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Apple TV 2 using AirPlay for demoing finished film scores to my home theatre. It all started with my obsession with all things Mac and my music degree. I chose the high-core count Xeon MacPros because my main three apps Digital Performer 9, Vienna Ensemble Pro 5 and Kontakt 5 , take full advantage of multiprocessing and with the demands placed on computers in MIDI orchestration film scoring rigs, every CPU core and thread count is needed, as is a very high memory requirement 48GBs to 64GBs per machine is usually my desired minimum and that need is ever increasing. All Mac users should spend some time getting familiar with and utilizing Gestures, multiple desktop spaces, memorizing keystrokes, and Terminal and Activity Monitor keep Terminal and Activity Monitor open at all times in a separate desktop space then use control-right arrow key or left arrow key, or use a quick swipe gesture on the Magic Track Pad or Magic Mouse to easily view that desktop.

Also, memorize the Terminal commands that are applicable to your workflow. If a user combines the power of the Terminal, the efficiency of using Gestures, keystrokes and Desktop Spaces, and keeps an eye on memory via the Activity Monitor their workflow would increase exponentially! I also use an Apple TV to enhance my workflow and improve the overall Apple eco-system.

IMac vs Mac Mini for home studio

Send us your Mac setups! Go here to get started , all you need to do is answer a few questions about hardware and how you use it, and send it in with several high quality pictures. Enjoy this tip?

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IMac vs Mac Mini for home studio | The Gear Page

I have a question because I am totally newbie so excuse me if this is rather simple… but how do you interface guitars, bass, and keyboards with the Mac? If anyone has an idea how to import a guitar to play into something like GarageBand or Logic, and also how to connect an older MIDI keyboard to a Mac, I would love to be able to do that, but no idea how! Thanks in advance! I also use a MOTU audio interface. If you look at the photo at the top of this article, directly above the music stand in the rack is my MOTU HD interface.

Again, many companies make these. A direct box can also do the same thing. You need an audio interface David. I really should have done it. The monitor is very clear, crisp and bright. As you can see it just about looks like an iMac. Hi Jessie — Good question. It also works extremely well with Vienna Ensemble Pro which hosts most of my samples on my slave MacPros.

DP is very good at this kind of workflow. But I can also work in large audio track templates and DP feels equally at home. It adapts to each environment well. For my tastes Digital Performer felt the most powerful and the most logical. I do use Pro Tools to exchange files. I sometimes mix in PT. An engineer I work with mixes in Pro Tools. Setup is in front of a window, and the reflective surfaces around the setup would create a horribly inaccurate acoustic environment. There is absolutely no acoustic treatment visible and areas clearly need treatment for accurate monitoring.

The audio monitors are far too low they should be centered at ear height not aimed at the listeners chest. Grumpy this morning? The guy is a professional musician, that makes it a pro setup. Get over it, not everything is going to look like your dream. The side walls are not parallel, again due to movable baffles, and they are covered with a custom material. The ceiling is parallel to the floor but the ceiling has some treatment. Regardless, I do want some room sound the wooden floors.

Some home studios go overboard with treatment which is not only unnecessary, but usually kills all room sound when tracking which to my ears sounds dead and boring.

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I go to one of the best local pro studios when I need a great mix room. This room is great for tracking though, and good for mixing. This thing seems like a no-brainer.

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Flappydoodle , Nov 12, I would absolutely love a 6 core mac mini, but my hackintosh really works well for the moment. Sounds like a good setup. I recently picked up a refurbed Mac Mini model with quad core I7 and 16G ram. Now to find a good thunderbolt hard drive and bluetooth mouse to free up more valuable usb slots BLD , Nov 18, KingAenarion , Nov 19, Flappydoodle , Nov 19, I am still smarting from Apple dumping support for my iBook or whatever it was so quick in comparison to Windows that continued supporting much older PCs than mine for another 5 years or so.

Also dumping support for firewire and adding all these external cable adapter thingies and dumping DVD burners has also kept me out of their camp. That has kept me out of the Mac camp and honestly lately the few Mac PCs that I've seen in my comp repair business failing has made me want to stay away from that brand, as everything they sell is 2x the price of comparable PC. I think the OS is more stable, also love the Mac OS interface, in comparison going back to Windows felt like using a brick for a computer, but I just couldn't justify the price vs quality vs performance, or couldn't see myself drinking the Mac coolaid as they became less and less "pro" and more "high end consumer status item".

Based on feedback from members, we have decided to not go ahead with those changes. However, it has also highlighted that we need some community input into what is working and what is not working for members here. Primarily focused on the Emporiums, we'd like input on your thoughts about TGP and how things work in the Emporiums for you and how you'd improve them.

2012 Mac Mini Quad Pro Tools 11 Review

The discussion thread on the is here! Dec 27, 1. Looking at a new IMac or getting a used Mac Mini with 16gb ram. I'm a PC guy but own an iPhone and iPad.

Mac Setup: A Pro Home Recording Studio

I just was gifted a Focusrite Scarlett Any pluses or minuses to getting one or the other Apple products? Dec 27, 2. Your Focusrite interface will run without installing any driver on either Mac. In terms of power, both are sufficient for audio recording, and GarageBand is included on any new Mac, which is a great start for getting into DAWs.

I'd personally get a new iMac, rather than a 2nd hand Mac mini - newer machines will last longer, and be compatible with OS X updates further into the future. Here are some good tutorials on how to get started when you come from PCs. Some fundamental differences: Isales Gutalter , Dec 27, Dec 27, 3.

Thanks for your time! Dec 27, 4. I'm also primarily a pc guy who uses mac for audio production. I agree on the imac. New is better, and in one package it has everything you need so no dealing with monitors, keyboards, mouse, etc. Other advantage of a mac os in general is that you can use Logic which is a natural upgrade path from garageband, if you are starting there. JPF likes this. Dec 28, 5.

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  • Pro Tools | Building A Home Studio? Why The Mac Mini May Be Worth A Look For Apple Mac Lovers.
  • I am a PC guy trapped in a audio world surrounded by Apple products. Which ever you personally like the most. For me that is Windows 10 on a PC. However, I had recently put in 2 Apple Mac Mini's in a mobile system purely based on the fact that Sonnet makes an awesome little rack kit to mount them in roadcases.

    I then ran boot camp on one of them running Windows So if you have rack space the Mac Mini's with a rack kit could be a pretty sweet little setup. ProTools in combination with a decent Waves plugin bundle is hard to beat if you can fork out the cash. I've never liked Logic in the times I've had to use it.

    It looks pretty, but for me that's where the fun ended. And, well, GarageBand isn't worth a nickel in my book. Last edited: Dec 28, Dec 28, 6.