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Nonetheless, the latest MacBook Pro and iMac models from late onward are quiet and perform no startup boot sound, meaning the Mac boots up completely silently instead of making the traditional chime sound when the Mac starts up. Mac models dating before late will have the startup sound effect and familiar chime. Mac models built after late do not have this sound effect on boot, except for the MacBook Air.

This information comes directly from Apple Support:. Mac models from early and earlier make a chime sound when they start up.

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Older Mac models do have the startup sound chime sound, and older Mac models can both disable and enable the startup chime. If you have a new Mac model that has arrived from the factory and does not have the boot sound, the answer is currently no. One theory promoted online and originating from some web forums was that you could re-enable the Mac startup chime sound effect by turning to the command line. The claim was that by launching Terminal app and entering the following command syntax:. But it turns out that nobody bothered to actually test this out, because it does not work. uses cookies.

Go ahead and try it yourself. You can execute that command on a new silently booting Mac, but it will not actually re-enable the startup boot chime sound effect on a Mac which does not support the startup chime sound. So why did that command surface online and the claim spread? Presumably it originated from the idea of basically reversing the standard process of disabling the Mac boot chime using a similar nvram command, which, unlike newer Macs, is possible on older Mac models from before late Whether or not you like the boot chime on start likely depends on personal preference, though many longtime Mac users enjoy the sound effect, while some users find it to be unnecessary.

Have any questions, thoughts, or tips about the startup chime on Macs? Let us know in the comments!

Where’s the Startup Boot Sound on New iMac & MacBook Pro?

Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. Why would you want to turn it on? If you mute the audio on your Mac before a reboot, the chime will also be muted.

No need, use the terminal command I posted as it does work consistently and does NOT require installing anything 3rd party. This requires you to install, then turn on the 3rd party software everytime you turn your Mac off!?

I knew she was rebooting but since I also knew she was knee-deep in work, I assumed she was having a problem. She was; I was able to help. As it was, I was able to fix her issue and it all happened between innings. Thank you Apple, for the chime. I think the startup chime was useful back when all Macs had mechanical hard drives. The startup chime was key for knowing when to invoke the key command to reset.

Oops too late. Oops too early. Reboot and try again. Oops not quite yet. Just take a few wild guesses, you will get no confirmation, no reboot sound effect, nothing to confirm or deny that anything has taken place. Much like removing the escape key on MacBook Pro, removing every port needlessly, removing the headphone jack from iPhone, removing Magsafe from MacBook, the dreadful Touch Bar, these are all just changes for changes sake and none of which improve the user experience in any way.

I find the direction Apple is going with this stuff to be so disappointing. Just went through this with Apple support due to the missing chime que. First, the chime is useful when the computer has some problems and needs to be rebooted. When the screen is completely black the chime is the only way to tell if you tried to restart the computer is working. Second, it would have been nice if the article had explained why Apple removed it. Well I liked the sound and miss it.

I also miss the magsafe power cord connector. Ah well, progress I guess. It costs nothing to have the option. Some times I like it on.

Stop the Mac Startup Sound on Older Macs with a Preference Panel

In other places I like it off. Personally I bought a MacBook Pro rather than a new one, it has more ports and a real keyboard with function keys and Escape button, all of which are essential to my work. Plus magsafe, and the boot sound! An explanation as to why it was necessary to make the change would be great. Typical rubbish Apple implementation. It was probably a decision of the industrial design team. The chime lets me know when to hold the option key and go to bootcamp or select another disk to boot from.

No need to hold the key down any earlier! Source of this is http: It is the same thing as turning the volume down. One or two book cycles later, and you have your chime back. Wrong, turning the volume down does nothing to stop the startup chimes. Irrespective of which disc format is the primary disc, the Startup chime, as mentioned by other respondents above, acts as an alert to boot-up timing so that other actions can be performed.

We are now as good as deaf. As I multiboot Bootcamp and High Sierra beta I did find the chime useful, but on my mid Macbook Pro — A when the sound is off, there is still a quieter two-tone sound after boot, though I am sure just like many other multi-booters I am now used to the time it takes my machine to boot, and am able to hold alt down at the correct time in order to display the boot menu.

The correct time to hold this is when your computer starts to reboot, the chimes has nothing to do with that, and waiting until then results in the computer booting normal, as it is too late. Just bought a new iMac. Who do they think they are depriving us of something that has become part of a daily experience for 18 years??!!!

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POST is why I always felt that the boot chime was acutally useful. I miss the boot chime, but I can live without it. One bad thing about the boot chime was that it could also serve as an indication that a Mac user in the office was having a lot of trouble.

Their coworkers would hear that boot chime several times while the Mac user rebooted. I really like the chime. It was helpful for troubleshooting, and it was also part of the personality and whimsy of the Macintosh. I fear Apple is just turning the Mac into a boring generic PC with less ports and more dongles, and a much higher price tag. What made the Macintosh unique needs to be maintained, encouraged, and persisted. As a service tech I certainly miss that chime. It was one of the benchmarks during POST that made life a little easier in troubleshooting. About time this antiquated sound was permanently removed.

It serves NO purpose, and in the world we live in, starting up your computer silently is a necessity in meetings and common courtesy in public places. I replied to several inquiring how to do this on older Macs that still have this feature, if you wish a permanent solution to muting the start up chimes, check that link. I have used it for years going back to Snow Leopard, it works great!!

It DOES serve a purpose. How else is a user supposed to know when to hold down the Option key when rebooting to Windows partition via Bootcamp? The chimes have never served any purposes in OSX. The sound used differs depending on the ROM, which greatly varies depending on model type. This short sound is played when an Apple Macintosh computer is turned on. The sound indicates that diagnostic tests run immediately at startup have found no hardware or fundamental software problems.

