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See my write-up on subscribing to iTunes music which required me to have a 2nd iTunes account. If you download a purchase with one iTunes account and switch to the other, you will receive a message stating that you cannot download content to the same machine on a different ID for 90 days. I ran into this last week. The upshot is, if you want access to your original purchases and use a new or country switched account, you'll need to download all of your original purchases locally first bye bye cloud usage. Interesting, when I wrote this article I don't think that was an issue.

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I guess this is Apple's way of combatting that? When trying to switch, it says I cannot switch to the US store.

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Everyone was is so excited about the Apple App Store. Well, I am not. This kind of method of acquiring and installing programs as we used to call "apps" in the good ole days is a i. Or, in other words: So here is another issue I live in France and travel in the US. Now I can not change back to the French region as I am required to use up my credit on the gift certificate before I can rechange stores. What idiot invent these rules?

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I need to try and find purchases that will cost me the remaining balance of 4. Apple goes to through great efforts to discourage travellers using their services. Is there not even an option to discard your current balance?

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Have you tried contacting Apple about this? I'm sure they'd happily scrap the balance if you gave them permission to do so. Does that app then appear on your main iOS device that you wanted it on or something? I'm in the same situation and the auto updates on the Mac do NOT work for either countries, asking endless times to switch from one store to the other.

The only MANUAL process I found that works is, you have to let's say in the Australian store as logged in on your Mac, go to the App updates, click the first one waiting, if it asks you to login to the UK store just hit cancel, continue for all the apps waiting until there are no more apps to be updated from the Australian store.

Then logout from Australian store and login to UK store, and repeat the process This is when you maintain 2 different accounts for 2 different countries, I don't want to imagine the nightmare if I merge them At least Apple changed their policy about allowing you to have only 1 App Store account in the World, yes only 1! They cancelled one of my accounts, since I'm also a developer it cut me from my apps that I developed using that account because my developer ID was associated with that.

When I contacted they enabled it, but this kept happening every once a week, so I escalated the issue and finally a higher in ranking agent took my call. He answered when you live more than 6 months in a country that becomes your residency and you can only have your account in that country. My answer quite surprised him and contributed Apple to change their policy with their 1 store limit. I said, I live 3 months in country X, 3 months in country Y, 3 months country Z and 3 months on my yacht in international waters, which App Store can I use?

In this sense, your app purchases are tied to your Apple ID and will continue to update until you delete them. Just to make sure. Is it true for the apps I downloaded from another country's app store that are not accessible in my country's store? Will they continue to update? There is a very easy get-around. You do not actually need to register a credit card issued in the new country as it appears that you can use iTunes gift vouchers instead. I have just done all this to obtain a free app here in New Zealand to access Lightbox NZ, a local television on-demand streaming service, that I cannot access using my home country UK App Store.

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So there is absolutely no need for all this hassle written in this article. But this was between two countries in the EU. It might work differently for other countries. I hope this helps. You can also check for updates through the Microsoft Store. Learn how to get software updates for your Mac.

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