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When OS X users want to delete an installed app, the same principle applies, meaning all they have to do is drag the offending software into the Trash.

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Confusingly, Windows users cannot uninstall software using the same technique they use to remove unwanted files. Instead, Microsoft wants its users to launch a standalone app from the Control Panel dubbed Uninstall a Program.

First look: Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac doesn't feel like an afterthought

You then have to find the software you want to uninstall, select it, and then click Uninstall. Simple, right? This staggeringly useful feature catalogues a history of the document you are working on, as you save any changes. You can then browse through the different iterations of the document, comparing it side-by-side with the latest draft.

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You can restore entire past versions, or bring single elements from past drafts — like an image you deleted three hours ago, or a line of text you drafted last year — back into your working document. OS X users do not experience the same restrictions and can drag-and-drop files around the system without breaking a sweat. Granted, Apple has restrictions on characters, too.

But this is limited to only one — the colon. And if try to type one by mistake, the OS automatically replaces it with a dash. As Apple has evolved the multi-touch display on its best-selling iPhone, many of the biggest innovations have emigrated across to the Mac range too.

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Mac users can swipe between fullscreen apps, scroll, launch Mission Control, pinch to zoom and rotate photographs by circling two fingertips on the trackpad. Apple has included a dozen or so more gestures, as well as a number of slickly-produced tutorial videos, enabled from within System Preferences. Expanding your thumb and three fingers apart across the trackpad, like you are miming brushing away the virtual windows on-screen shuffles all of your open apps out of the way to reveal the desktop — a personal favourite.

Force Touch also brings variable levels of sensitivity, driven through software, which lets users control the speed as they fast-forward through a QuickTime video simply by the amount of pressure applied to the trackpad. You can also Force Click on a name to quickly preview their contact details, Force click a tracking number in Safari or Mail to see shipping details in a popover, and more.

Does Publisher work the same on a Mac as it does on a PC?

Granted, many Windows 10 PCs now ships with touchscreen displays, which solves some of the same problems as the multi-touch trackpad on OS X, but for our money, these often feel less intuitive on a desktop machine. And as Apple continues to advance its Force Touch capabilities with macOS Sierra, Windows users could find themselves being left further and further behind.

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And nine years on, nothing on Windows comes close. It basically fools Windows into thinking they are running in a Windows environment, without actually emulating that environment and taking the same performance hit like Parallels does. Wine has the benefit of a large, open-source community for support as well, which means it will continue to get better and improve compatibility for a lot of games along the way.

Speaking of compatibility, not all PC games are going to work with Wine. To find out if the game you want to try to install on your Mac via Wine will work, head over to the Wine HQ website , where they have an entire database full of the games and applications that will work with Wine. They even have levels of how well these work with Wine, including Platinum, Gold, and Silver levels of compatibility.

How To Run Almost Any Windows Game On Your Mac Without Boot Camp Or Parallels Using Wine [Feature]

I chose Guild Wars: All the examples from here on out will be from my own experience installing Wine to play Guild Wars on my Mac Mini To find out what kind of Mac you have, click on the Apple menu in the upper left corner of your screen, choose About This Mac , and it will tell you. Install it as you would any other package file. How to get p YouTube videos in iPad Safari.

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Celebrate Presidents Day with new gear, lessons and apps [Deals]. General-purpose computers are terrible for creativity [Opinion]. Today in Apple history: