Mac os x cursor disappears

Choose your Apple Menu and then click Shut Down. Hold these keys and Power button for 10 seconds. Finally, press on your Power button to turn on your Mac back.

Resolving the Mystery of a Disappearing Mouse Cursor in Mac OS X

Then remove the battery. More details below. If you did manage to remove your battery, then great work! Now press and hold down your Power button for 5 seconds. Step 5: Finally, just press on your Power button again to turn on your Mac back on again. If you have an iMac Pro, then skip to the next part.

Jump into your Apple Menu and then click on Shut Down.

Resolving the Mystery of a Disappearing Mouse Cursor in Mac OS X

Wait for 5 seconds, then press on the Power button again to turn your Mac back on. Jump into your Apple Menu and click on Shut Down. Once after your iMac Pro shuts down, press and hold down on the Power button for 8 seconds. Next, release the Power button and then wait for a few seconds seconds.

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Finally, just press the Power button once again to turn your iMac Pro back on. You can check if there any new software updates that you need to download which can help patch some holes up such as this disappearing cursor act. Finally, download and install any updates whether they be for your apps or your macOS by clicking on Update right next to it. This is not to say the bug will get fixed but it can make you feel better if you really wish to have it looked in person by Apple. Home Technology Guides.

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In Guides. By Jake Kovoor. Just Right-Click. If not, then keep reading. Try Changing the Cursor Size. Jump into your Settings. Next click on Accessibility. Now click on Display. Reboot your Mac. You can now try to check if the cursor has reappeared back. It seems that, while using your wireless trackpad with your MacBook Pro, the cursor will disappear.

Great job on the troubleshooting you've used, and I'm happy to help. If your pointer is jumpy when you use a trackpad, Magic Trackpad, or Magic Mouse -- Review the information and apply the steps provided in this article. Nov 4, 1: Nov 7, 9: My problem is similar, sometimes, when I type the cursor gets back one position and it's curious but while I'm typing this I noticed that it's mostly the letter "T" the one that causes the problem.

Nov 12, 1: This happens regardless of whether the app is starting from cold, or is running without windows open. It happens with the OSX calendar, chrome, mail, evernote, itunes I can get the cursor back by using 4-fingers-up to show my workspaces even just for an instant.

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This isn't a solution though, as I have to do it multiple times a minute. Nov 13, 6: It doesn't help because I don't use wireless trackpad. This new update is a joke. I can't work normal way I'll never update mac system until wait at least 6 months. And I use 15 inch macbook pro from Nov 17, 4: Experiencing intermittent cursor issues.

Try the following:. Shut down your MAC. Turn it on and immediately press and hold these four keys together: Option, Command, P and R.

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Release keys after approximately 20 seconds, during which time your MAC might appear to start. Advised to repeat this process times. I found it works after one attempt. Also, immediately after I installed Mojave my computer crashed with the result of Apple replacing my hard drive. Regret jumping on the Mojave band wagon so soon.

Nov 21, 2: It appears to be a memory problem. Even not confortable at least useful meanwhile apple solves the problem. Having posted earlier, I said I had this problem: On switching to or starting a new application the cursor becomes invisible. If you've done the Mojave upgrade and gotten the same result I have I suspect YMMV that Apple isn't going to fix it and may not consider it a bug in the OS, but maybe only a side effect of the update process and given that not many people seem to be affected you may not get a resolution by waiting.

Dec 28, 9: I am having the same "disappearing cursor" problem as described in this discussion. I upgraded to Mojave about a week ago. I am using a inch MacBook Pro early Dec 31, 9: This just happened to us as well. My husband performed the Mojave update which I did not want him to do and immediately we had issues with the cursor.

It comes and goes. We won't be able to type in the Google search box one minute, then we can. It's very frustrating when you can't get your work done.