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Skip to main content. No Film School. March 5, Though GoPro has had the Studio app for quite some time, they've just recently introduced an app that is even easier to use. Here are more of the features: Optimized for offloading, organizing and sharing GoPro photos and videos Includes powerful features for viewing and editing burst and time-lapse photos HiLight Tags help you quickly find your best moments Simple video trimming tools make it easy to create and share short clips Comes bundled with GoPro Studio for more advanced editing Updates your GoPro with the latest features for optimal performance And check out the intro video: GoPro App for Desktop.

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Share with friends. Or share your burst and time lapse photo sequences as unique videos. You can also flip through a video frame by frame to find the best moment, then save a high-quality still image for easy sharing. Add another layer to your story. Find your best moments. HiLights make it more convenient than ever to find and keep track of your best shots.

See a great moment while reviewing footage? Add a HiLight to mark the shot for easy editing and sharing later on. Keep your GoPro products up to date. Quik makes it easy to update your GoPro camera, 3 Karma Grip and Remo Waterproof Voice Activated Remote with the latest software for new features and optimal performance. Cancel anytime. Cloud access is subject to storage limits. Separate data fees may apply. Please share it below!

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Tagged as: Bryan Haines is co-editor of ClickLikeThis: GoPro tutorial blog. He is a travel blogger and content marketer. He is also co-founder of GringosAbroad Ecuador's largest blog for expats and travelers and Storyteller Media content marketing for travel brands. Work with ClickLikeThis.

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I would recommend avoiding GoPro Studio at all costs! It has a nasty program issue with their autosave. It can crash the project you are working on randomly 5 minutes of effort, or what happened to me after 4 hours, then later 16 hours of effort , and will completely wipe both the backup file and original file to 0kb. The only. That is a completely unacceptable business practice, especially with a known serious software concern… oh, and it is great they do not tell you about it too.

Agreed — they should be able to make a more stable piece of software. Bryan, I can confirm crashing issues with GoPro Studio as well. You have mentioned Davinci Resolve. Have you tested the free version? I experimented a little and it is very impressive software with many features comparable to Premiere Pro.

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Has anyone tried Filmora https: Can not find a good replacement for it. Any ideas would help. I recently shifted from photoshop to photoviewerpro. Photoshop features are to complicated for me. Photoviewerpro is very user-friendly and so far I am loving the app. Resolve if s great, one warning tho any clips with care able frame rate will b edto be transcode before use in Resolve as BMD has not implemented support or that yet. I have a GoPro Hero 5 Black.

I became VERY frustrated with the free gopro editor. What is your suggestion for editing gopro underwater videos and splicing them together please?

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I have a windows 10 laptop. My favorite is Vegas Movie Studio Platinum. It is super powerful but not expensive. Our readers overwhelmingly prefer Magix Movie Edit Pro. It is a little simpler to use — and a little less versatile than Vegas. Hi all, I am an experienced editor through wedding videoing, now I have extended my camera range to an exciting GoPro. I have done some test footage and was really looking forward to importing it into my trusty pinnacle 19 ultimate.

After an initial trial and burn onto a Blu-ray Disc it was mediocre results with not very smooth with movement that looked like a frame rate issue. Does anyone know of any software that will accept native GoPro files to avoid have to use a converter? Hi, We have been using GoPro Studio and are getting ever more frustrated by it sadly. The intro piece has been created and saved in a file. I have two questions! We use both Magix and Vegas Movie Studio. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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On the fence about getting a GoPro? Here are 13 things to consider before you buy. How to Contact GoPro: Our Summer Adventure List. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. GoPro Editing Software: Share Tweet 7.

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Pin Table of Contents. Honorable mentions: This is a complex open source 3D creation program. If you're interested to develop your video skills, this is a great program to play with. Plus, it's free! The latest version's Precut, Nested Projects, and advanced titling features bring it closer to the professional level. Fusion Effects include: You might also enjoy