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Here's a cool live version of our single 'She's Kinda Hot'! Our album Sounds Good Feels Good is out now! Skyscraper - Demi Lovato Cover. Download this song on iTunes: Say hello to new songs! New Songs Released! In order to provide for her family, Huong Lan found work as a cook for a small family-owned restaurant in Paris. She also welcomed the birth of another son in Paris in Just when life seemed to offer more than its fair share of challenges, Huong Lan's marriage fell apart and finally ended in divorce in Right around this time was when she was approached by by Thuy Nga Paris to record music for the label.

As her singing career was starting to take flight, Huong Lan made the decision to relocate to Southern California the following year which by then had the largest concentrated population of resettled former Vietnamese nationals. Her reign as the most popular female singer of traditional Vietnamese popular music would remain for nearly a decade. Initially seen as a way to promote her music and gain for herself a wider audience, Huong Lan started making frequent guest appearances on the television program. Her popularity with viewer audiences coupled with her show of dedication prompted Nam Tran to make Huong Lan the show's permanent co-host, as well as associate producer.

For many consecutive years, Huong Lan kept at her hectic schedule of performing weekly at Ritz and Caravelle Nightclubs in Anaheim, California, performing at live shows in faraway destinations every other week, a grueling recording schedule for a handful of different music production labels simultaneously since she was in such high demand , taping a weekly television program, and even running her own music retail store, Huong Lan Music.

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And not to mention, on top of all that, she was also a single mother raising two young sons then. Most of Huong Lan's fans and her public were not aware of the challenges in her personal life during these years, since she hadn't ever shown neglect toward either her career or her audience. Huong Lan. Tuesday, October 21, Le Thu.

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Le Thu. Saturday, October 18, Le Quyen. Her sultry voice and heartfelt interpretations of easy listening Vietnamese love songs quickly gained her a following of devoted fans in her native Vietnam, as well as internationally within the Vietnamese diaspora. Le Quyen's popularity has allowed her to perform all over the world, most recently in a series of sold-out concerts in the United States.

Vietnamese Celebrity Homes Part 3. Posted by VictorVoice at 3: Le Quyen. Thursday, October 16, Betty Nguyen. Betty Nguyen was born in Saigon, South Vietnam in Her father was a US serviceman and her mother is Vietnamese. Nguyen graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a bachelor's degree in journalism.

Betty Nguyen. Tuan Vu. He began his singing career in the early s. During the latter part of that decade, Tuan Vu was considered the bestselling overseas Vietnamese male recording artist of traditional Vietnamese music. Tuan Vu has performed at concerts for overseas Vietnamese audiences all over the world.

In , Tuan Vu returned to Vietnam for the very first time and recorded three solo studio albums for the music production label, Rang Dong , based in Vietnam. He has since returned to Vietnam to perform on numerous live shows across the country.

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Tuan Vu Official Website. Wednesday, October 15, Khanh Ly. Born in Hanoi as Nguyen Thi Le Mai , she would later take on the surname, Pham, as a result of her mother's remarriage. In , she along with her family relocated to Da Lat. As a child, she entered a singing talent contest held at the Norodom Venue in Saigon and placed second.

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At the age of 19, she chose the stage name, Khanh Ly, and turned professional upon landing her first steady gig performing nightly at Anh Vu Nightclub in Saigon. In less than a year working in Saigon, Khanh Ly decided to return to Da Lat where she would work for the next three years singing for local clubs there. Another chance meeting with Trinh Cong Son in would lead to Khanh Ly's decision to give Saigon another try and from then on her career rose to prominence. Her recording of Diem Xua, written and composed by Trinh Cong Son, instantly gave her national recognition. In , Khanh Ly opened her own nightclub in Saigon named simply as Khanh Ly Nightclub where she peformed nightly until