Are mac eyeshadow pans magnetic

Thankfully, the internet has gotten over contouring with random household objects and using unmentionables as beauty sponges and is giving hacks that are actually useful.

The Reddit user, who has chosen to stay anonymous, opened up the cardboard palette and transformed it into a magnetic makeup holder using a knife. Basically, you can now have your palette and hold more too. You won't believe how simple it is, either.

The Weird Magnetic Makeup Palette Hack You Probably Haven't Tried Yet

The user took all the shadows out of the Yes, Please Palette using a magnet, cut around the perimeter of the cardboard palette, trim, and you're finished! It's really that easy, my friends. Right now I simultaneously have too many shadows but am also missing core shades that I know I would get more use out of. Had I kept my first selections to a minimum, I could have been more thoughtful about how my custom palette was being built. Follow my blog with Bloglovin. This was sooo helpful.

I found this through a google search and realized I know you from CBB.

Depotting Is A Makeup Hack That'll Save You Lots Of Money

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A single-sided Pro Palette Compact that accommodates a variety of inserts.

Minimalist Beauty for Canadians. Want to build your own custom eyeshadow palette?

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Here are my tips for getting started. My custom matte mostly neutral palette. They need a little work before they will stick into your magnetic palette. Here I removed the label from the magnet, and then removed the magnet from the pan.

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I used one of the metal stickers that came with my Z-Palette, stuck the label onto that, and then stuck that onto the pan. Now it fits perfectly into my Z-Palette.

Compare swatches If you insist on ordering online, be open to unexpected results. Start with a core collection I went a little ham with my first purchase from MUG.

Does MAC eyeshadows stick to z palettes?

My perfect, pared down palette. Top row, L-R: Bottom row, L-R: Do you have any other tips for building a custom palette of single shadows? Very interesting post!