on your preferences, you might want to keep that original clip, or you might want to delete it. You can trim a video clip on your Mac just as easily as on your iPhone or iPad.

Combine Multiple Files

The method is almost the same: You view video in the Photos app, then click the little settings cog in the playback controls, and choose Trim from the resulting popup menu. Then you continue with the yellow-box instructions above.

How To Use QuickTime on Mac to Trim Video Clips Fast and Easy

But when you click Trim to perform the cut, there is no option to save a new clip. Should the iOS editor also behave like this? Perhaps, but the current method is straightforward, and allows you to save storage space on your mobile device. Either way, trimming your videos will not only make them better to watch, but you can save space, on iOS at least.

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Trim your video

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Your favorite video editor on your MacBook gives you the following functions:. Removes unwanted material from a video clip or still image, allowing you to change the aspect ratio of the media. Click a clip or image in either the Project pane where changes you make are specific to this project or the Event pane where edits you make are reflected in any project using that footage. Drag your cursor across the thumbnail to select the section of the media you want to edit.

Note that some editing functions, such as Crop and Rotate, will automatically apply to the entire clip.

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The selected region is surrounded by a yellow frame. You can continue doing this to create multiple, smaller clips. You can then drag the clips around to rearrange them, just as you can when merging multiple separate files together.

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  • Split Clips and Rearrange Them.
  • The record features are available under the File menu. After starting a new recording, select your audio and video sources and then click the red Record button.

    iMovie Tutorial for Beginners

    QuickTime also includes some basic transcoding features. These can be used to shrink a file down so you can more easily email or upload it somewhere, or so it will consume less space when placed on a portable device. This feature can also strip the video out of a media file, saving the audio content as its own file.

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    • To do this, open the media file and then click the FIle menu. Use the options under Export to select your desired quality level.

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      You can also export the video straight to iTunes, which gives you the option to select your desired quality level. From iTunes, you can more easily transfer the file to an iPhone, iPod, or iPad. QuickTime is packed with other useful editing features, too.