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How can I merge two macOS Photos libraries? November 1, I just sold an old Mac and moved its Photos library onto another Mac with its own existing Photos library.

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Now I want to merge these two libraries into a single one. PowerPhotos advertises itself as being able to merge libraries, but in practice it has a non-intuitive interface, and when you dig into its spotty documentation you see misspelled caveats like "this is sligtly tricky. I've backed up both Photos libraries to an external drive in case everything goes completely sideways. I just imported the second library into the first and then deduped afterwards using a totally worth it Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro.

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Is there a reason you don't want to two step this? Why is there more than one? I have never used multiple libraries.

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If you find that you have material in each library you want to merge, instead of multiple copies of the same library or empty libraries, you can pick one of the following:. Pick the biggest iPhoto library and import the entire library into Photos.

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Then export the media from each of the other iPhoto libraries and import all the media into your master Photos library. Email yours to mac macworld. Mac cannot reply to email with troubleshooting advice nor can we publish answers to every question. PowerPhotos 1.

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