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As a consequence, although audio levels can be adjusted en masse within a clip by using the two-finger scroll, I'm not able to adjust levels on the audio track to do a fadeout by setting marks. Thanks for help. Reply Quote. Hello and welcome! I assume that's because it was originally designed for Windows with two-button mouses and Ctrl-Click may have been reserved for other purposes then.

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Workarounds I'm aware of: If your mouse supports guestures, tap with two fingers simultaniously. Use a mouse with tow buttons specific driver might be necessary. It's better to travel well than to arrive Last Edit: Thanks for the quick response. Slightly disappointing but I dug up a dusty old mouse and it seems to work. I use the Apple Magic Mouse on my Macbook Air, a really nice device, not only good looking also good working. There are minor differences between OSX and Windows version also Linux , mainly related to some codecs and third party hardware support.

Please have a look to Release Notes and Tech Specs to see details. Mac right click 1 year, 10 months ago Hello, is there any other workaround than buying a mouse? I'm using a macbook and cannot set the edit lenght due to same issue. Also, post production is not an afterthought! Well pressing command didn't work, but thank you very much for your answers. I thought there was no other way, but seems like plenty.

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I wonder what kind of MacBook and what OS version you use. If you use build-in trackpad, maybe no mouse at all: Trackpad supports gestures which allows properly set tipping with two fingers to simulate the right mouse-button.

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Work Comp: Home Comp: Send me a tip: Apple Magic Mouse for example: This image is hidden for guests. Please log in or register to see it. Mac right click 1 year, 7 months ago Im using the Magic Mouse and still doesnt work, anyone else find a solution? Frustrating, ugh. Please check "Systemn Preferences. Mouse" and see if this helps: I never had a problem with the right click on the magic mouse.

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Go to the control panel and make sure that you have the mouse set up correctly. Board Categories Announcements Announcements Main What do you think about VLC media player?

Do you recommend it? Ci siamo quasi. Inizia il viaggio con Opera. Esegui il file scaricato per iniziare l'installazione. Visualizza descrizione completa. VLC media player Il miglior lettore multimediale multiformato. Audacity Un po' di taglio e cucito sui tuoi file audio. Adobe Flash Player Riproduci video e animazioni in Flash. GIMP Il fotoritocco si fa con l'editor di immagini open source.

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Soundflower L'estensione che facilita la trasmissione di file audio. Download VLC media player 3.

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