I am amazed all the people asserting there is NO use for the chime. Here is one use I have been using for years: As an alarm clock. I set my computer to boot the next morning when I need to wake to get ready for work. The first thing I do when I wake is check my accounts online, so it was perfect — the max wakes me up and is now booted for me to use. Of course I can use another device as an alarm clock, but why add one more device to my apartment when my mac boot chime was enough for me for years! We pay through the nose for macs, so why not expect it to do as many needed functions as possible.

How hard would it have been to allow us to toggle it, instead of just axing it? I agree, I really like the Mac startup chime for many reasons. The other reason is for troubleshooting and boot commands. You hear the startup chime and it gives you feedback to know if the Mac is working or not. Without that, much harder for troubleshooting. You now have to take a wild guess. I sincerely hope Apple adds the startup chime to the Mac again. It is iconic Apple.

Get Rid Of The Mac Startup Chime [OS X Tips]

Same with the glowing Apple logo on the laptops which they also removed. The glowing logo would be amazing on iPhone and iPad too. I hope they course correct and fix this stuff, bring back what is good. All of the fun Mac whimsy of the Jobs and Woz era are gone: All of the pro conveniences and features are gone: Let us hope they see the error and correct. I have a MacPro mid 5,1 and after upgrading to OS I saw on osxdaily a method of going into the terminal and activating the chime again.

I tried that and the chime was still gone. Several attempts gave me the same results. I guess on some configurations the chime is now a thing of the past. For me it was a lazy way of knowing when select another boot option. So far, I can still make everything happen without hearing the chime. I had this same thing happen to mine. I miss the chime — without it the machine is just a machine, quite without soul. The chime actually tells the user that a number of systems were checked and passed muster.

If for example there is a RAM issue one hears the sound of broken glass.. One should have the option of course not to know what is going on aurally but it should not have been removed totally. Apple does what it does for example the changing to the hard see thin fonts I am forced to squint at as if every Mac user is under under 30 with perfect vision.

I could go on but I think I have said enough. The system is in so many ways, terrific it would never stop me from staying with a Mac but having some choices in the OS like chimes and fonts for the system itself would work for me bigtime. I agree. I miss the chime and resent Apple for removing it. I suggest those who want it back communicate their desire to Apple via their product feedback page.

Mountain Lion Welcome Movie- the intro that never was

If enough of us yell about this, maybe they will hear and respond in a favorable way… see: The point of the whole name being colored was of course to easier to find or identify. I dissaproove of engineers who believes that they know better than the user! No, I hate that! Plug on the sound line out, and JUST choose the volume level.

On next startup, chime will sound even muted -as playing trough int. I once spent some time searching for an app to mute startup Perhaps because I always adjust the balance setting my Macbook is used closer to one of the extermal speakers, so I can't have it in the middle my sound settings, including the volume ALWAYS reset on a reboot. The balance goes back to the middle, the volume always increases. Apparently, this hint works for some people. It also doesn't work for many people, as an Internet search will reveal.

I've tried all the variations that I can think of. I set the internal speakers to no volume, with and without the Mute checkbox checked. I've set the external speakers to no volume Headphone, in the Sound control panel , again, with and without the Mute checkbox checked. With these settings, I've restarted with the external speakers plugged in and with them unplugged.

I've restarted with the Mute button on the keyboard pressed. In every case, the chime sounds at its normal loud volume, from the internal speakers, on every restart. I don't know why this hint works for some people and not for so many others. If anyone can shed light on the reason for the differences, it would be a very valuable addition to this hint. Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. More Mac Sites: Macworld MacUser iPhone Central. Adjust your startup chime volume May 24, '12 Controlling the volume of the startup chime is easy to set in the System Preferences Sound panel, but you need to make two different settings if you have external speakers connected to your Mac.

There is no need to use scripts or any other coding to make this adjustment. There are both internal and external speaker output settings in the sound preference pane. In order to adjust or turn off the volume of your Mac's internal speakers, nothing must be plugged into the headphone jack. Keep in mind that this setting completely controls the volume of your internal Mac speakers, so if you mute the sound, and have no external speakers, you will get no sound at all from your Mac.

To adjust the volume on your Mac's internal speakers: Unplug speakers or headphones from the headphone jack. You will then see Internal Speakers Type built-in highlighted in the window. Adjust the output volume which also controls the chime volume in the slider at the bottom of the window. Remember if you mute it there will be no internal speaker sound. To set the volume for your external speakers: Plug in speakers or headphones to the headphone jack. You will then see Headphones Type built-in highlighted in the window. Adjust the output volume which controls the chime volume in the external speakers with the slider at the bottom of the window.

Remember if you mute it there will be no external speaker sound. Since I have external speakers, I chose to mute the startup sound on my internal speakers and set the chime very low on my external speakers. If you have an external volume controller for your external speakers, it should still function normally following these changes, but adjusting it will again affect your startup chime volume for those speakers.

Depending on your setup, this can be a bit more complicated. When you use the digital output like this, you cannot control its volume. I also have a Cinema Display, connected via Thunderbolt, and it has internal speakers; so I can set the volume in those. This shows in the Sound preference pane as Display Audio.

If you have a Mac Pro, you have a tiny - and tinny - internal speaker. If you have an iMac, you have the same type of speakers as I have in my Cinema Display. And if you have a laptop, you have one or two small speakers. Adjust your startup chime volume 15 comments Create New Account. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say. Adjust your startup chime volume Authored by: Sesquipedalian on May 24, '12 Interactive on May 25, '12 JimAkin on May 25, '12 I really missed it when I upgraded to Lion.

Then I saw this Hint , which clued me to a nifty free application called StartNinja. It silences the chime most effectively. Is this really a hint?