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Asker Asker 1. This seems like a rather simple thing to use a search engine for. The system requirements are also listed on the store page for Portal 2. Vemonus Vemonus Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Steams footprint is minuscule, any machine made after isn't going to be struggling to run it. I dunno, I mean, I get wanting a physical copy of games "in case" which is why I try to support GOG, they come close with letting you download the installer.

But I just don't get the vitriol for Valve. They are probably one of the most benevolent game companies out there. Take a look at this thread on the GOG forums. It's a list of all Steam-games, that can be played without running the Steam-client. However, I'm not sure, how up to date it is. Quoting Teslacrashed, reply 12 Why even bother killing steam after launching a game.

This has nothing to do with the footprint of the client. It's about having full control over your games and what programs are running on your PC. Taking good care of the security of your system should be in everybody's interest. Quoting Teslacrashed, reply 12Why even bother killing steam after launching a game.

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Quoting Gaunathor, reply 13 This has nothing to do with the footprint of the client. By the way, you do have a choice on whether or not Steam runs on your computer. You make that choice whenever you install Steam or buy a game dependent upon Steam. It's not stealth installing itself on your computer. Complaining about Steam is like complaining about Windows. They're platforms that without which the hobby we all love would be no where near what it is today. Sure, they're "required", except that they're not.

Not really. That's your choice. Just because you don't like that choice doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Quoting Kantok, reply 15 Complaining about Steam is like complaining about Windows. I chose what I buy and what I ignore. I just want to run the game which I paid for.

I don't car about footprints or mumbo jumbos. And then you say: I don't.

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Neither do I hate it. I don't need the social stuff never used it. I don't need the achievements. I don't need the screenshot feature. I don't need it to autoupdate my game I can check myself that stuff, thanks. I couldn't care less about multiplayer stuff. I don't care about the adds when I close a game WTF??? So basically, having to start Steam to play the very few games bought in Steam with my hard earned money is quite pointless to me. Abusing internet use to release crappola that may or may not be fixed " It's ok, we have internet so you can download the patches!

I'm not a Steam works hater. I'm a Steamfanboy hater though. Steam works takes away some choices while giving others. I may accept that for some games which I can count with the fingers of one hand but that doesn't mean that I like it, just that I have already assumed that the shortsight of the industry has already doomed us. The good news are all those indie gems out there Quoting Wintersong, reply Kantok is right. No one forces you to use Steam. Use it or don't. Both choices are fine.

Portal 2 free for mac (WORKING) 2014

I'm voting with my dollars against EA. It won't make a difference for either one of us: The sun will still rise tomorrow. Quoting Lord Xia, reply 14 So basically just no good reason other than paranoia? Thanks for answering my question. What has paranoia to do with this? Making sure that no unnecessary software is running seems perfectly logical to me. It reduces the risk of software-incompatibilities, and the possibility of security vulnerabilities.

Portal 2 issue on mac - pls help me :: Steam for Mac

I had enough crashes due to the Steam-client, when I was trying it, two years ago, that it isn't just a ungrounded fear. At least now it seemed to have gotten a little better, but I haven't played LH that much yet. For some older games on steam, you can drop some no cd cracks into it to remove the steam dependency. I have plenty that I do that to if I know they won't be updated anymore. It's always subjective depending on which title.

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Was thinking of getting Portal but didn't know it was out yet. Will not now that we know you have to install steam. No idea why we had so many problems with it. I know it is a very short game but sounds pretty humorous. Wanted to try it. There's absolutely nothing wrong with Steam You can't install Portal stand alone or Orange Box without Steam.

Portal 2 gets cross-platform play across PC, Mac and PlayStation 3

But there are other ways I'm probably not allowed to post here. Just install Steam. I hate the blasted program too, but it'll just run quietly in the background and shouldn't bother you when you're not using it. And it is unfortunately required to install Portal. You chop off your dogs tail, looking for plates.

I have to add also that when I first installed Steam when it was released with HL2, I rather disliked it as well. It's since grown on me to the point where if theres a game I want, I first check to see if it's available on Steam. Take it like a man shorty! Don't complain, lose with dignity! After that you can have your games start in offline mode by playing with the Steam options.

So in that sense it is really no different than registering any other game online when you first install it.