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It's a powerful organization tool and it's dead simple to use. The best part is it's completely free, though you can opt to support the developer via a PayPal donation on its website. Apple has taken strides to make the Spotlight function on MacOS better, but Alfred is still the more powerful tool. Alfred looks and operates much like Spotlight, letting you search for files, launch apps, perform quick calculations and much more without ever lifting your fingers off the keyboard.

It's also free to use. Arguably the best part of Alfred is workflows, third-party plug-ins that blow the doors wide open for what is possible with the program. Read our breakdown of some of the best Alfred workflows to learn more about what they are capable of. Tired of constantly having to adjust your Mac's Energy Saver settings to keep it from powering off in the middle of something important? All you need is Amphetamine. Once it's installed, just right-click the menu bar icon and your computer will stay on indefinitely or for a set amount of time.

That's simple enough, but Amphetamine can get much more complex if you wish. You can make it so your Mac doesn't ever power off if it's connected to a specific wireless network or so that connected storage drives won't go to sleep. It works with services such as Feedly, Feedbin, NewsBlur, Inoreader and more, and will let you view all of those different feeds and services side by side. The interface is highly customizable and can be altered to suit your needs for easier reading, whether that means a serif typeface or a low-contrast interface for night reading.

MacOS has a built-in text editor two, actually, if you count the iWork suite. But if you're not a fan of TextEdit or prefer a more simple interface for distraction-free writing, there are a number of options available in the App Store. One of the better options out there is Bear. It has a completely distraction-free interface, supports Markdown right out of the gate and has a no-nonsense way of organizing your notes with hashtags.

MacOS Mojave: Everything you need to know. Quick Actions are super useful. How to set up Google's two-step verification: With a few minutes of setup time, your account will be much more secure. How to book an Uber or Lyft with Google Home: Use a Google Home and your phone to get the best ride. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Don't show this again. Now playing: Watch this: Apple's new Mac OS Mojave features dark mode.

We took a spin around MacOS Mojave public beta and here's Google Drive for Android. Next Article: Qualcomm already has a new 5G chip that promises sleeker, long-lasting phones.

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For music hobbyists, this in-its-own-class app is sure to provide hours of satisfaction. The new audio editing and amazing Hollywood-style trailer features are enough to make the upgrade both worth your time and the reasonable price. It also delivers some of the best output options available in a photo app—slideshows, cards, calendars, and books.

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The app will get the best possible results from camera raw files, doing the best job of removing image noise and chromatic aberration. It adds some impressive adjustment tools, too, but it lacks basic workflow capabilities and crashes somewhat frequently.

6 Best Mac Apps: August 2018

GraphicConverter is the best consumer-level graphic editor and manager available on the market today. Though it may leave professional graphic designers out in the cold, GraphicConverter does more than any other competing app. If you're a non-professional who needs high-quality image manipulation and conversion on a Mac, this is where you go. Pixelmator isn't as deep as Adobe Photoshop CS5—and it isn't trying to be—but it's still a very capable image editor that's cheaper than Adobe Photoshop Elements, and packs more power than Picasa and Picnik.

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  • Free Anyone in need of a lightweight, easy-to-use screen capturing and editing tool will find a lot to like in Skitch. The free app makes it incredibly simple to annotate, resize, crop, and add shapes, lines, arrows, and watermarks to photos on your desktop or ones snapped with a webcam. It doesn't perform functions you'd find in high-end image editors like Adobe Photoshop CS5, but that's not what it's intended to do. Skitch is all about quick, effective edits—and it does its job extremely well.

    Free Data is perhaps the most valuable resource in business. With FormsCentral, users are given access to this precious resource with a tool that's both affordable and easy to use. For businesses that rely on analysis of their current and potential client base, Adobe FormsCentral could prove to have real ROI.

