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Discussion: FM Genie Scout for FM19 is confirmed

When there will be an update for the FM Touch Thank you! Hello, Are shortlists and in game assistant features available with premium version?

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I've got this message when loading my game: FMT Please update, I could really use it now with my squad very thin because of injuries! Apparently not compatible with FMT Do you usually update within few days? Shortlist import does not work and In-Game Assistant does not work either. What should I do? The In-Game-Assistant is not working in Football Manager , I already have an license, and the enable the preferences.

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Please help me.. SI released two consecutive patches with the same number. I've updated the app to add support for Patch 2. FM Scout is the only community you can talk Football Manager in real time.

Genie Scout 13 Tutorial - Intro

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Getting Genie Scout to work with Mac

Do YOU have what it takes? Top Free Agents on FM Absolute Best Coaches in FM FM Genie Scout 18 g - Exclusive comments have been posted so far. Hello, does anyone know if Eugene is active on sending keys out for this at the moment? I sent an email over the weekend and just wondering howlong it usually takes? Send me the key again.


In genie scout17 I was able to search for a club and the names of the players and the potential of them etc I downloaded the genie scout, but it does not work. Is there a problem? It seems like the most recent update introduced some problems with the ratings calculations of central midfielder roles. Otherwise the percentages seem to make sense although the percentages for the Mezzala have also changed significantly since before this update, but as I'm not sure how they're calculated exactly, I can't tell if they were wrong before or if they're wrong now.

But there are definitely errors in the calculations that weren't there before. Yes, that is the correct email address. Just be patient with it; Eugene usually responds to his GS emails every morning. Is genie fmscout. That's the email through which I receive the version updates but I do not know if it is an automated system which cannot receive emails or not. GS18 update for FM Touch No, it's not broken at all. Do YOU have what it takes?

FM Genie Scout 18 g - Exclusive | FM Scout

Top Free Agents on FM Absolute Best Coaches in FM Hi, I can't find the link to download. Is it released yet as announced? And Thanks for the good work all these years guys! Quick update: Public GS19 will be ready in the next 30 minutes.

As promised, it's release day for GS19 public version today. Eugene told me it shall be ready between pm GMT. Please e-mail Eugene to explain your situation, and provide your new Unique ID in the e-mail. There's a problem with my app.

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It shows wrong countries and positions for players. I tried reinstalling, updating but still doesn't work. Tomorrow is November 25th.