Ge marquette mac 1200 deluxe interpretive ekg machine

The size is 21" w x 16"d x 19" h For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website: This auction is for a box of disposable electrodes. Each box contains 50 disposables. The Z is the most economical of the universal microprocessor controlled units in the Hermle line. This centrifuge accommodates microplates and tubes up to ml in swing-out and fixed angle rotors.

A broad speed range and high g-force make them ideal for applications from clinical to molecular biology. A digital microprocessor controls all operating parameters including speed and time. Overspeed conditions are eliminated by the rotor recognition program which automatically identifies each rotor and limits it to the maximum rated speed. Improperly loaded rotors trigger the safety imbalance detection system which stops operation of the centrifuge.

The powerful, induction drive in the Z centrifuges quickly accelerates rotors to the preset speed. Two acceleration and deceleration rates can be chosen to protect fragile samples. Operation of the centrifuge may be timed, continuous or momentary Ambient air circulates throughout the chamber of the Z preventing significant rises in sample temperature.

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  • GE Mac 1200 St Resting ECG / EKG Machine;

The serial number for this unit is: The CROM is the only instrument for which normal values have been established for cervical range of motion. As a health care professional, you understand the importance of being able to correctly evaluate your patient's cervical problems. Difficulty in getting accurate cervical range-of-motion measurements is a common complaint.

Even lengthy training doesn't make measuring with goniometers or "stand-alone" inclinometers any easier. Each time you measure, it's nearly impossible to reposition the inclinometer in the very same place you took the original measurement, and every time your patient moves, you have to remeasure. This is why Performance Attainment Associates has developed the CROM which combines inclinometers and magnets in an easy-to-use instrument.

The CROM provides accurate, objective measurements every time. Use the CROM to measure: A mobile sphygmomanometer that combines unsurpassed institutional reliability with trouble-free service. The series features: This Auction is for a Brewer Waste can, item Beige in color, brand new, these are very nice items. Three are available, so please bid for the quantity you would like.

Item s will be available for pick-up at the company dock.


You are encouraged to bid on your item with the intent to make your own shipping arrangements or settle on shipping pricing after completion of the sale. The sale of this item may be subject to regulation by the U. Food and Drug Administration and state and local regulatory agencies. If so, do not bid on this item unless you are an authorized purchaser or certified health professional.

This Auction is for a Hettich Lead Curtain,. It may look and feel like other adjustment devices, but it is designed for greater reliability and durability. The CAT's precision components provide smooth, easy operation. The CAT is compatible with the established protocols you are currently using. The CAT comes standard with a 6-month warranty.

CAT Specifications Weight: This auction includes the IV heavy duty stand and the IV top pole assembly. For complete information please review the product insert. Main Features: Turn a TENS off and the pain returns. By comparison, the electric current used by typical TENS devices is thousands of times greater than natural body current. Although a slight tingling sensation is sometimes felt under the electrodes, it is not necessary to feel this in order to achieve results. MET is applied through easy to use self-adhesive electrodes.

Compact and portable, the Minipack Series are constructed of lightweight durable materials designed to withstand the rough handling that typically occurs in the EMS environment. With its small footprint, it is also equally suited for use in a wide variety of clinical situations such as emergency and outpatient department as well as neonatal units. Standard Features Large, bright LED digital display "Hands-off" mode lets user screen patient without pressing a button. This auction is for a bulk lot of Parker Laboratories various ultrasound gels.

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The brand, size, amount, and description are below: Aquasonic clear ultrasound gel For diagnostic and therapeutic medical ultrasound procedures. It allows direct visualization of the cervix and uterine cavity as part of a routine diagnostic regimen. This Auctions is for a remanufactured Tuttnauer Valve Klave autoclave. Please view the pictures to see the quality of the remanufacturing.

Tanita's PWU wheelchair scale is designed with the patient's needs in mind. The ultra-low platform makes it easy for health care providers and patients to get on the scale and be stable. The durable, yet portable unit allows you to bring the scale wherever your elderly or wheelchair-bound patients require. It is built with Tanita standards, guaranteeing long lasting performance even in the most demanding environments. This Auction is for a Lot of two 2 Winco, 1-step, step stools. Model is unknown. Brand new. There are multiple items available, so please select the quantity that you would like.

Each contains 6 pieces: Assorted, 2-Tube Screw, Includes: This personal sized centrifuge is ideal for microfiltration and quick spin downs from the walls and caps of microcentrifuge tubes. Requiring less than six inches of bench space, the Spectrafuge Mini is supplied with rotors and adapters to accommodate 1. The standard and strip tube rotors are easily interchanged. The easy-open, translucent lid utilizes a stainless steel hinge pin for durability. Alternatively, with the switch in the on position, the centrifuge can be started and stopped by closing and opening the lid.

Product Specifications: This Auction is for a Brewer, two-step, step stool - model no. Brand new still in the box. There are 9 available. Stock No. No lead. Lead equivalent 80 kv is. There are per case so the total is individual specula. These are brand new still in the case - unopened. There are two boxes available. The expiration dates are: Unlike traditional headgear and masks, there are no complicated or confining straps to contend with.

The integrated one-piece design floats over the face and contours the head. Multiple adjustments and size options offer patients a true custom fit. The DreamSeal Mask, which floats comfortably over the nose, comes in three sizes: You are bidding on a Ithaca Thermal Receipt Printer. Very low use. Direct Thermal Printing Speed: There are two boxes of 10 available. High temperature cauteries are popular for many types of procedures including, pinpoint hemostasis, evacuation of a subungal hematoma, controlling diffuse bleeders, vasectomies, and sculpting woven grafts.

Individually packaged sterile, 10 per box. This Auction is for a Lot of 25 Burton light handle covers, Ref. Great to keep the handles clean. This auction is for a Venoscope II, 20 packs of 50 protective covers, and 15 packs of 10 straps for secure attachment. The device is powered by 3 AA alkaline batteries. A low battery indicator will signal that the batteries need to be changed.

There are two power levels for different applications. It is applicable for obese adults as well as neonates and small children where traditional single pole transilluminators fail. It is an indispensable tool used by physicians for sclerotherapy and ambulatory phlebectomy.

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It has become the field nurses backup in the homecare setting and is very effective for hemophilia applications. This is accomplished by dimming the ambient lighting as much as possible so as to provide the contrast needed to see the vein. Once a dark line is detected, pressing down on both arms will blanche the vein and releasing pressure will allow blood to flow again. Call or shop online We are here to help. New user? Sign up here! Forgot your Password?

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You are here: GE Healthcare. Demo Model, Full page, full keyboard, preview screen, with interpretation software built in. The CASE system enables you to quickly and easily assess cardiac function during exercise for greater diagnostic confidence.

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GE Healthcare CardioSoft 6. The CS cardiac testing and data management system transforms your PC into a sophisticated cardiac data acquisition and analysis system. Click Here For Instant Savings!!! Complete system with treadmill, Instrument Type Unity - enhanced cardiac stress testing system with 14 channel acquisition and programmable lead. Full page, interpretation, full keyboard, preview screen and fax communication modem.

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