Wireless password not working on mac

Yes, I, too, figured View answer in context. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Only the alphanumeric key code from the original setup.

I tried this http: The plot thickens. We have a guest that uses a windows computer old. Her computer is not accepting the password either, only the key code. I could blame this on my router, except that it is the case wherever I go.

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I haven't received one reply from this question to my local Mac user group. There are bunches of folks who know a lot more about networking than I do.

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Maybe one of them can help you out. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: Any strange characters in it? Might try this Launch your keychain access in Utilities and delete your access point keychain entry ies. Enter the correct password, save, reboot. No strange characters. Just five letters and a single digit number.

How to fix Wi-Fi connection problems on a Mac

I'll be in touch this evening. I'll check the Lynksys suport site.

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  5. So not WEP at all. When I'm at a cafe or coffee shop with Wi-Fi and go to enter a password, I frequently only have WEP choices at least that is what I remember, because I tried all of the choices on the menu. Maybe I should look at my airport files in applications to see if they need firmware updates, Software Update isn't finding any further needed updates. I will go back to again review the Apple Knowledge Base article that Ronda sent, too.

    Thank you for your help on this. WPA2 may not work at all.

    Unable to connect to wireless with Mac OS and higher

    Notice that the last file to delete is not in the same place as the first three files mentioned above. For Example: This file is contained in all of the computers user accounts on the computer. Each user may need to delete this file individually if they are also having problems connecting to LSU or eduroam wireless. Restart the computer, then try to Connect to the eduroam wireless network. Browse Expand Navbar. Paths to this article. Troubleshooting Connectivity Mac. Favorite Article Print Article. LSU Overview]. Known Issue Mac computers will occasionally experience difficulties connecting to wireless networks using Important Note: If the first solution does not correct the problem, move to the next solution and so on.

    Each one is more "severe" than the last. Please try these solutions in the order that they are listed. Restart the computer.

    Reset Mac forgotten password without losing ANY data!!!

    If there is a new LSU or eduroam profile, delete it and restart your computer again. Repeat this until the Posted on Dec 25, 1: Dec 25, 2: What happens if you ask the browser to go to captive. But appears you are having a more difficult time getting the wifi login pages to appear then I have personally experienced. Dec 25, 1: I also experienced this when I was running Sierra so I don't think it is specifically related to High Sierra. I now understand that our problem may be that our Macs are remembering the network and settings.. When we go back and try to connect it is "holding" the settings from the last time but the router has already cleared us out.

    Resetting your computer clears the cache and now forces your computer to request a new ip address instead of trying to use the last ip and settings it had when on the network. That will force your computer to request a new ip address. Not sure why iOS devices seem better at handling public Wifi other than I guess more likely to come into contact more frequently than MacOs though.

    Page content loaded. Hello, thanks for the tip! I tried this a lot of times and even pasted the login page to safari, not always working. Thanks though.