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    Similar to Mac's built-in Spotlight Search functionality, Alfred searches your computer while keeping your fingers on the keyboard rather than the mouse. Productivity proponents and those suffering from mouse-related repetitive stress shouldn't have a Mac without it. Use your keyboard to search folders, files, and even the web in one easy search field. And the absolutely stellar Keynote presentation app leaves the competition in the dust. It adds support for your iPhoto pictures and videos, location-based information, offers useful new templates, and makes inroads towards database sharing over your local network.

    New security options round off this excellent update. While it does offer voice control too, that's not its primary selling point, and on the Mac the built-in tools for voice control work just fine. For composing emails and writing lengthy documents, however, Dragon Dictate removes the repetitive stress of using a keyboard and mouse and transcribes what you say beautifully.

    Paired with its Web clipper, Evernote's Mac app is one fantastic piece of software, with a syncing service you can rely on.

    74 Best OS X (Mac OS) Apps You Need (12222)

    Free LibreOffice is an offshoot from the old OpenOffice. It gives you a word-processor Writer , a spreadsheet app Calc , presentations and graphics apps Impress and Draw , and other tools. LibreOffice isn't for every Mac user, but for anyone who has to work with oddball formats and legacy documents, it's an essential tool.

    And you can't argue with the price. If you're looking for feature-packed remote control, desktop sharing, and presentation software, TeamViewer is both the simplest and most powerful option. Businesses will have to shell out a bunch up front, but individuals can use it free. Either way, this versatile app is an extremely good deal. WordPerfect's code-based formatting makes it easier to see exactly what's in your documents, and the "Save without Metadata" item on the File menu is a lot more straightforward than Word's comparable, but well-hidden, feature.

    BetterZip is the best archive utility for OS X. It's easy to use, and packed with advanced features including a built-in file previewer. Chances are that if you need a service of this type you'll probably want to shell out cash for the premium service—which is cheaper than using Dropbox—in order to avoid the free model's limitations.

    Still, although you need a Web connection to access your saved files, you'll find it worth the price of admission. Best of all, it comes on a bootable CD, so it's ready for action when your system won't boot at all which won't mean much to you if you own a disc drive-less MacBook Air. If you rely on your Mac for work, and not just for e-mail and chatting with friends on Facebook, you should have a copy of DiskWarrior ready for emergencies.

    DiskWarrior is unrivaled in its ability to repair and rebuild the Mac directory. Finding files on your computer can be a pain, especially since Spotlight doesn't locate anything hidden from view.

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    That means you can find anything you need, faster than any in-house Mac utility. It lacks the ability to create a bootable rescue disk on a USB flash drive. If you can lie with this one minor limitation, then Genie Backup Manager is a fast, efficient, and beautifully designed application for saving and restoring data. Free Handbrake is a free, open-source video transcoding utility. It supports most common multimedia file formats, as well as DVD and Blu-ray video sources that are not copy protected.

    A paid-for software updating service is a luxury in a world where many—not all—apps alert you when they're updated, but it's a luxury worth having for anyone whose Mac is packed with software. If you care mostly about appearance, then go for Parallels, which looks a bit slicker than Fusion though it produces more desktop clutter. Between laptops, smart phones, tablets, and other web-enabled devices, people often read and view a lot of online material. Pocket gives users a way to not only save their favorite clips for reading at a later time, but also manage them as well.

    If you're a Mac user who loves clipping and sharing stuff from all over the internet, consider Pocket an essential app. There's a lot you can do with this app. Free PopTrayU is still the best-designed system-tray mail checker, with full keyboard support and a vast range of options. PopTrayU is an indispensable time-saver and distraction-reducer. Even as a work in progress, this app is better-designed than any of the dozen or more rival mail-checkers we've tried over the years. An excellent screen capture utility is Snagit, which combines traditional image-capture with video-capture functions.

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    The latest version, SnagIt 11, preserves all the ease-of-use of the earlier versions, while adding features like the ability to capture audio output when recording a screen video. Ever wish you could get more out of Mac's Finder window?